I once heard a statement spoken by a famous actor that shook me to my core and initiated an expanded state of my being. The actor was Jim Carey and he shared the profound statement on an episode of Oprah. When she asked him if he had a phrase or motto that he lived by, he replied I Am Heaven.

This statement moved me so deeply, as it did Oprah and perhaps most in the audience, as instantly the thought came to my head He got it!

Can you imagine what life would be like if everybody felt that way?

Can you imagine the impact a person can make on themselves, another or the entire planet living with a paradigm like that?

In this essay, let’s explore these questions and provide a little more insight on how good life actually can be, if we only allow it. Let’s explore how we can make Heaven a real place for ourselves, right here, right now.

Blasphemous or Inspiring?

For those of us who have opened ourselves up to living life on a deeper and more spiritual level, Jim Carey’s comment probably makes perfect sense. Heaven is a place any believer or non-believer will most definitely associate with “bliss”. And Jim saying that HE is Heaven, indicates that he is living in bliss.

The reason therefore, that I say that as an enlightened person you will understand it, is because any one who has invited a deeper and more spiritual way to live, knows and understands that this life is NOT full of pain and suffering. We get what we create. They also understand that Heaven is not a future destination that one gets to or into after being judged, but is here now and accessible to anyone.

On the other hand, for most Christians out there, the picture probably looks very different. The Christian belief is that we were put on this Earth to follow God’s rules, even though he gave us a free will, but anyway, and will need to be judged in order to get into Heaven to live with “Him” at some future time.

With these underlying beliefs, I can definitely see how some Christians may perceive Jim to be uttering blasphemy. They may also make all sorts of other judgments, which include him being cocky, full of himself, rich and hence of course living the good life, tied to material items, and the list goes on…

However you decide to take his life motto, is of course your choice and hopefully it serves you. For me when I heard this line from him, I immediately thought of the following passage from the Bible:

The kingdom of heaven is within you

(Luke 17:21)

I do believe what Jesus said when he used those words, and I am really not sure where and how this line got misinterpreted. But unless we realize our amazing potential and the beautiful gifts and the beautiful planet God gave us here and now to enjoy, we may be living this life as a complete waste, looking for some future moment to satisfy us.

Is Heaven Really Possible Here and Now?

A lot of people, especially if they are not optimistic by nature can pin point and name dozens if not hundreds of things wrong with the world, their life and even themselves. They are somehow wired to believe that life is a test, or a chore or all about suffering. So ask them to name the beautiful things in the world or their life and they may easily get stumped. One can quickly recognize these people in the world by saying something like the following: “This world is amazing”, or “There are so many beautiful things taking place in the world today”, or “Life is so wonderful” and having them look at you as if you had three heads.

I guess people will see what they choose to see. But for those with open hearts and minds, the idea that Heaven is here and now and completely attainable should be a possibility if not a reality. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that when we leave our physical bodies there is a place of even greater bliss, but one can definitely attain a state or at least a taste of Heaven here on a regular basis.

So on a higher level, most people realize that life is only full of suffering when we choose to see it that way. If you want to live out Hell on Earth, then you will. And it never ceases to amaze me how many people are completely okay with the idea that our time on this Earth is like “Hell”, but heaven forbid you ask them to relate it to Heaven.

At one point or another, one has to realize that God could not have possibly made this beautiful planet, created all these diverse, creative and gorgeous species, only to put human beings in between it all to suffer. What would be the point of that and what a waste that would be. To me that would make a mockery of God’s creations.

Where is Heaven amidst Wars and Diseases?

Okay, so the first irrefutable argument that one can pose against the idea of living out your own Heaven or the possibility that one can treat life on Earth as Heaven is by pointing out the people who get a disease, or are in a war stricken area. These of course are just 2 examples of a so called “negative” nature that one can offer against the possibility of Heaven on Earth.

The first thing one should note about any so called “negative” examples is that not only have WE created most of them, but we have also conditioned ourselves to see them in such a way. I will never forget when I heard Gregg Braden talk about a group of doctors from China in the face of pateints with tumors. They do not see the tumors or label them as “bad” or “good” but simply allow them to “be”. And from such a perspective are able to transform them back into non-cancerous cells, eradicating the tumor.

Let us consider wars. Did God make wars? Did God ask us to create wars? Never mind that, let us consider the basics, does God in any way, shape or form promote the separation of the human race, greed, pain and suffering? I am hoping all of us can boldly answer no.

So imagine for a moment that all human beings awoke to their true spiritual self. The idea of wars and any conflicts would dissipate instantly. Would we not then be a closer step towards Heaven?

Now granted, the human race is not going to wake up that quickly and as each day passes that they do not, innocent people, who perhaps want nothing to do with the violence are stuck within it. But even to this situation one can apply a piece of Heaven. Our true inner self has brought us here to learn, grow, become and live out the highest versions of ourselves possible. It is like the article I wrote a few months back, “It is not the situation, but how you choose to experience it“.

Every situation gives us the chance to shine and live out the highest versions of ourselves. This transformation occurs within us until we no longer see situations as “bad” or “good” but simply “as is” or as they are. Perhaps one came upon this planet this time to live out a short physical life or a long one. That is also not ours to judge as “bad” or “good”, because we simply do not know what somebody else’s spirit (and many times our own) wants and needs.

As far as diseases go, let us first begin with the fact that many diseases in today’s society are completely preventable if we only choose to take responsibility for our own actions. For example, we see people around us suffering from obesity, heart disease and all sorts of other ailments and we still choose to ignore sound science and fill our bodies with junk. So how can we possibly expect health, based on those circumstances?

Hence, for people who are on a deeper spiritual journey and who choose to experience Heaven right here and right now, conscious awareness is put into all their thoughts and actions. Nothing comes by chance, but is attracted to one from within.

And how about those who are born with an illness? Remember, you are not within that soul and hence you cannot possibly know what type of experience they chose to have here. We may look at mentally handicapped people as somehow “less” than us or feel sorry for them, but that is simply our inability to see on a deeper level the purpose they serve to themselves and the world.

Every human and every situation can be in some way considered a blessing and/or serve as a great lesson to the world.

How to Access the Heaven Within

If you are already feeling the Heaven within you – may you continue to be blessed with and continue to grow in that feeling.

If you are wondering where to start to experience life from a “Heaven” rather than a “Hell” perspective, then here are 21 guidelines to access the Heaven within you and live the blissful life you were meant to live, here and now:

  1. Always think and act out of your highest consciousness
  2. See yourself as a magnificent and powerful being
  3. See yourself in everyone else and feel the unity that makes us all one
  4. Be free of judgments of self and others
  5. Live in the moment of now
  6. Live without attachment to people, places, things or events
  7. Live without expectations of people, places, things or events
  8. Feel gratitude for everything in your life
  9. Be a growth seeking being
  10. Know that you are part of the universe of unlimited resources
  11. Always look for opportunities in every situation
  12. Follow your passions
  13. Speak and live out your truth
  14. Connect with your inner being
  15. Listen to your inner, emotional guiding system when faced with decisions
  16. Take accountability for all your actions
  17. Understand that “what is” in your life is there from your conscious or unconscious attraction
  18. Fall in love with your thoughts, ideas and creations
  19. Connect with nature and its harmony
  20. Allow others to choose and have their own experiences
  21. Believe that Heaven on Earth is possible