EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Tom Campbell in a dialogue about how to deal with suffering from an expanded state of consciousness, based on Tom’s MBT (My Big Theory of Everything) work.

General topics covered include:

  1. Connections between our lifestyles and our level of consciousness. (1:37)

  2. How to understand personal and collective manipulation. (15:49)

  3. How to understand the demand for justice. (31:12)

  4. Practical applications of MBT: how to deal with experiencing tragic / unfortunate / challenging events. (42:52)

  5. Practical applications of MBT: how to deal with observing tragic / unfortunate / challenging events and not get lost by the pain and anguish of others. (58:34)

    • regarding the monetary system (1:06:18)
    • regarding the role of activism (1:12:38)

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My Big TOE trilogy by Tom Campbell