EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with Tom Campbell covering practical applications of MBT - My BIG Theory of Everything.

In this part 3 of 5 topics revolve around gender, differences between the sexes, how to make a romantic partner relationship work, how to know when to separate from a partner, as well as our relationship to nature and insects, and others as they relate to MBT.

Tom is a leading researcher and authority on consciousness, reality and out of body experiences, which he has been studying for over 30 years. He is a physicist, lecturer and author of the My BIG TOE trilogy.

PART 3: Relationships & Gender

How does MBT explain the purpose of gender and why we have it? (0:30)

  • An explanation of sexual differences with respect to the rule set
  • The difference between falling in love versus falling in need
  • Understanding the fundamental differences between men and women
  • The challenges of male and female communication
  • Tom shares a prescription for both men and women specifically on how to make relationships work (applies to both hetero and homosexual partnerships) (8:50)
  • The importance of men taking the initiative, as natural leaders
  • Why need-based relationships don’t work, and why we have to build relationships on love
  • Letting go of the Ego, beliefs, expectations and fear to benefit the relationship
  • An explanation of why men are not getting short-ended in the process of applying Tom’s prescription, but given a chance to grow up
  • Why negotiations in relationships fuel need-based relationships

How to best know if a current partnership is the best one for further growth and evolution, versus when to remove oneself from the partnership and seek a different one? (30:50)

  • The importance of examining the potential of the partner to grow on a foundation of love
  • Knowing that it is not about getting stuck in a relationship that isn’t working
  • An explanation that love does not take two people, but one
  • An explanation of how the giving is where the reward is, and that it is not about give and take that makes good relationships work
  • Understanding how it is not about staying in abusive situations

Understanding the challenges of relationships with nature and other beings such as bacteria and insects. We are constantly waging war on our bodies and our environment, is there a better way to live according to MBT? (41:45)

  • Tom shares how it has been our way to try to control and bully external environments
  • Understanding that we are one with the ecosystem and that short term gain is not the answer if it results in long term loss
  • Understanding the difference between killing for pleasure or out of fear, versus for survival of some sort
  • The importance of intent in guiding any of our actions
  • Tom shares how not to be paralyzed by not knowing and do the best you can and learn as you go
  • The importance of not justifying our actions, which only fuels the Ego

Tom shares closing comments about how not to get lost in the intellectualizing of MBT and focusing on the theory, but rather putting it into practice and having a personal experience. (53:00)

  • The fallacy of intellectualizing ideas and forming beliefs
  • The importance of acting from a state of being, rather than doing
  • The importance of holding a good intent and moving towards love
  • Applying love in parent-child relationships, not manipulation
  • The importance of bringing up fear and dealing with it on an experiential, not thought level
  • Understanding that love is the answer and that we need to focus on our personal growth and evolution, not trying to fix others

Tom’s Resources (1:00:50)