EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Gordana Biernat in a dialogue about how to consciously create our lives and understand the nature of our reality.

General topics covered in the video:

  1. Gordana’s current work; what messages she shares and why. (1:00)

  2. Gordana’s life journey; personal awakenings and transformations. (2:48)

    • explorations of time and space
    • seeking spiritually versus living physically
    • how everything has a purpose for the good (12:40)
    • body within soul versus soul within body
  3. What perpetuates and how to overcome living like a victim and that life is out of our control.(15:00)

    • the role of media and society
    • the role of thoughts and beliefs
  4. Gordana explains her words: “Most of the things you believe about yourself and your reality are not really created by you.” (18:32)

    • what beliefs are and where they come from
    • the importance of questioning everything
  5. Why people have such a hard time with change, and what can be done about this. (23:08)

    • driving your own change versus allowing others to dictate your change
  6. How to bring the focus of life creation inwards, rather than seeking answers and validation externally. (26:39)

    • how to use external feedback effectively
    • how to respond more effectively to life (32:15)
  7. A summary of the components/ingredients required for effective and successful conscious life creation. (32:44)

    • the importance of personal honesty
    • the importance of knowing how to shift our frequency
    • the importance of ignoring negativity
    • the importance of having a supportive environment
    • the importance of following your desires and passions
  8. Tips for conscious life creation for fulfilling/meaningful/enjoyable work (39:15)

    • the importance of making choices from a space of awareness
  9. Tips for conscious life creation for fulfilling/meaningful/enjoyable relationships. (44:10)

    • the importance of examining our beliefs about relationships
    • the importance of reminding the other of their best in the present moment (48:24)
  10. Closing words based on Gordana’s motto: “Dream your life and live your dream”. (50:00)

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