EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with special guest Ivan Staroversky. In this video interview Ivan shares his expertise as a psychotherapist, NLP trainer and practical scholar in the field of applied positive psychology to help people understand the missing parts when it comes to purpose, happiness and well-being, how to achieve them on a meaningful level and live them with balance in our lives.

General sequence of video topics covered includes:

  • what is life hacking

  • defining what is real success, happiness and purpose

  • a look at the Western model of success and why it is not bringing us real happiness

  • an explanation of the 3 different types of well-being (hedonic, eudaimonic and halcyonic)

  • understanding of the problems with the first two states of well-being

  • why is halcyonic well-being so important

  • the role of presence and mindfulness in our well-being

  • an explanation of the 5 states of well-being based on a model from Eastern traditions*

  • how well-being is tied to happiness and effectiveness

  • how our mental maps shape the quality of our life

  • examples of the 3 mental maps that we may live with

  • how we can discover the mental maps that we operate from

  • the role of the conscious and subconscious mind and their influence

  • how to change subconscious mind patterns or belief systems

  • an explanation of the 4 basic mental constructs that we live from derived from childhood

  • the implications of parenting and importance of conscious parenting

  • practical applications of how to change our mental constructs to live with purpose and happiness

  • an explanation of the 4 Hindu Objectives of Human Life*

*The diagrams shown in the videos were created by Ivan and can be viewed in detail on his site at the links below: