With the availability of the Internet today, and ease of access to all sorts of information, from books to video, it is not hard to see that we are in a very unique age of information. Whether it is from an institution, a religion, a government, a school, an organization, a philosophy or a movement – perhaps never before in human history has there been such an abundance of information available to us.

From thousand year old philosophies, to hundred year old religions, to the latest scientific findings – information is at an all time high. Our minds, our lives, our beings, are inundated with all sorts of claims, ideologies, facts, fiction and more than ever, simply a lot of chatter.

The Only Way of Teaching

Upon recently watching a very interesting talk from George Kavassilas, he shared a very powerful message, which was given by his friend, that made me reflect on who is it that I am when I interact with others and the world.

For many years now, I have known in various ways that I am a teacher. And it isn’t because I actually have a degree in education – that does not make one a teacher. And it isn’t because I actually taught in a formal school system, with the title of a teacher – that still is not enough to make one a teacher in the deeper sense of the word. I may have thought so in the past, but today I realize that being a teacher is so much more than that, it goes so much deeper.

Being a teacher is not based on what paper we hold with letters behind our name, or what subject area we are experts in. Being a teacher is living life authentically, living one’s truth and sharing that with others.

It was the message shared by George’s friend, that made a lot of things “click” for me as to who I really am and who I want to be.

I want to be a teacher. Not for any status or rank. Not to fuel or feed my Ego, but because I realize that we are all teachers when we live authentically from our own truth.

In the end, there is no information that we could possibly give to another, no knowledge that will leave an imprint on their soul, but ourselves.

Thus when we live our truth and our authenticity, we teach. The best learning takes place all around us, not in any classroom, church or lecture hall.

May I never forget that.

Reciting, enforcing or spreading around knowledge from books, rules and dogmas may be nice for the mind, but it does little for the evolution of the soul. When we leave this physical life, we are not taking knowledge with us, we are taking the lessons of our soul.

This does not mean that we should not or could not ever again read any books, or listen to any broadcasts, or lectures, or take any courses again. It simply means that in every moment, as information is coming at you, you are a conscious receiver of it, knowing that it is only that – information. What you personally experience, is your only truth.

I truly believe that the best teachers, teach by example. Not by the knowledge they have, or the advice they dispense. We teach others in every moment, by how they see us live.

May I never forget that.

Thus I share with you, the words which I found highly inspirational from George Kavassilas’ friend. Perhaps they too will touch your soul in the way that they have touched mine:

The only thing we as individuals can really and truly teach from is the foundation of our wisdom and our own truth. To teach from anything else, this includes all belief systems, religions, philosophies, doctrines, etc., is to be a disperser of knowledge, not a real teacher.

Every single person on this planet has something to teach. There are no exceptions. To truly teach, is to trust that your own unique knowing is worthy of being taught. Therein lies the meaning of our existence here – to shine and to teach. All belief systems, religions, doctrines, philosophies, etc., have flourished and remained in place for so long because we as a race have found it easier to spread that knowledge. Not the true untapped knowledge of our own heart, our own sovereignty, our own godliness – a godliness that we were never separated from.

When will we awaken and realize that the only knowledge truly worth teaching is what we know, who we are and what experience has taught us. Anything else, anything adopted is attaching us to something that keeps us from knowing our true selves. Yes, we will see ourselves and resonate with the teachings and knowledge of others, however in this life to fully express the full spectrum of our own godliness, is to teach from our own unique spirit – the very spirit that is connected to all that is.”

May we all go forth and teach from our hearts and souls.

May we not get wrapped up and lost in the dogmas of others.

May we each live our own truth, and share that with all those we meet.

May we always be authentic to ourselves, and each other.

We are all teachers. Others learn most from us, in how they see us live.

May we always remember that.