EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with Tom Campbell who presents practical, everyday applications of MBT - My BIG Theory of Everything.

In this part 1 of 5 topics revolve around life, work and money, touching upon the political, economic systems, as well as morality and integrity.

Tom is a leading researcher and authority on consciousness, reality and out of body experiences, which he has been studying for over 30 years. He is a physicist, lecturer and author of the My BIG TOE trilogy.

PART 1: Life, Work & Money

As everything comes down to perception, how can we increase our perception to be most in alignment with our true nature? (2:40)

  • An explanation to understand that perception includes 5 different components.
  • Tom explains what those are and how they each limit/constrain or expand our perception.
  • How the size of your awareness is related to the size of your reality, and to the size of your perception.

Many of us are stuck on right/wrong, and morality issues, how can we make sense of what is really right or wrong in light of the bigger picture of MBT and a virtual reality? (13:45)

  • Understanding what constitutes a right action according to MBT
  • An explanation that it is not about the action, but about the intent that makes it right or wrong

In our productivity, goal and success driven world, there are a lot of “should’s” and “have to’s” in people’s lives, but based on a virtual reality model do we really have to do anything? (21:15)

  • The importance of being versus doing
  • What we really have to do, and why
  • The distinction between intellectual-level action versus being-level action
  • The importance of personal change on a fundamental level of being
  • The error of focusing on the problem versus the solution, for example with weight loss
  • The fallacy of following what “feels good”

How does our work/career choice impact us and the system on a greater level, and why does it matter how we choose to fill most of our days? (33:00)

  • Understanding how what you make of your job is more important than what your actual job is
  • The importance of your state of being, versus doing within your work
  • Learning to balance personal aspirations, and not getting caught up in status or Ego

How to deal with having a job or position that does not hold the greater good in mind? (40:00)

  • An understanding of integrity and morality choices within one’s life
  • Learning how to be part of the solution versus part of the problem
  • Understanding how to work with the rule set within this reality and how to make the best of it
  • The futility of trying to make or force others to change
  • The importance of focusing on personal being and action with respect to what one does, or how one does it

How to make sense of money and our economy, which is still a struggle for many as good versus bad? (48:12)

  • Tom explains how to understand money as a tool, and how we dictate the meaning it receives
  • An explanation of different political/economic systems and why they are not the problem, but rather the people populating them
  • The importance of evolving the quality of our consciousness to have the most efficient change within society
  • Being able to see the system as a representation of us

How do we not negate what is within our systems (politics, economics, consumerism, healthcare, etc), while not being used by it, or kept “asleep” by it, or having our personal growth stunted by it? (55:00)

  • Tom explains that it is always about personal accountability and intent—no one or no thing can force change upon us, or enslave us
  • The importance of being the example ourselves, being the change, being the solution
  • How to make peace with the current system and rule set in place that constitutes our “neighbourhood”
  • An explanation to understand how the people in influential positions are not any different than us
  • Understanding how the outer world is a representation of our inner world, macrocosm versus microcosm and knowing that we can only change ourselves