During my high school years, many of my classrooms were decorated with various pretty looking inspirational posters. Some had nature pictures, some animals, and some people doing various motivational things. The messages sounded so good. They seemed so inspiring and so empowering, yet something always bothered me about them. It was the same thing that bothered me about going to church for some time before my awakening. And that was? That people read, or said, or repeated all the right things, and hardly ever put any of it into consistent practice.

When I first began my writing work online, I was so pleased to be surrounded by so many like-minded people. Everyone seemed to be saying all the right stuff that I was reading about in books and experiencing within. But it began to dawn on me after some time passed, that what was being said and what was being lived were in many cases two different things. These are not judgements, but observations.

The time we are experiencing now, the Shift, the Great Awakening, or however you want to call it, is very unique. It is unique because for the first time in perhaps the last 5,000 years, or 26,000 years, or ever, the human race on this planet has the potential to rise to a completely new level of conscious existence. And in this new level of awareness, to create a new earth based on accountability and authenticity on every level.

With this in mind, it is time to take an honest look in the mirror. At the end of the day it is not whether we are religious, spiritual or neither. What matters is that we each need to make a decision personally as to how we are going to choose to proceed. Are we going to continue just saying “nice” things, or are we going to finally put weight to our words and fully start living them?

Taking On the Greatest Challenge

Many things are coming to me now and quite quickly as to what I feel I want to share with others. I had 3 different and equally strong thought forms that came to me, as to what I was going to write next. However, the other day a tweet from someone got my attention, which resulted in clicking on the link. The link lead to a forum site and I only needed to read the first post in the thread to know what I came for.

Here is an excerpt from that person’s post (with some edits for coherency):

_”2012 is not for you, most probably. The 2012 phenomenon, is mainly, as far as I know, about applying your power responsibly. Do people really want to be empowered? The examples of it are few, very few. Most people want the opposite: whatever they can do to avoid taking additional responsibilities in life.

Many would feel very deceived when nothing happens on or after December 21, 2012. And I promise, nothing is going to happen for most. December 21, 2012 carries on many years in the making. If you don’t see that, you are missing the window of opportunity it represents. It represents advancement and that represents a higher level of maturity that is hard to accept.

Who seeks to be mature without a reason? Who of those who fall on the blame and fear-mongering wagon, fear and paranoia, would be up for more maturity, when they can just entertain themselves with the promise of a better future, while they sit and do nothing in the present?”_

I don’t know how or even if the above passage speaks to you, but it definitely spoke to me. The first question that jumped out at me was – do people really want to be empowered? We keep handing over our power to anyone and everyone around us it seems. We hand over our health to our doctors, our spirituality to our religions, our safety to our security agencies, our happiness to our external circumstances and on and on the examples go.

It has been a question I have been asking myself for quite some time now. Sometimes I feel like I am at interesting crossroads. One direction being to simply let everyone have their journey, while I sit back and enjoy my life, which is nothing short of Heaven on Earth. The other direction getting involved, sharing, writing, speaking, helping to awaken people and inspire them to reduce their suffering, drama, misery and problems. It appears whenever I consider taking one journey over the other, something or many things come in various ways to remind me of the right answer. The most recent signs came through several dear friends and a post Barbara Swafford wrote entitled Blogging Sheeple. I am going to share the quote she used to open that post, as it was instrumental in my decision.

Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the end I realized I don’t have to choose, and omitting the latter journey is not an option. My inner being makes that quite clear when I choose to think otherwise. Thus at this time, I choose to not take either path, but continue right down the middle of them, forging a brand new path of my own that fulfills both objectives.

Thus our greatest challenge in all of this is whether we are going to take on personal responsibility or not. Personal responsibility where we each realize that every single thought, word and action we choose daily contributes to the creation of the world as we see it. Every single one. From what we eat, to what we choose to entertain ourselves with. From what we choose to think about our neighbors to what we choose to say to our friends. From how we parent to how we drive. Every single piece matters. This is a big task, but I know that we are up for it…those of us who choose to be that is.

The Age of Authenticity Means Being Really Honest

The times we are living in, the changing times and the creation of a new way of life is thus not about continuing with habits from the old world that no longer serve us. One particular habit that has been around for far too long is saying things that sound good and furthermore saying things that sound good, to look good. This is very often done on a subconscious level, outside of our conscious realm.

As numerous material has come out over the last decade especially on all things that pertain to spiritual and metaphysical topics, many of us have grabbed the theory and ran with it. We pass around quotes and lovely statements that sound profound. And please don’t misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with doing that. I only wonder if are grasping and fully living those messages, or are we just decorating our personal landscapes with a different kind of inspirational poster that does little at the end of the day.

These times we are in, are no longer about sounding good or right, or going with the status quo of the day, to fit in. These times are about becoming 100% authentic—about becoming 100% you, as the spark of divine individuation that you are right now.

Live the words you speak. Speak the words you live. May your actions fully represent you. If you say you want world peace, live it. If you say you want happiness, choose it.

We can think, say and do whatever we want, but at the end of the day are we ready to be completely transparent? It has been foreshadowed that as we continue to awaken further, and become the more evolved race of beings that we are striving to be, telepathy will be a normal thing. This is after all how numerous accounts have cited that intelligent life on other planets communicates. So we can think and say whatever we want, but I just wonder how ready we are to own up to our thoughts and words.


So when it comes to these topics, my personal interest in 2012 is not as a date, some hype or New Age movement. My interest in 2012 is as a period for humanity to rise up to its highest potential, to take on personal responsibility for being the creators of this world and their lives, and to wake up to their personal divinity.

Yes, we are each on a personal journey, and although we are all one, may we not misunderstand the value and meaning of our individuality.

I will repeat again, every single thought, word and action you participate in matters in the creation of this world. I realize that this can seem like an overwhelming or daunting reality for some. However, the goal is not to achieve some illusory state of perfection or complete enlightenment this minute. The goal is to get honest, get real and make constant, consistent change for a more conscious approach as co-creators in every area of our life right now.

So whenever a moment of consciousness arises ask yourself, “does the thought, word or action I am participating in right now contribute to a better world for all—myself, other humans, animals, plants, etc.?” And more importantly, “does it represent the world I want to create and live in?”