EBTV presents New Earth Living episode 12 with Evita Ochel. In this episode Evita answers the common question asked “what about plants being living and having feelings with respect to eating them” by sharing a consciousness expanding examination of plant and animal life.

The video episode features:

Evita provides a comparison of plant and animal life in the context of compassionate living and dietary choices, based on 7 areas that take into consideration plant biology, nutrition, science and spirituality. These are as follows:

  1. Degree of Life
  2. Type of Plant
  3. Type of Plant Part
  4. Plant Characteristics/Communication
  5. Degree of Violence
  6. Life Purpose
  7. Intention

The discussion also includes a look at the work of Cleve Backster and his research into understanding plants, as well as how it compares with what we know from a spiritual and heart-centered perspective.