On this episode of Conscious Connection, host Evita Ochel shares a dialogue about how to address addictions from a root level approach, and specifically how to approach quitting smoking.

Links to mentioned resources in the video:

  1. Johann Hari article about the true cause of addictions

  2. Evita’s free ebook on self-love: Nature Inspired Self-love Reflections

General topics covered in the video include:

PART 1: Why people start smoking (1:20)

  • a summary of 3 main areas that influence who starts to smoke

PART 2: Why people continue to smoke (2:02)

  • an explanation of 3 main reasons why people stay hooked on smoking

    i) chemical nature
    ii) connection to Self
    iii) self-love foundation

PART 3: How to address quitting (8:38)

  • an explanation of 3 main areas to address for effective results in breaking addictions, like smoking

    i) Beliefs (9:16)
    — How to Change Beliefs (11:53)
    ii) Inner fulfillment (14:49)
    iii) Mindfulness (20:24)

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