EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with special guest Dimitri Halley in a dialogue about facing the shadow to liberate from the illusion.

Dimitri is a Clinical and Organizational Psychologist, and describes his role as a depth psychologist at the individual and collective levels. He is also a professor in the psychology of paranormal phenomena and studies the deeper reality Physics calls ‘Quantum’ and Religion calls ‘Spiritual’ in terms of firsthand experiences. To learn more about his work, visit his: BLOG, YOUTUBE, or FACEBOOK.

Specific topics covered in the video episode are as follows:

  1. A summary of Dimitri’s view on the nature of reality. (1:40)

    • the role of observation and perception in how we see reality
  2. The role of the mind in creating our reality. (3:55)

    • the mind as the centre of the atom
  3. What is the shadow and the meaning of doing shadow work? (7:20)

    • coming back into wholeness with ourselves
  4. How society teaches an alienation of the self, and the consequences of this. (11:25)

    • the rejection of the shadow
    • the rejection of the feminine
  5. The root of our obsession with external salvation, i.e. God, Jesus, super heroes, ETs, etc. (14:45)

    • looking to the external for external causes and solutions
  6. The meaning behind our preoccupation with external control systems, i.e. NWO, Illuminati, etc. (17:20)

    • the entrapment of fighting against something too much
  7. The preoccupation of negating the Ego and the missing step in moving from Ego-centered living to Love-centered living. (22:10)

    • the consequence of the spiritually inflated Ego
  8. What is at the root of trying to force our ideas onto others, or convince them towards a certain view. (26:40)

    • a representation of our personal insecurities
    • the reflection of ourself in all interaction of others
  9. What is the purpose and role of duality? (31:35)

    • the “Law of Nature” and polarity
    • learning how to sustain the opposites
  10. What is the bigger picture understanding of “we are one”. (35:10)

    • seeing the “individual” as a fractal
  11. The meaning of “returning to the star - our true state”. (39:05)

    • our light/photon nature/state
  12. What is the solution for real awakening and liberation? (42:15)

    • changing our perspective about the external
  13. How can we understand what our dreams are telling us? (45:40)

    • dreams as our direct link to our unconscious, and the Source