EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with returning guest Tom Campbell covering practical applications of MBT - My BIG Theory of Everything. In this part 4 of 5 topics revolve around relationships, sexuality, choosing to have children, overpopulation, parenting and emotions, as they relate to MBT.

Tom is a leading researcher and authority on consciousness, reality and out of body experiences, which he has been studying for over 30 years. He is a physicist, lecturer and author of the My BIG TOE trilogy.

PART 4: Sexuality, Parenting & Emotions

A broadened explanation Tom’s advice and information about relationships and roles for men and women within romantic partnerships. (2:50)

  • normal and average data versus outlier data
  • the importance of understanding the principle at work in Tom’s theory
  • the importance of moving from need-based relationships and into love-based relationships
  • understanding cultural versus fundamental roles in gender

Is a balanced masculine-feminine existence for each being part of our future evolution in relationships? (11:50)

  • the natural evolution of “outgrowing” roles and culture within gender
  • our future as non-role based

How other realities (physical and non-physical) express gender and being. (14:12)

  • existence depends on the rule-set of each reality
  • gender as role-playing within a virtual reality

What is the role of sexuality in the framework of a virtual reality? (17:40)

  • sexuality as a result of our rule set
  • sex as our natural state of being
  • the importance of the intent, rather than the act of sex
  • the role of Ego and beliefs within the context of sex

How our human sexuality ties into the concept of procreating - having children. (26:18)

  • the role of intent and need in choosing to have children
  • the role of biological pressure to have children within this rule set

Examining the intentions people have to create children (31:30)

  • the benefits and advantages of having children with respect to Ego and maturity
  • the drawbacks and disadvantages of having children with respect to Ego and maturity

How does our Earth population, specifically overpopulation tie into the virtual reality theory? (34:05)

  • each being = an individuated consciousness
  • the balancing nature of nature and ecology
  • examining the downside of artificial population control

How to approach parenting in the most conscious, responsible and enlightened way? (39:25)

  • the disadvantages of trying to advantage our children
  • the risks of left-brain conditioning and processing too early in children
  • the importance of natural flow, balance and support in parenting

The possible consequences of attempting to bring up children in a very right-brained/intuitive/ “New Age” fashion. (46:50)

  • releasing the aspect of control in parenting and trying to make our children turn out a certain way
  • the importance of being a good facilitator, not manipulator to children

Is there a rule set in terms of how we get paired up with certain spouses, kids, or parents? Is there some evidence that supports the idea of a “soul family”? (50:40)

  • the difference of a newer consciousness, versus a more evolved consciousness
  • random set ups versus planned set ups
  • probability scenarios based on intuition versus logic
  • the opportunity for growth in every situation

Emotions are good for feedback, as Tom often shares. How can we use our emotions to help guide ourselves through this reality? (58:55)

  • the power of our emotions in helping us understand ourselves and our choices
  • the dysfunctional model of the conscious and the subconscious
  • merging into one being, by releasing fear and belief
  • the excuses and compartmentalizations we use to excuse poor behaviours and habits
  • how self-denial causes dysfunction within the human being.