EBTV with host Evita Ochel and returning guest Paul Selig in a dialogue along with channeling from Paul’s Guides about gaining personal mastery and guiding our own destiny.

Paul Selig is an author, educator, intuitive and channel, who is considered one of the foremost contributors to the field of channeled literature today. His books include…

Second Trilogy Set:

  1. The Book of Mastery
  2. The Book of Truth
  3. not yet written/released

First Trilogy Set:

  1. I am the Word
  2. The Book of Love and Creation
  3. The Book of Knowing and Worth

Specific topics covered in the video include:

  1. What Paul does as a channel and intuitive and how he does it. (1:28)

  2. What the central teaching of The Book of Mastery means: that we need to claim who we really are, what we really are, and how we can truly serve. (3:20)

    • Guides’ claim: “I know who I am, I am know what I am, I know how I serve.”
  3. What does frequency mean and how it relates to our personal mastery. (6:13)

    • alignment to our True Self and True World
    • small self vs. True Self
  4. What it means to be our Divine Self. (9:24)

    • claiming agreement about who or what we are
    • going beyond the illusion of who we bought into thinking we are
    • the wholeness of the Divine Self
    • the metaphor of the throne and the ruler, as it applies to the small self
    • the ability to realize the Divine in all things
  5. How to align with the higher dimensions of the True Self. (16:36)

    • aside from love, an emphasis on truth
    • Guides’ claim: “in truth a lie will not be held”
    • the change in society from lies to truth and their challenges
  6. How our life is in our hands and a reflection of our vibration and choices. (22:38)

    • not about blaming people, past, etc., for our predicaments
    • we cannot be a master and a victim at the same time
    • whatever we agree to continues to manifest in our reality
    • blaming something solidifies the problem
    • Guides’ teaching: “you cannot be the light and hold another in darkness”
    • self-righteousness is always a reflection of the small self
    • fear claims more fear; all lies stem from fear
  7. The role of free will in personal mastery and destiny. (28:33))

    • how much free will do we have
    • we assume our lives our predicated, based on culture
    • is there destiny
    • how destiny connects with free will
  8. The role of suffering in our spiritual evolution and personal mastery. (35:04)

    • are we meant to suffer or do we have to suffer as part of this human experience
    • pain is a teacher, but not the best one
    • alignment to the circumstances we require for personal mastery
    • we are here to learn, not here to be victims
    • suffering as a man-made concept
  9. What is the goal of this life experience and personal mastery? Is it happiness? (40:15)

    • how the quest for happiness can solidify our unhappiness
    • the value of releasing expectations
    • what the true goal is
    • the downside of seeing our career as a reflection of personal realization
    • what does being of service really mean
    • Guides’ teaching: “the small self thinks, the True Self knows” (47:20)
    • the power of present moment living
  10. What Paul’s challenge has been with writing “The Book of Mastery” and personal mastery opportunity. (48:00)

    • the Divine Self cannot be persecuted; it is untouchable
    • stepping up to fear and surrendering the outcome
  11. Paul’s contact, event, book and work info. (53:55)

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