Since coming to some deep realizations at the start of 2011, I have been peacefully and very happily enjoying the path of being. The path where I do not need to teach or convince anyone of anything, or prove anything, or force anything. Just being. Just enjoying. Most importantly being the change I want to see in the world. And yet my heart and soul long for something in this moment.

One of the things that I have come to greatly value about myself and my life to this point is knowing the time to speak and knowing the time to be silent. And so I felt very called to write this week, something needed to be said. Something needed to be shared. I really thought I was going to write about the illusion of choice in today’s world. Perhaps in many ways, this article reflects those themes. However, some recent events that took place have made me realize why something was stirring. Something else needed to be said.

Our times are changing, this is no surprise. What may catch some people by surprise is that many accelerated changes are happening with greater intensity. For those of us who are taking what comes consciously and in the moment, there are no energies of “tragedy” or “crisis” or “victim” attached to it.

However, for those of us who are moving unconsciously through these changes, or more importantly moving through them based on past-influenced belief systems and habitual reactions, we are going to have a tougher time with what comes our way.

This is why today, in this article I am inviting you to stop – stop for a moment and take a conscious time-out. This is an invitation to re-evaluate what you believe. This is a time-out for greater awareness towards heart-centered living.

A Celebration of Killing, is No Celebration At All

In the spring of 2011, the world was shaken by the announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death. If you are here and reading this, I know I am probably preaching to the choir. But nevertheless, let us examine these ideas and infuse them into the collective consciousness that connects us all to make it easier for others to access them too. So for the moment being let’s release the ideas about who this man is or was, what he did, etc., and let us just bring to our awareness the way with which many people reacted to this announcement.

Whether this was the exciting topic of choice at your work or home, or you found yourself parading in the streets, cheering this announcement, let us allow ourselves to examine this deeper.

See my question, when I first learned how people reacted in cheering and celebrating this man’s death was: have we lost our minds, or more importantly our hearts?

What has happened? What has come to pass in this world of ours that we celebrate the killing of another human being? I thought those were archaic actions that we have abandoned, as we grew to a more evolved way of existing with one another.

Perhaps my standards for the people of this world are high, but I am not lowering them. Perhaps you are thinking in your head “get real Evita, this is the world we live in.” But I disagree. I know our human potential is amazing and reality is in the eye of the beholder. I know that heart-centered living is our natural state. So I am not lowering my expectations of our beautiful human race.

I know somewhere along the way, we have simply allowed ourselves to be conditioned with beliefs, habits, and patterns that do not serve us. I know that just as a wise man once said – “forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” – those words still ring true to this day and we can all learn a lot from them.

I know that today, we are more awake than ever before. We are more connected to our divine nature than perhaps ever before. Thus, to go backward in our evolution, so as to celebrate the taking away of the life of another, just does not seem to make sense.

Is it wrong? Not at all. To label something as wrong is to judge it. The bigger question is:

How does it serve you to celebrate or glorify the killing of another human being?

What are you telling the Universe through such actions? Do they not contradict your wish for world or inner peace?

My dear friends, I know these are not easy topics, but we really need to get real with ourselves and stop being conditional about our love and stop making excuses as to who deserves to die and who doesn’t. Either we want peace, or we don’t. And if we want peace, then we must support peace through every one of our thoughts, words, and actions. I know this is not an overnight process, but a journey. The sooner we become conscious of it, the sooner we can access living from your highest state.

Perhaps off-topic, but this is one of the biggest reasons why people still don’t get the Law of Attraction. You cannot attract peace, while your thoughts, words, or actions are involved in any kind of violence. It just doesn’t work this way.

Our Beliefs Need to Be Re-Examined

Now let’s look at this topic even deeper. The obvious reason why so many people found Osama’s death either the main exciting topic of conversations or celebration is because they have a belief that he is an “evil” or “bad” person, that he is to blame for the terrorist attacks, that the world is better without him, etc.

In September 2010, I wrote an article on Tess Marshall’s blog – The Bold Life about expanding our beliefs. The message was simple – become conscious about what you believe and why, then reflect on where those beliefs came from and how sure you are of each one.

The thing we have to understand if we are going to move humanity forward and truly create a world based on peace and love, is that we cannot act in new ways, based on old mind patterns.

We cannot view things in a new way, with old, conditioned perspectives within us.

So when it comes to our beliefs, the first thing we have to understand is that most of them are conditioned upon us, every minute we are not conscious. How much of the time is that? The first roughly 7 years of our life and thereafter more than 95% of each day. Yes, dear friends this is what we are dealing with. You may wonder – how then are we to overcome our beliefs and create new ways of being, when we are working in what seems like an impossible predicament? The answer is simple.

Get consciously present.

Every time you hear something, allow for a space between you and the information that came to you. With just this simple technique you become present and are then able to consciously act with regards to the information, rather than unconsciously react. This allows for you to assimilate the information in a new way and examine how you feel about, and what it means to you, before it becomes an unconscious, conditioned belief. As for how you create the space? The simplest way is to nudge yourself in some way, like simply taking a conscious breath.

Naturally if your favorite evening past time is watching the 6 o’clock news, this is not going to be easy. Detach yourself first from the habits of how and where you acquire your information. Break the routines. Give your mind and Ego a little identity shock. Once this becomes a more natural way of being, you can easily watch, read or hear anything without making it a part of your unconscious mind patterns or attaching your identity to it. This comes after lots of conscious practice normally.

So when you hear some news, any news – whether from a family member, friend or the anchor person, allow for some space to enter. In this way you become more in control of how you are going to act, rather than react. This prevents from beliefs being thrown at you, and allows you to have some choice in what you are going to do with that information.

The truth is that just responding to any information that startles you with the graceful “is that so?” is enough to cause a complete shift in your mind patterns. All of a sudden you will find yourself more peace-filled and less reactive. I should add also that any fears in your life also start to naturally melt away over time.

We simply need to become aware that ideas are passed around like viruses today based on different controlling agendas. If you haven’t read Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme, I definitely recommend it to better grasp how big this really is. We are catching mind viruses at alarming rates. And this would not be so bad if they actually served us and helped us be better people, but 9 times out of 10 they don’t. They make us more fearful, more reactive, more compulsive and more separate from each other and all that is.

Challenging the Mind, To Access the Heart

Now let’s take this topic even further, and before you proceed I will warn that what I am about to share or ask, may at first upset some people. Some may even think this is crazy talk. I hope you don’t negate this and instead use it as a platform for personal growth and consciousness expansion—and most importantly as a gateway to access living from the heart.

So let’s take this man called Osama Bin Laden, since he appears to be the topic of such great focus for many.

What are your personal beliefs about him?

Do you think he is a bad person? An evil person? A misguided person?

Do you believe he was responsible for terror attacks? For the event of 9/11? For causing increased safety measures in the US?

Do you believe he had a secret agenda to bring down the US or cause terror in the world?

Do you believe he should be disliked? hated? killed?

Do you believe he died when it was claimed he died and in the manner claimed?

Now let me ask you – how sure are you about any of the above beliefs? I mean really, really sure, like 100% sure? Have you ever met the man? How about any of his closest family or friends? Do you actually know anything about him for certain?

You know sometimes, when the topics of UFO, or angels, or energy healing is mentioned around some people, their eyes glaze over and they reply with something like “I don’t believe these things exist.” Interesting. Because the way I see it, these topics can be regarded with as much evidence for or against, as the claims against this man.

My friends, the point I am trying to make is that we are not sure who this man really was and what he was or was not responsible for. Anything we know about him was told to us, was conditioned into us by our friends, our religions, our media and our governments. So many channels, so many agendas. And as long as we attach to him an energy charge infused with anything surrounding hate, blame or punishment, we are only hurting ourselves.

There is so much going on underneath the surface that is kept out of the range of our conscious awareness. That is, only for as long as we allow ourselves to be made puppets of, controlled or kept busy with details that don’t really matter, while other goals are being played out in plain sight. Yes, the truth is often stranger than fiction.


And so in our world there really are very few things that we can be 100% sure of. The most certain things are those that we can directly experience and that come from within. However to live from that space, from our intuition, from our heart – we must first clean up our mind. We need to gain clarity and sharpness of the mind. To do this we have to get mindful, aware, fully and consciously present. We need to ask questions. We need to get curious. And most importantly, we need to remember that if we are one – there are no exceptions for rejecting others as in some way not a part of ourselves.

May we therefore not condemn, blame or point fingers, or get worked up by man-made dramas but work on cleaning ourselves up first and living from our heart center – love.

In the end, please do not misunderstand. I am not asking you to walk around this world, stating “prove it” upon encountering everything or everyone. It is also not my intention to build a population of cynical skeptics. What my intention is, is to invite us to get conscious about the viral thought form patterns that are circulated around in our society and act like poison to our being, limiting us from expressing the pure love that we are.

If you were one of the people celebrating, or one of the people who claim we have a “war on terror”, or one of the people that succumb to airport body scanning because you have been led to believe it is for your own good or you have no choice, or if you are one of the people who believes that there are still villains and victims in this world, or any such things, I know you act or acted based on what you felt is right in that moment. The question now is, how do you choose to proceed forth?

For only if we consciously face our thoughts, feelings, words and actions, can we grow, evolve and move further. If our actions continue to keep us stuck and stagnant in unconscious and habitually brainwashed patterns, we cannot proceed forward to a state of higher love, peace, compassion and understanding.

And so today, all I invite you to do, is break out of unconscious patterns. Question what you believe. Reflect on how you act, what you say and think. Become aware of the workings of your mind. Is it in alignment with your heart?

May we all be guided by a conscious heart, instead of an unconscious mind.

Embrace your humanity. Embrace your divinity.

The time to wake up to the fullness of our being is NOW. Let’s stop the robotic, habitual, zombie-like trance. Let’s stop being slaves to viral beliefs that have no place in our lives, and let us finally start truly living as the divine creatures of love that we are.