EBTV with host Evita Ochel and returning guest Jurgen Ziewe in a dialogue about Jurgen’s work on life after death — what to expect and how to prepare.

Topics covered in the video include:

  1. An explanation of non-local consciousness (NLC) and the dimensions of consciousness after death. (2:23)

    • NDE’s / Near Death Experiences are not universal, unique to each person
    • each person has their own “death” and “near death” experience
    • how to collect effective data about other dimensions
    • spatial reality is not after death reality
    • our mind and feelings will determine the reality we experience after death
    • why Jurgen wrote the book
  2. Biggest misconceptions about death: it is an eternal resting phase. (12:20)

    • R.I.P fallacy
    • quote from Jurgen’s mother: “death is simply an extended form of gathering valuable information and experience” (13:09)
    • how our work continues beyond this dimension of reality
    • how other dimensions provide us other powers and abilities, not available here
    • the impact of positive and creative attitudes
    • why people don’t “fly” on lower dimensions
  3. The importance of preparing for our life after death. (17:54)

    • everyday is a first of an infinite future
    • we get to continue our mental and spiritual work
    • practicing and priming ourselves for greater states of consciousness
    • no end in the process of “awakening” or “enlightenment”
  4. How much of ourselves, our identity, we get to keep and what we need to shed beyond this life. (24:14)

    • we exist in NLC (lower levels) with “identity intact” but to reach more sublime levels of Consciousness we need to transcend Ego identification
    • the downside of Ayahuasca and similar experiences
    • the pros and challenges of meditation
    • how to experience permanent Ego shedding
  5. An exploration of why suicide is not a way out, and what may be experienced in other dimensions as a result. (30:44)

    • the relocation of our problem to another level
    • the challenges and stress created due to beliefs
    • why believing something does not make it so, or automatically shape our reality
    • Jurgen’s experience in lower dimensions where we have to face our actions, experience what we have created
    • how to live effectively for positive experiences here and in the afterlife (39:33)
  6. How to work in accordance with the Laws of Nature and balance our “karma”. (41:28)

    • the loss of knowing Truth
    • the essential components of clarity and wisdom
    • what to do if we feel “lost” in this dimension or others
  7. Exploring reincarnation in context of life after death, time and space, and our roles, relationships and relatives. (49:34)

    • our lifetimes as a “tapestry”; connected energy centers
    • the access to understanding how our lifetimes and experiences connect
    • experiencing the totality of our being
    • the close bonds between those we help and those we hurt
  8. Final words on how to deal with fear and insecurity dealing with death and the afterlife. (57:26)

    • we cannot control reality, but we don’t have to be controlled by reality
    • the role of acceptance and surrender
  9. Jurgen’s websites and contact. (1:04:45)

    • update on 3D virtual reality project

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