There are many serious challenges that we are facing in our world right now. This observation is not new and may start to sound like a broken record to some. However, I cannot over-emphasize the need for us to stay consciously aware during these times and not tune out, as is so alluring for some. Staying aware does not mean watching the news and falling into a depressed state. Staying aware means knowing that there is more going on than meets the eye. Staying aware means seeing beyond the illusions and seeing deeper into who we really are, and why we are all here. Staying aware means respecting the pivotal time of change on this planet, what it means for our present and future.

Now is the time to get honest about what kind of life we are creating, and what kind of life we want to create as we step into the New Earth. What we do personally for ourselves, we do for the world. The microcosm shapes the macrocosm, and the macrocosm then comes back to influence the microcosm. Does the way you live your current life help or hurt the greater good and the harmony and balance of nature?

Now is the time to think about our human relationships and how we treat all those whom we come into contact with everyday. No one in our life is more or less special than we imagine. We are all brothers and sisters together on one planet, and who is now your father, could have once been your sister. Who is now your perceived enemy, could have once been your child. The game of favorites is over, we are all in this together. Do you treat each person you come into contact with, with equal care, compassion and respect, regardless of who you think they are, or what you think you perceived them to be or have done?

Now is the time to consider what we fuel our bodies with. Energy beings function best on pure energy of love, light, and peace. Today, many of us have forgotten what real food is, and what our bodies need to function properly. We treat our cars, better than we treat ourselves. We know what goes into a car to keep it running at its best, and yet we put in things that do not belong in the human body for optimal function on a daily basis. What do you nourish your body with and create your physical body from? Do you honor your body by putting into it the best, most natural and clean nourishment that is worthy of being called food?

Now is the time to consider what you do for a living. A job is no longer a job. The more aware we are of our actions and how they impact the collective whole, the more we no longer only care about making money and feeding ourselves. It means we consider how the job we are doing, the industry we are working for, or the job title we put on affects our whole Earth family. Does the work you have chosen to do represent the highest version of you? Does the company you work for have the world’s best interest as its first priority, meaning people’s health, the environment’s health, human dignity, equality, and justice?

Now is the time to evaluate your relationship with nature. We are part of nature, nature is not part of us and we are not above her or her species. We are but one, of her glorious diversity of beings, both animate and inanimate. Just as with our human brothers and sisters, the time for favorites is over. The energy of life creation is just as sacred in a human, as it is in a rock, as it is in a pig. All deserve respect and dignity. Do you honor the Great Mother and all of her creatures, showing them care, compassion and respect at all times? Do you see the beauty of all the creatures, accepting all and discriminating against none?

Now is the time to come to peace with death. The dark ages of living in fear of death are quickly coming to a close. Death is but a door into the other realm of being, where we also reside. As true death does not exist, it is not the end of us. Death is a transition. It is simply a re-birth of our non-physical form. Do you allow death to be a part of you, just as birth is a part of you in the great transitional journeys from non-physical to physical and vice-versa? Do you allow others to die with dignity, celebrating their life, rather than lamenting over their transition, or holding them back?

Now is the time to embrace the gift of this physical existence. Life is not a curse. It is no accident that you are here. You chose to be here, and if things aren’t going the way you had hoped, now is the time to deeply reflect on the choices you are making—the thoughts, words, and actions you are choosing. Do you make the most of this life, holding it sacred and seeing it as the best gift you could have ever given yourself, to further awaken, evolve and remember who you truly are?

Now is the time to remember who we truly are. We are not accidents or by-products of evolution. We are not here at God’s whim or folly. We are not an experiment. We are divine beings of light, subject to no one’s rule, oppression or enslavement. We chose to be here and can be, do or have all that our heart and soul desire. These are not material worldly desires, but deep desires to show the world the love that we are. Do you realize the magnificence and potential of the being that is you? Do you embrace your divinity and step up to the plate, to live it out on every level of your life, exemplifying love in all that you are and all that you do?

Now is the time to remember.

For further reflection on this topic, I invite you to watch the following video that provides messages of hope and inspiration, and further expresses what I wish to share with you at this time: