The more we awaken out of the illusion and matrix that binds this reality, the more we come to realize that we are the creators of our own reality. Numerous books and experts speak out on this topic widely today, including those from metaphysical, philosophical, psychological and spiritual fields.

But this is not new news. We have been told throughout the ages that we are created in the image and likeness of God. Unfortunately we haven’t grasped or applied this very well. Whatever our ideas or understandings of God are, there is a universal agreement on God being a creator. In this sense, so are we. It is both sad and demeaning to think that we were put on this Earth be puppets, whose strings are pulled according to what some “supreme being” wants or has planned for you. Although this has not been clear to people of ancient times, it is becoming clearer and clearer to us today.

The notion of our creative potential is rooted in the Law of Attraction. If you are here reading this, you have most likely heard of it at some point on your personal journey of growth and spiritual evolution. But like many people who begin to live by applying the Law of Attraction, perhaps you haven’t been able to fully “get it to work” the way it should. Perhaps you have been putting it into conscious practice on a regular basis and finding that while it works most of the time, where your reality manifests your desires, sometimes it doesn’t.

To help you better understand why that may be so, in this article let’s examine the 3 D’s that create the greatest level of resistance to manifesting your creations. These are: doubt, details and disappointment. It is not that these 3 things stop the Law of Attraction from working, because it always works, but they can be the greatest hindrance to creating the reality that you desire.

1. Doubt

SCENARIO 1 – You wake up in the morning. You have a thought. You want to create a pleasant and fun day for yourself today. But then you remember that you have a meeting with someone whose company you do not enjoy. You begin to doubt your day as you remember how this person treated you, the last time you met.

SCENARIO 2 – You desire a mate in your life. You begin to create the mate of your dreams through conscious thoughts. You begin spending more time in social situations. You start meeting people that you find all have horrible qualities. You begin to doubt that the “right” person for you exists out there.

SCENARIO 3 – You desire more money flowing to you and having financial abundance. You know you will have that through the new job you are consciously creating. You get excited as you get the interview. You find yourself in a room with others who all seem way more qualified for the job. You begin to doubt that you have a chance at this job.

So if it is not obvious yet, do you see what all three of the above scenarios have in common? They all have the right desire. They all have the right intention and even action to be an active participant in one’s creation and then they all invite in doubt.

It is at this moment that we have put all the right thoughts into play, have started to feel all the right emotions and the Law of Attraction is following through, as it always does, setting up for us wonderful opportunities to manifest our desires. It is then that we halt it right in its tracks from following through with our initial desire, by adding in the element of doubt.

Doubt may seem like such a harmless and tiny occurrence, but in terms of Universal Laws, it cancels out the thoughts, desires and emotions that we have been putting forth. Now you needn’t worry, it does not necessarily mean that doubt cancels your creation completely, it just slows it down. By how much? By as along as you keep having those feelings and thoughts, you are negating the motions of the Law of Attraction for your so called “desired outcome”. It is as the saying goes “one step forward, two steps back”.

It is also at this time, that many people start to think and feel that this whole process of deliberate creation is just a big bunch of baloney. Too bad, because I am sure they did not say that about math formulas in high school when they did not understand the math. Be sure you do not get caught as one of these people, as you may be depriving yourself of amazing things in your own life.

So ultimately the whole idea of doubt comes down to confusing the Universe. Remember, we always get what we focus most on, what we give most of our attention to. Hence, as one minute you want a certain thing and the next you are giving attention to it NOT happening, it is like you are giving the Universe mixed messages.

Therefore remember, it is not until we are clear and focused on what we really want, consistently, that we can expect that creation to manifest.

2. Details

SCENARIO 1 – You walk past your favorite store and see a fabulous outfit you really want. You start thinking about it and imagining yourself in it. Then you also have a thought of how much it costs and that you really cannot afford it now. You dismiss that and then you start wondering if perhaps that is not the right color for you or the right shape for your figure.

SCENARIO 2 – You desire money and you begin visualizing cheques coming to you with money. You then start to think “but where are they going to come from?” You also start thinking about what amounts they would actually be and would those amounts be sufficient to meet your desires.

SCENARIO 3 – You desire to improve the relationship between you and your spouse. You then remember how poor your communication is. You start thinking that you cannot possibly increase your alone time with both your schedules. You also start feeling that there are too many people in your lives that pull you in opposite directions.

So what do all of the above scenarios have in common? They are all focusing on the details of making the creations manifest. As you do that you are adding fuel to the fire of resistance.

This is probably one of the hardest things for us as adults to overcome, as from the time we are little we are taught to do this, “work out the details”, “focus on the details” and worst of all “to get real”. But the last person that told you to get real also had no understanding of what reality really is and that each of us is capable of creating our own.

Therefore, every time we throw in and focus on a million and one details of how a particular thing is going to manifest, we are actually resisting our creations from manifesting. To the Law of Attraction we are focusing again on the lack of or the absence of our particular thing. We are telling the Universe things like “well this is going to be hard”, “this is going to be impossible”, “this is very unlikely to happen” and so we get exactly that.

Remember again, whatever you give your attention or focus to, that is what you get. You think and believe that something is unlikely to happen, then it is and will be unlikely to happen.

Finally, one of the other factors that is working against you in this scenario is that focusing on the details usually leads to doubt and hence we are back at square one.

So the next time you find yourself focusing on all the when’s, how’s and why’s, catch yourself in the thought, laugh it off and remind yourself that your job is simply to hold the vibrational frequency of the desire, while it is the Universe’s job to do the manifesting. Leave the details thus to it. At times this may take great faith and getting “unreal” instead of “real”, but that is just part of the fun!

(For more on how to achieve and hold a vibrational frequency (vortex), see “Where are my manifestations?“)

3. Disappointment

SCENARIO 1 – You desire a business acquisition of some sort. You visualized it, you felt it happen and felt great emotions about it. Your co-worker tells you there is a delay in the answer and you reply with a disappointed response.

SCENARIO 2 – You desire a baby and hence you start trying to get pregnant. You think about the joy a baby would bring into your life, you experience the wonderful emotions you anticipate. You start walking by baby stores and picking out the things you would buy. Month after month goes by and you are not pregnant. Disappointment sets in.

SCENARIO 3 – You desire to reconnect with an estranged relative. You feel the love you once felt for each other. You focus your thoughts on how wonderful family trips were with them. You keep thinking about how much the whole family will benefit from this reunion and so you make a phone call to connect and your invitation is turned down. You walk away in disappointment.

Again, I think the above three scenarios all have obvious similarities. Things at some point do not go our way and we let disappointment set in.

While disappointment on its own does not actually have to be a negative thing, what makes it so negative is our reaction to it. See there are two parts to why disappointment happens and why it wreaks negative results for most of us.

First, we get attached to the outcome. Yes, yes I know you may say “how can I not get attached to the outcome of my desire?” But I tell you this, as soon as you become attached to the outcome, you become dependant on it and whenever we become dependent on something, we bring in an element of insecurity. Now, if that does not speak for itself, insecurity is not only a negative emotion, but where the Law of Attraction is concerned, it will give us exactly that – negative emotions that lead out of insecurity.

Secondly, we get attached to the disappointment itself. Something does not go our way and we focus on that. We dwell on it, we tell everyone about it and we live it, even long after it has passed. Hence we are now living and focusing on the disappointment with all the powerful emotions attached to that. Well the Law of Attraction was getting your desires, but now gets all these strong emotions of your new focus and so gives you more of that. Like energy attracts more of the same.

Thus, the best way to move through disappointment or not even bring that experience to yourself is to desire your particular outcome with no strings attached. Simply know it is coming, it may not be today and it may not be tomorrow, for you may not be consciously aware of all your resistive thoughts and emotions in your life. But know that it is coming – that is the power of the Law of Attraction – it never fails!


Bottom line when it comes to the Law of Attraction, you will always get what you focus on. Therefore be careful that you do not judge your thoughts too quickly and state “but I always focus on what I want and I still do not get it”, because as long as you invite doubt, details and disappointment into your thinking you are focusing on that type of energy and will only attract more of that. Never mind, if you re-read the above statement, you should see the contradiction you may be saying blatantly. In other words you are focusing on the lack of, rather than the manifestation of what you want.

There is nothing here that should frighten or depress you. You do not need to think back and say “Oh no, all those wrong thoughts I had…” That is definitely not going to help. Although it will help to be more conscious of your thoughts, remember that some of our minds are very unconscious and conditioned to think negatively first. Therefore do not beat yourself up for any negative thought that you may have where doubt, details or disappointment are concerned.

Simply remember, the next time you apply deliberate creation in your life and do not get the desired outcome to analyze what thoughts and emotions came into your experience during this time and see if you can identify at least one of the 3 D’s that you had invited into your experience during that time. You may, or perhaps may not, be surprised by what you find.

Ultimately the goal is to stay in the same vibrational state as your desire. So if you want to be a magnet to a particular outcome, you have to align yourself to vibrate at the same frequency as that desired outcome. Your only goal is to be pure, positive energy, in whatever it is that you are thinking, being and doing – regardless of whether it is related to your initial desire or not. While this will take a bit of practice for some, you will notice a tremendous improvement in your creation especially fast, if you do not invite the 3 D’s into your deliberate creation process.