EBTV’s Conscious Connection episode with Evita Ochel about tolerance and how to use it effectively in our personal lives and to shape positive collective outcomes.

Video topics discussed include:

  • Summary of truth and thriving themes for the year (20:14)
  • Review of the theme of tolerance (1:46)
  • Tolerance defined as “putting up with” (3:37)
  • The connection of tolerating, allowing and accepting (4:04)
  • The importance of acceptance, what it means and how to apply it (5:00)
  • Problems: current tolerance challenges in the world (8:09)
  • Self-generated suffering (10:00)
  • Solutions: how to be an effective human being (12:09)
  • Summary: how to use tolerance effectively (15:30)
  • Final message of personal responsibility (17:45)

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