On this episode of Conscious Connection, host Evita Ochel shares a dialogue about how to address addictions from a root level approach, and specifically how to approach quitting smoking.

We can keep running away. We can keep trying to mask the pain, fear, and discord within ourselves OR we can take the journey of healing the root cause(s). If you are dealing with any addiction yourself or in someone you care for or if you have children, the following article entitled Addiction doc says: It’s not the drugs. It’s the ACEs…adverse childhood experiences provides some essential insights into what is at the root of addictions and how to heal and prevent them in yourself or those in your care. It will help you understand yourself better and how to liberate yourself from suffering by healing at the root level. As a preventative measure, it can help you understand why conscious parenting must be taken seriously if we want to stop repeating the negative cycles of emotional trauma in our society.

Other Helpful Resources Mentioned in the Video

  1. Johann Hari article about the true cause of addictions

  2. Evita’s free ebook on self-love: Nature Inspired Self-love Reflections

Topics covered in the video include:

PART 1: Why people start smoking (1:20)

  • a summary of 3 main areas that influence who starts to smoke

PART 2: Why people continue to smoke (2:02)

  • an explanation of 3 main reasons why people stay hooked on smoking

    i) chemical nature
    ii) connection to Self
    iii) self-love foundation

PART 3: How to address quitting (8:38)

  • an explanation of 3 main areas to address for effective results in breaking addictions, like smoking

    i) Beliefs (9:16)
    — How to Change Beliefs (11:53)
    ii) Inner fulfillment (14:49)
    iii) Mindfulness (20:24)

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