EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with special guest Dr. John James in a dialogue about the Great Field.

Dr. John James is an Australian architect, builder, farmer, transpersonal therapist and medieval historian with a passion for discovery. For over 40 years he has been searching to understand the workings of the human psyche, and for the origins of the Gothic style. He is the founder of the Crucible Centre located west of Sydney, Australia and is the author of the book: The Great Field: Soul at Play in the Conscious Universe.

You can also read Evita’s review of John’s book The Great Field

Specific topics covered in the video include:

  1. A summary of how John got into this work. (2:48)

    • the illusion of identity
    • the nature of fields
    • the limitations of what and how we respond to
  2. The oneness of the light and dark fields. (7:30)

    • staying flexible, rather than rigid to events in life
    • the role of the Shadow in our life
    • how judgement is the key of our life problem
    • how judgement provides the illusion of separation
  3. Attributes of the Great Field. (11:30)

    • the vibration of all that is in connection to the fields
    • what constitutes the Great Field
    • the intrinsic communication within the Field
  4. How to understand the state of consciousness. (14:43)

    • a state of being as a state of awareness
    • the importance of acknowledgement without defending or judging
    • experiencing without boundaries
  5. How the psyche, mind and brain are connected. (18:07)

    • the energetic nature of the psyche (soul)
    • the importance of allowing ourselves to have the experiences that come into our life
    • the role of the mind in helping us explain and relate to the experiences we have
    • the psyche/soul as a gateway to the Great Field
    • the difference between thinking and understanding on a mind level, versus a psyche/soul level
  6. How to understand what an experience is. (23:55)

    • experiences as energetic events that stimulate our senses and translate as vibration
    • how to transcend the limits of who we think ourselves to be
    • the importance of taking responsibility as co-creators in all that is
  7. How to understand responsibility in the context of oneness. (30:00)

    • what it means to be in oneness with the Universe, or all life
    • the challenge of oneness given our resistance and separation
    • John explains Sandplay as a process of unification, to access the unconscious
  8. The role of the Heart and Coherence in connecting with the Great Field. (33:48)

    • how the heart communes with everyone and every part of us
    • the importance of heart and mind coherence
    • coherence allows us to interact/feel the Field
    • how incoherence leads to defensiveness and separation
  9. How to transform separation and judgement to increase our connection with the Great Field. (37:34)

    • accepting our personal creation of our life experiences
    • accepting our personal creation of our Gods
    • how our various Gods correspond to the various fields
  10. Further explanation of how to understand the Great Field. (42:11)

    • is the Great Field, God
    • how we create division within the Great Field
  11. The connection of the Great Field to the Akashic Field. (43:43)

    • nothing is ever lost in the Field
  12. Final guidance from John for connecting with the Great Field. (46:15)

    • the importance of awareness and us as the observer
  13. John’s resources (47:05)