One of the main reasons for suffering in life, is that we cannot seem to connect the dots between actions and consequences. The more we learn about the power of our mind and how we create our reality through every thought, word and action, the more consciously we begin to live. The more we connect the dots, the more empowered we become as we take accountability for our life.

We so often go through life complaining and stressing about the tragedies and hardships we face. It is too bad that so few of us step back and step out of those futile activities and into some proactive and mindful actions.

Remember if you go through life on auto pilot, you may run into unforeseeable circumstances. If on the other hand you consciously steer your life, you have a much better chance of avoiding the unfavorable and attracting the desired outcomes.

I once received an email from an old friend that provides an example of how common it is to miss the connections between all of our choices, and the consequences we experience in our lives. The email consisted of two paragraphs as follows:

  • the first paragraph talked about how she cannot control or deny herself what she eats or drinks
  • the second paragraph consisted of a story about a friend of hers, who got cancer very young and died - outlining what a horrible tragedy it is, and how things like this should not happen, and how distressing events like this are

Do you see the connection between paragraphs 1 and 2?

Leave aside for the moment the unfortunate case of the other person dying of cancer. The power of this email shows the common example of how we choose not to take accountability for our own personal choices in life to life the healthiest, happiest life ever.

Thanks to today’s research we have solid and substantial proof that cancer is not some ill luck of fate or God’s way of punishing you. Cancer is simply an overgrowth of normal cells due to mutations in our DNA caused by external factors, such as what we eat, drink, the type and amount of stress we have, the chemicals we are exposed to, the radiations we are exposed to, etc.

Currently the North American cancer societies report an incidence of about 1 in 3 people being affected by some kind of cancer in their lifetime. Those are not good stats. And even though there are many new technologies that heal people from the cancers, who wants to go through that? Many times the therapies are worse than the disease itself.

Today we know without a shadow of a doubt that we do have a say in the matter where cancer or even other diseases are concerned. Perhaps we cannot prevent that we will get a cancer 100%, as even if you do everything right, there are still spontaneous mutations. But by being aware of what we put into and onto our body WE CAN GREATLY REDUCE, IF NOT PREVENT GETTING A CANCER ALTOGETHER or any other disease for that matter.

Consider also how lucky we are today. Even ten, twenty or more years ago, people were not exposed to all the information we have today. They may not have known the effects of certain factors on our health. Today we do know, and everyday we learn more. So if we do know and still do things that harm our body, we also have to connect the dots of the consequences those types of actions will bring.

This is by no means about instilling fear or stress into your life, but to give it a little wake-up jolt that you are in control of your body and health, and you do have a say. Your first plan of action is to take responsibility for your own health and well being and increase the awareness with which you go through life each day.

The bottom line is we do have options as to the consequences of our future. Life gives us clues and messages at every moment. What your well being depends on however, is being open and in tune to those messages to connect the dots!