At the time of writing this, I am sitting out on my deck and looking onto the peaceful scene of water, forests and wildlife before me. I allow the energy of the serene perfection before me to permeate my being. Yet I know that in other parts of the world, completely different scenes and energies surround the people there at this very same moment. From famine to political unrest, or natural destruction, the planet we live on today is exhibiting almost every energy imaginable.

And so, even though I appreciate and hold deep gratitude for where I am and what surrounds me, I am fully aware that every scene, including my own, can change in the blink of an eye. At the current time on our planet, we continue to tread through one of the planet’s most sensitive times. While some are aware of this, many more are going on with life as if nothing was going on. Yet something is going on, and if we are not conscious of this fact, it can catch us completely off guard.

This is what is happening to so many today all across the planet. Many major changes are taking place in all sorts of ways, causing us various time outs. While the idea is for us to use these changes to awaken to a deeper meaning and harmony with life, self and all existence, many of us are getting stuck in these changes instead. In fact, most of us are trying to brush them off as quickly as possible, as if nothing ever happened, all too often offended by the inconvenience they caused, rushing back to life as we knew it.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perspective, life as we know it is taking some interesting turns. In fact, depending on how we choose to awaken, act and create our thoughts, words and actions at this time, it may never be the same again. So how ready are you?

Prepare and Act, Don’t Blame

One of the things that caught my attention in the wake of the recent events during and after hurricane Irene, were the reports of people blaming external sources. From blaming God—the most obvious—to Mother Nature, our planet, city workers, utility companies, and everyone else in between. I wish I could say that I had no reaction to the expressions of blame and anger that I have seen come out of people, especially in the past week, but it did stir within me some discomfort.

When are we going to get it?

While I sympathize with people’s hardships, I cannot help but think how much unnecessary pain we continue causing ourselves, normally due to our own ignorance. As we continue forth, there is a very big chance that life will never be the same for some, if not all of us on this planet. The people of Japan know this personally already. We are currently moving through the most sensitive time on our planet since 26,000 years ago. Yes, there are Earth Changes, and the probability is that they will continue to escalate. Some big, some small and some so unpredictable that no scientist or weather report will be able to predict their coming or fall out. Yes, there will be loss of material stuff and even loss of life.

How are you preparing?

We need to start paying attention, yet when I look out at the general world, the majority of people are trying to go on with the robotic pattern of life that society has instilled in them, as if nothing is going on, aside from a lot of New Age folk talking what appears to be gibberish. Work, TV, entertainment, shopping; over and over the patterns play out for so many. Yet if we don’t step aside or step off of this ride, we run the risk of being thrown off. Then, when something happens, personal accountability is hard to find. Instead we succumb to the disempowering states of blame and victimhood.

What personal identities are you choosing to take on?

What else had me a little moved in this whole scenario, is that there are millions of people all over the world living not only without electricity, but without fresh drinking water or food on a daily basis. And yet here we are in our comfort-driven Western world getting all bent out of shape because we don’t have some Internet or TV, or a working fridge or the ability to take a shower for a few days.

Are you using this time to expand or shrink your potential?

These times on our planet are part of the amazing consciousness expansion that our evolution is offering us. We can spiritually transform, take a quantum leap in our personal evolution and awaken to higher truths. There is so much we can learn as long as we stay open, and not close ourselves off due to fear or complacency. I know that these changes are also providing for us a chance to learn some humility. We have separated ourselves from nature, thinking we are above her and invincible. We have lost the harmony and balance of living with the elements, with all the beings of life and with each other. This is such a big part of what these Earth changes are all about—an awakening to a higher state of consciousness based on oneness. It will no longer be about me and my stuff, but about us, as one planet, one big family, part of nature and in this together. If allow ourselves to grasp and come to terms with that, the transition will be so much easier for us.

Preparing For A Different Kind of Life

In May 2011, after a typical strength thunderstorm, we lost our power. Living in the forest, amidst nature, this is not an unusual event. Normally with strong winds or thunder storms, we get a power outage for a few hours. What made this power outage different was that it lasted 4 days. Four days without electricity may or may not be a big deal. It all depends on how one prepares, and how flexible one is willing to be.

During this experience, like everyone else we had the same options. We could have complained and looked at how much inconvenience this was causing, blame the utility companies for not fixing it sooner, blame nature, blame God and sink into a woe-is-me experience. Or, we could have embraced the moment to learn new skills, rely on smart preparation beforehand and find the gift in every moment. We chose the latter. The four days passed with joy and so many wonderful new experiences. Instead of fretting on all the things we weren’t able to do, we decided to find joy in all the new things we were able to do. It was a great call to action and gave us the chance to have some serious conversations about preparation and survival. In the end, we offered our gratitude for being given a chance to practice living a different kind of life.

This is what it all comes down to in the end. It is not about being insensitive, it is not about being an alarmist, it is not about panicking, and it is definitely not about stopping your life. What it is about, is preparation—physical, emotional and spiritual preparation. Be smart and get to know the biggest risk factors for your area. It never hurts to have a few days, weeks or even months worth of extra food and water. Make the time to have some serious conversations about preparation with family and friends…it never hurts to be prepared. Take this time to go deeper than ever into your inner being. Heal old wounds, forgive anyone you are holding something against, open your heart and transition to operating from a heart-centered space. Allow yourself to ask the bigger questions of life: why are you here? what is the purpose or meaning of life? Allow yourself to reconcile your relationship with death. Death is not the horrible thing it has been made out to be in society. It is simply a passageway to another reality. Meditate, allow stillness into your life. Now is not the time to hold on tighter to beliefs, but to release anything that confines your being and embrace the freedom of being that is your birthright. Invite inner peace into your life, for once you attain that on a deep level, nothing has power over you—no event, person or circumstance.

Concluding Thoughts

As we come to the end of this essay, please know that my only intention in writing it is to illuminate another path. The current and coming social, economic, weather and personal changes do not need to be things we fear, resent, or have cripple us. There is another path, a path of humble acceptance and conscious acting, rather than unconscious reacting to what has or may come.

I am not telling you to stop what you are doing, or stop living life. What I am saying here is that many of us need a serious time out to re-assess life—our life, our thoughts and actions, and how prepared those are to be in sync with our planetary changes.

Ultimately, how you want to live your life is entirely up to you. If you want to be angry, feel victimized and find fault and blame outside of you, that is entirely your choice. But I know it does not feel good to feel like a victim, feel wronged, hurt or disempowered because I was once there too. This is the best part and gift at this time. We are getting chance, after chance from so many angles to awaken to one of the greatest truths. We may not be in control of an event, but we are always in control in how we prepare for and respond to the event. There need not be any disasters, only opportunities for us to grow and evolve further.

If it is your intention to continue living on this planet, and be part of the new humanity, the new Earth and new way of life, don’t get caught off guard. Get prepared now. Get prepared physically. Get prepared emotionally. And most importantly, get prepared spiritually.

The time has come for us to embrace a different kind of life than we have known in our time on this planet to date.

How ready are you?