While talking about religion and politics can stir controversy and grind egos, perhaps no other topic is more avoided in society, than human sexuality. In one sense, sexual innuendos and scenes are thrown at us by ads, music and movies daily, and yet in another sense, no topic has as much repression and judgement around it, as that of sex.

A couple recent events have sparked my interest to write a bit about homosexuality specifically to help us expand our view of how we see human sexuality in the new light of consciousness.

The first event, was actually a report from Ontario (where I live), where attempts were made to revamp the sex ed curriculum in schools, which were hastily shot down by some parents and religious groups. More on this below.

The second thing, was a beautiful guest article by Vanessa Leigh on Lance Ekum’s site, Jungle of Life, entitled “I Am NOT An Abomination.”

As we speak about personal evolution and the making of a new world, both of these events made me think about how, if at all, we are approaching topics that deal with human sexuality in a more expanded and enlightened way.

Why the Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum Changes Got Rebuked

The Ontario sex ed curriculum is in desperate need of change and updating. It has been around since 1997 – and we know thanks to social media, science, cultural reforms and other factors, we have learned a lot since then. To address this need, a proposal was set forth by the premier of Ontario, and a new curriculum was proposed and in the works for the last 2 years.

In it, children in grade 1 were to be taught body parts, including the correct terms for genitalia, which experts say can among many other things, help prevent sexual abuse. Children in grade 3 would learn about homosexuality and, children in grade 6 about masturbation. An enhanced curriculum would further address all necessary sex topics in grade 7.

This proposal was hastily shot down by various parent and religious groups. And do you know why? The main reason is that they are not comfortable with children as young as grade 3 being taught about the different sexual orientations. In fact some of the quotes from religious groups used around this, make me feel like we live in the dark ages. You can read one example of the article detailing this issue here: Sex-ed Surrender Motivated By Politics.

While we can have a long debate of when the “right” time to talk about topics like this may be, I think there is something much greater going on here.

I am going to make a bold statement here, but I think deep down, as “open” as we are claiming to get, at the core of it all too many of us are still not comfortable with the ideas of homosexuality.

On a positive note, we have at least made some progress to move forward to a more open approach. But in other ways it is not okay, as this progress just isn’t coming fast enough. There are still thousands of people around the world who are discriminated against, bullied or marginalized, based on their sexual orientation, which is beyond unjust.

While many of us may have gotten comfortable to having friends, or distant family members who are homosexual, the picture gets much fuzzier when this issue strikes even closer. What do I mean by this?

Well, consider this right now especially if you have kids. How many of you would be completely fine, and just as happy and proud to have your kids be homosexual?

I think this is where a big problem lies for us in society today. We are politely contending with it when it is “someone else”, but it still strikes an uncomfortable chord when it comes to our own children. I mean I get it, when we think of our children growing up, most people think of some kind of socially acceptable union between the two different sexes. But this is something we need to get over and deal with. I think the time is more than ripe for us to start to embrace all ways of living.

This is why I believe the current changes in Ontario were really shot down, aside of course from religious rigidity. People are still too scared that this type of information is “putting ideas” in kids heads and may make their kids partake in what they still envision as a socially taboo lifestyle . But what we don’t realize, is that it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

There is a way to teach proper information, as well as unity, empathy, understanding and tolerance when it comes to sex in very beautiful and tactful ways. And even more importantly, I think our kids today need this more than anything. This is the new generation who has the first chance to really break away from the judgmental, fear-based and confining limits of past generations.

What is the consequence of not embracing this? Having kids learn “on the street” as they currently do, because let’s face it, if parents are uncomfortable having the schools teach it, I highly doubt they are going to feel comfortable teaching kids this stuff themselves.

This leaves kids to their own devices. Kids will still experiment with what they will want to experiment with, but when the lines of communication, loving guidance and acceptance are not open, it leaves many to revert to more dangerous ways of experimenting with many things, not just those of a sexual nature.

Why Vanessa Is Not An Abomination

This brings me to the article I read by Vanessa on the Jungle of Life. In her article, “I will NOT be an abomination”, Vanessa beautifully expresses her thoughts and experience on this topic. The first line that really caught my attention was when Vanessa states “I would feel firmly that homosexuality is as natural in humanity as heterosexuality, even if I were not a lesbian.”

I too feel that homosexuality is no accident, and it is a natural and important part of life. I was not always blessed to think this way however. I think anyone who grew up in some strict religion can relate. Well today, I know that there is a divine perfection to everything, and I do mean everything out there in our world, homosexuality is no exception.

This is where it was great to hear Vanessa also say, “I would, and do, believe that regardless if science seemed to indicate that there are genetic differences or not, that God meant for this to be.” To me, it doesn’t matter what action or way of life we speak of, but about what they originate out of and what they lead to. There are many acceptable behaviors in our society that are based on greed, lies and cheating, and yet somehow we seem to allow these, support them or throw a blind eye on them. And yet other things, like two people of the same sex deeply committed and in love with each other make us rise up in anger, as if it was some personal attack. I think we need to take a deeper look at all of this and our actions toward it with fresh eyes.

What else is so important and Vanessa really nails it right on here, is that our orientation should be about a heart connection first and foremost. And as we move at this new time of change upon the Earth into more heart-centered living, we cannot promote it in some areas, and not others.

Heart-centered living should be at the core of our existence. It is no coincidence or accident that we are moving into that as we speak. Therefore, may we be guided by a heart-centered way of living in all areas, and stop putting limits on love out of old, political and fear-based reasons.


In the end, it is not even about homosexuality, it is about human sexuality period. For too many reasons to list right here and now, the human body and the beautiful acts of sexuality have been turned into something “bad”, “dirty” and even “evil” for far too long.

While many still think this is the way to go, I beg to differ. With a more open, loving and holistic approach to sex, I truly believe we can heal so much of the repression that has lead to various unnatural acts of violence when it comes to sex and human separation.

This is nothing about turning into some wild, sexually-obsessed society of humans, but about embracing consciously and with love, one of the most natural aspects of ourselves in this physical form.