EBTV with host Evita Ochel and returning guest Dr. Larry Malerba in a dialogue about the dynamic and subjective nature of human health and disease.

Dr. Larry Malerba’s Books:

  1. Dynamic Medicine
  2. Metaphysics & Medicine
  3. Green Medicine

Topics covered in this episode:

  1. What does it mean to be healthy? In medicine today, “There is no serious discussion about what it means to be healthy, or to be sick.” (2:16)

    • a matter of perspective
    • conventional health = narrow perspective
    • holistic and homeopathic health = broad perspective
  2. Exploring subjective health and how “Any personal issue that deprives one of the ability to make choices in life can be seen as an impediment to optimal or ideal health.” (5:00)

    • treatment of specific fears, emotional outbursts, etc.
    • what whole-person healing is all about
    • how homeopathy expands the range of what is treatable
  3. A summary of what is homeopathy and how it works. (10:48)

    • nature’s connection to being the remedy for our symptoms
    • how homeopathy approaches whole-person healing
    • origin of homeopathy and foundation of “likes treating likes”
  4. The wide range of consequences of suppression therapy in conventional medicine (i.e. using drugs to remove symptoms). (17:31)

    • understanding symptoms as healing us, not hurting us
    • how symptoms can get stuck in a negative feedback loop (chronic illness)
    • how conventional medicine works against the body’s attempt to heal itself
    • how body generates other symptoms if first ones are blocked, etc.
    • distress must be dealt with, not suppressed
    • the timeline of suppression and declining health with time
    • how homeopathy frees the life force
  5. The consistency of homeopathy and inconsistency of conventional medicine, “Medicine adjusts its theories and alters its logic to suit its needs.” (25:33)

    • the growing spectrum of remedies of homeopathy
    • human health and disease is a reflection of nature
  6. The meaning of the “life force” and its role in the creation of health and disease. (32:34)

    • modern science’s blind spot beyond the material dimension
    • the many names of the “life force”
    • homeopathy as energy medicine; bioenergetic not biochemical
    • the narrow biological and chemical interventions
  7. How the term “dynamic” explains the constantly changing landscape of our health. (40:21)

    • health is not the absence of symptoms
    • the life force effectively responds to stressors by creating symptoms
    • life force as consciousness (44:40)
    • illness = life force weak; stuck in negative feedback loop
    • how homeopathy frees the life force and enables growth of consciousness
    • how illness can stimulate the growth of consciousness
  8. Practical considerations for using homeopathy; common physical, mental and emotional imbalances and illnesses. (48:38)

    • stopping the vicious cycle of recurring infections
    • enabling optimal human function
    • the limitations of homeopathy (54:00)
    • potential for conditions untreatable by conventional medicine (55:44)
    • the “never the same since” conditions
  9. About Larry’s book. (59:14)

“Dynamic Medicine is an insider’s no-nonsense guide to the mysteries of homeopathy and the lessons it teaches about health and illness, mind and body, and the dynamic nature of true energy healing.”

Dynamic Medicine: The World According to Homeopathy

  1. Closing tips for taking responsibility for your health and working effectively with conventional and holistic medicine. (59:33)

  2. Dr. Malerba’s contact. (1:02:47)

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