In this episode of Conscious Connection, host Evita Ochel talks about tolerance and how to use it effectively in our personal lives and to shape positive collective outcomes.

At a time in our world when tensions run high and people have no shortage of things to be offended by, here is an alternate option. We can choose not to be offended by simply reframing the situation from the perspective of the higher Self because in truth it is only our Ego identity that can get offended. There is nothing that can offend the Heart, Soul, or Spirit. It is only our thoughts and beliefs, which have been conditioned upon us over the years that get threatened, and thus offended. The more strongly you identify with your beliefs, the more you feel like you need to defend them, and thus you get yourself worked up, stressed, and exhausted in the process.

Upon watching this video, I invite you to take a few moments to reflect on how easily you get offended. When? Why? What things, topics, or people offend you the most? Why? The more you reflect and bring all these aspects to your awareness, the more you can liberate yourself from habitual reactions and proceed in your life with conscious responses, which will only enhance your state of happiness and wellbeing. We ALWAYS have choices. May we be aware of our choices and use them effectively for our own and the greater good that brings more peace and harmony to our Earth.

Video topics discussed include:

  • Summary of truth and thriving themes for the year (20:14)
  • Review of the theme of tolerance (1:46)
  • Tolerance defined as “putting up with” (3:37)
  • The connection of tolerating, allowing and accepting (4:04)
  • The importance of acceptance, what it means and how to apply it (5:00)
  • Problems: current tolerance challenges in the world (8:09)
  • Self-generated suffering (10:00)
  • Solutions: how to be an effective human being (12:09)
  • Summary: how to use tolerance effectively (15:30)
  • Final message of personal responsibility (17:45)

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