In this episode of Conscious Connection host, Evita Ochel, explores and offers guidance for helping loved ones in our lives heal, change or awaken, after we have found new insight or discovery that we feel would help them as well.

As great as it would be to see and have a human race that thinks, speaks, and acts from love, we have what we have due to how each person is and what they are choosing, consciously or unconsciously, at any given time. The most powerful thing you can do, therefore, is not to force another to change but to be a source of inspiration that can support their change.

Be a beacon of light for positive change; live it, breathe it, speak it, think it, be it to be the change that inspires others to create a better life for themselves and a better world for all who share this Earth.

Topics covered in the video include:

  • how to recognize the role of our Ego in wanting someone else to change
  • the essential ingredients for effective inner and outer change
  • how to inspire positive change
  • the downside of forced change
  • how to make change sustainable
  • how the universe gives us feedback of whether our efforts to help someone are helpful or harmful (14:00)
  • tips for how to effectively approach others with new messages to inspire change (18:00)
  • how to handle the outcome of change in others (26:30)
  • practical life applications (31:42)
  • how to deal with current relationships
  • how to handle new relationships (39:30)

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