Each day, each one of us is going to have thoughts, and say various words, as we interact with the world around us. In this process, many of us are awakening to understanding the power of the mind over all that we are and have in our lives. What we need to always remember, is that in all those thoughts and words we are going to use each day, we can choose negative paths or positive ones.

To our mind it really does not matter, as it will process information regardless of the type and then project it outwards. But to our hearts, it does matter.

So many of us have yet to realize the power of the words and thoughts we read, hear, speak and think. So many of us still need to embrace the fact, that if we are going to exert effort thinking, why not make it positive and feel better while we are at it? In the end, the difference to the quality of our life is tremendous!

Upon doing a video of my personal home office for Karl Staib’s Work Happy Now site, a few readers had asked what exactly is written on the so-called “Paradigm Tree” that is featured in the video, and stands between my husband’s and my common work space. It is a pleasure to share with you the key paradigms by which we live, or what can otherwise be known as our evolving paradigm affirmations. Evolving – for as we grow and change, so will they.

“I contribute to the whole.”

“I consistently create constant and never ending improvements to all areas of my life.”

“I invite all to be inspired.”

“I engage in being transparent and truthful.”

“I embrace all without judgment, prejudice or labeling.”

“I fall in love with my vision, ideas and creations.”

“I live with passion.”

“I am a spiritual being, having a physical experience.”

“I demonstrate the highest version of who I am.”

“I transform my thinking, to transform my life.”

“I attract unlimited resources.”

“I am patient and loving, even when I have adversity.”

“I believe now is all there is.”

“I admire people’s differences without discrimination.”

“I seek opportunities in change.”

“I adore my husband/wife, and the unity we share.”

“I cause all my experiences.”

“I believe we are all one, and are all aspects of each other.”

These are read by us sometimes several times a day, sometimes every few days, sometimes one at a time, or several at a time or all at once. There is no set time or ritual for these. The point is that within my workspace, there is always this symbol of how I resonate and project myself out onto the world.

Some of us choose to have a journal, a vision board, a poster, a scrapbook or any other of so many ideas, in how we can present our personal affirmative paradigms. The point is to choose one that makes you happy and really works for you. For us it consists of a metal “tree” that has clips to normally hold photos, and making our own cards with the above affirmations to put on it. This is kept in a place, that is accessed easily.

Reading such “affirmations” reminds me of my highest version and makes me always want to rise up to that, and live it out on every level. This is where the quality of the thoughts and words you use each day, makes a huge difference to the quality of your life, and it can all start with the affirmations, paradigms or beliefs you hold.

Being reminded by these of “who I am” or “how I am“, has a really incredible effect of truly making me a better person, even when it is not easy, or the situation would much rather bring out a less evolved side of me. This is why again, the type of thoughts, words, reading material, activities, and even people you surround yourself with each day, have a huge outcome where the quality of YOU and your life is concerned.

So today, I invite you to make some of your own evolving paradigm affirmations to remind you of your highest version, and how you want to live and resonate. You can start by answering for yourself some general questions about life and the best way you can or would like to view all parts of it, or you can simply write down some statements which you feel empower you, inspire you and bring out the highest version of you. Then, simply incorporate them into some written or even audio, fun, personal way, which you can use easily and readily.

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