EBTV with consciousness expansion teacher Evita Ochel and featured returning guest Bernardo Kastrup in an episode that focuses on Bernardo’s new book More than Allegory: Religious Myth, Truth & Belief.

Bernardo’s 2014 episode on EBTV: The Nature of Reality, Consciousness & How We Think

Bernardo’s 2015 episode on EBTV: Metaphysics, Neuroscience & Culture

General topics covered in the video

  1. Brief synopsis of the book “More than Allegory”. (1:29)

    • the role and value of symbols
  2. Definitions of how the terms myth and allegory are used by Bernardo. (3:13)

  3. The extremes of science and religion. (8:37)

    “Never before in history has a civilization been so desperately devoid of context and perspective.” ~ Bernardo Kastrup

  4. Exploring part 1 of Bernardo’s book—Myth, and the role of myth in interpreting our reality. (13:17)

    • ability to feel truth via our connection to the mind at large
  5. What will it take for us to gain back some balance between intellect and intuition. (18:19)

    • science and myth

    “The natural and legitimate psychic impulse towards transcendence has become artificially associated with ignorance, stupidity and weakness.” ~ Bernardo Kastrup

  6. What does faith mean, what happened to it, and how to best use it. (19:47)

  7. Exploring part 2 of Bernardo’s book—Truth, and how our own inner storytelling creates tangibility and the different types of truth. (21:40)

    • allegorical, literal and transcendent truth
    • time-related truth: past truth, present truth, future truth
    • the “cognitive Big Bang”

    “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” ~ Bernardo Kastrup

  8. How to understand that there is no literal truth “out there”. (29:45)

    “We’ve succumbed to lives of uptightness, intolerance, and even hatred.” ~ Bernardo Kastrup

  9. How Western and Eastern spirituality differ in how they interpret reality and use myth, truth and belief. (33:47)

    • via positiva versus via negativa
    • the pitfall of literal truth and fundamentalism
    • the pitfall of reality as an illusion
  10. Exploring part 3 of Bernardo’s book—Belief, and how deeply ingrained belief systems create our world. (39:12)

    • does the belief create the event or does the event create the belief
    • the role of expectation and its connection to belief
  11. How to access the “rule set” or “beliefs” of the mind at large. (43:36)

    • the world is unfolding exactly according to the will of your True Self
  12. How to approach a “quest for truth”. (45:20)

    • the search for truth as an Egoic game
  13. A mention of the rich epilogue of the book. (50:31)

    “Truth is fundamentally incompatible with existence.” ~ Bernardo Kastrup

  14. What Bernardo hopes the reader gets out of the book. (52:36)

  15. If reality is merely a “mental trip”, does it matter what we do or how we live. (55:00)

    • the importance of “quality of experience”
  16. Bernardo’s contact info. (58:03)

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