On this episode of Conscious Connection, EBTV host Evita Ochel answers questions and provides guidance in response to a letter about the current path of humanity and what each one of us can do about it, to ease some of the fear, stress and anxiety in ourselves and others.

General topics covered in the video include:

7:05 - Making ourselves feel better vs. worse
10:00 - Patterns of doom
11:37 - Earth Changes Playlist
13:40 - Is Earth spinning faster into udder madness?
21:14 - Why spiritual people don’t address current events
25:25 - Media sells fear and horror
29:55 - Your life as the solution
33:33 - Do things have to get worse before they get better
39:57 - Will the future bring more doom

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  2. Systems of Indoctrination: Who is Creating Your Reality? with Dimitri Halley

  3. Grow Your Own Food (3 parts) with Evita Ochel

  4. Conscious Life Creation with Gordana Biernat