It’s a Wonderful Life is a popular film that has inspired and moved many for decades now. It is an old movie, from the 1940′s, but the message it carries with it is timeless, and priceless. It is a movie that often gets played around the winter holidays, as this is a time where many of us can have a chance to reflect on our own lives. As well, the climax of the movie takes place during the “Christmas” season.

For me however, it wasn’t until the fall of 2009 when I decided to see the movie in full for the first time. Till then I had caught snippets of it here and there, somehow never being pulled into it mid-story. The film indeed has some amazing messages for us and I will share a few of my thoughts about it and how I have seen it play out in my life, as well as what it may mean for you in your life in this essay.

It’s A Wonderful Life

For those of you who may not be familiar with the movie, it features the life of a man who goes through various trials that shape the outcome of his life and of all those whose life he touches. The movie begins with a “celestial” conversation where an angel is excited to get “his wings”. All he needs to do is go down to Earth and help a certain individual, who is the main character – George Bailey.

George saves his brother’s life when they are little kids. George saves the lives of many people while working in a pharmacy. As George grows up he often puts off his own happiness for the sake of helping others. In fact George is what many would call a very kind soul, who is always looking out for others first.

This all climaxes at a moment where George, out of his own goodness is put in a very difficult situation. He feels there is no way out, except by taking his own life. This is where the angel, Clarence intervenes and shows George a different side of life. He shows George what life would be like without him for all those whose lives he has touched.

George states “I wish I was never born” – and Clarence makes this happen showing George a whole new world, which greatly changes his perspective on many things.

So how did I like this movie in general?

For starters, this movie is 3 hours long (if you watch the television version). I have to tell you that I did not greatly enjoy the first two hours. The main character, George Bailey’s temperament just did not resonate with me. I guess this is how some people found it “normal” to act in the “olden” days…and some still do, but to me it is not a pleasant energy.

So I stuck out the first two hours more out of curiosity than anything else, as this movie has always been talked about as a major classic. I wanted to know what was it that made this movie so special. Well that answer came in the last hour. This is where the movie really picks up and messages of wisdom start coming through in such beautiful and profound ways.

I did indeed have tears in my eyes in the last scene – it is precious!

I Wish I Was Never Born

That is indeed quite a strong statement – “I wish I was never born“. Have you ever found yourself thinking or saying this? (Of course do not feel compelled to answer, but allow yourself to reflect on it…think about it.) What got you to this point? Why do you feel this way?

This is indeed what the character in the movie exclaims with great passion. I know many people all around the world have said the same thing in their own life at one time or another.

From a spiritual perspective, anyone hearing those words knows your higher being doesn’t mean it. You were not placed here by someone else’s will, but by your own. You chose to be here and now, the way you are in this lifetime.

This is perhaps the biggest thing to understand and come to realize. The person you are, the events in your life have all whether directly or indirectly come from the choices you have made. Choices about how you chose to think, speak or act at any particular time. Change one thing, and the entire course of your life can be changed.

So while I do wholeheartedly recognize that some people really do hit a wall, such a thick wall where they feel there is no way out, this article is not so much about how to heal that, but how to not get there in the first place.

You – your life is a divine gift you gave yourself, and your role here expands wider than you can perhaps ever imagine.

You Are Irreplaceable

Some people may think that their existence doesn’t mean much or perhaps that no one would miss them or even notice if they were gone. However, the truth is that every single person’s life on this planet is special and valuable and irreplaceable!

That is right, you are irreplaceable!

There is no other you, no one who could fill your place. You are truly a unique soul that has incarnated into the being you are. The truth is that on a day to day basis many of us do not realize this or are simply not aware of it, but it does not make it any less true.

Sure we can play down this situation and say things like how we really aren’t all that special. But again, you will most likely never know while in this physical incarnation what a tremendous difference and impact your life has made on millions of people!

For example, think about me and all of you out there who are writers or bloggers. We have no idea who may be reading our articles, thoughts or messages out there, and how it can help their lives or even save their lives.

How about all the teachers out there. Or the nurses or people working beside you in your cubicle. You have a direct impact on them and they on you. And it may just be the friendly hug you gave them, or the supportive words you shared or even an angry yell that changes the path of their life.

Naturally we can impact others for the better or the worse, but we impact them nonetheless.

Reflect on Your Magnificence

I invite you to for just one day at least think about all the people who you have come in contact with in that day. Perhaps it was the cashier at the store, perhaps your kids, perhaps your boss….

Think about how your presence changed their life today.

Did you infuse positive energy into their being or negative energy?

Did you inspire them in some way? Did you empower them in some way?

Every casual “hello” can carry with it an energy that can shift a person’s energy, and thus ripple through the world from the actions taken.

And even if you think that for some reason you are the most “rotten” person on the face of this Earth, then guess what? You still are a precious gift to this world and irreplaceable. Perhaps by you making certain choices, others have a chance to see who and how they do not want to be. This does not make you any less special or valuable, because perhaps without you they would not be able to evolve to become their highest version.

So no matter who you are. No matter what you did yesterday or today. Know that you are a precious gift to this world – a one of a kind magnificent creation – and you do matter. You matter and you are making a difference everyday to so many, even without knowing it.

Enjoy your presence. Enjoy your being and know that you are loved no matter what.