EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Dean Radin in a dialogue about psychic phenomenon and human consciousness, as it relates to Dean’s work and scientific research.

Topics covered in the video include:

  1. Dean shares about his personal and professional life, as it relates to the studies of consciousness and his work on psychic phenomenon. (1:10)

  2. How to understand the brain-mind-consciousness connection, and how it relates to psychic phenomenon. (7:22)

  3. How to understand psychic phenomenon from a scientifically informed perspective. (12:24)

    • the nature of subjectivity transcending space and time
    • the relative nature of space and time
  4. Based on his book The Conscious Universe, Dean shares how psi phenomenon can fall into 2 main categories. (18:30)

    • the role of perspective and time in understanding psi phenomenon
  5. Why should we take psychic phenomenon seriously, and how can it help our everyday life. (20:30)

    • the dominant role of Consciousness
    • the connection to understanding “God” and spirituality
    • the consequences of nihilistic thinking (27:49)
  6. What blocks the study of consciousness and psychic phenomenon amidst mainstream science, and why. (29:58)

  7. For psychic phenomenon to be real, there needs to be some kind of interconnectedness of all things, or entanglement. Dean shares a brief explanation of entanglement, of which a detailed explanation is provided in his book Entangled Minds. (32:10)

    • the underlying foundation of quantum mechanics
    • the Universe as a holistic entity
  8. Is psychic phenomenon a unique gift/magical power or something available for every person? (40:55)

    • how to develop our psychic ability
    • the downside of developing psychic ability (45:30)
  9. A glimpse into the “Future Human”, as described in Dean’s book Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities, and what this may look like considering an expansion of consciousness and psychic phenomenon.(48:39)

    • the importance of balance between the physical and spiritual, and moral development
    • the potential of the “hive mind” and collective awareness
  10. Dean’s contact and work with IONS - Institute of Noetic Sciences. (55:30)

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