EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with returning guest Lise Bourbeau in a dialogue about the metaphysical causes of cancer, based on Lise’s new book Cancer: A Book of Hope.

Your body is speaking to you all the time; every symptom, every condition has a meaning and can provide the best information possible about what is out of balance or not in alignment with our higher Self at any given time. This is why the cure, the healing, and the prevention truly rests with us. Physical support via diet and lifestyle habits is super important, but what happens at the mental/emotional level trumps everything. Empower yourself!

Lise is a mind-body teacher and the author of 24 books, as well as the founder of the Listen to Your Body school.

Previous video episode with Lise: The Metaphysical Nature of Disease

Outline of topics covered in the video:

  1. How to lessen the energy of fear surrounding cancer. (2:01)

    • why Lise wrote the book
    • the role of the wound of rejection in cancer
  2. How the wound of rejection is initiated within us. (5:57)

    • the connection to the parent of the same sex
  3. The role of fear with regards to cancer and the wound of rejection. (10:10)

    • addressing the right to exist
  4. How the wound of rejection causes us to wear the withdrawer mask. (13:00)

    • how to recognize the withdrawer archetype
    • how this is played out by denial and running away physically or through various substances
  5. How personally-viewed rejection is simply an expression of someone else’s limits. (16:18)

    • how the wound of rejection makes us feel invisible
  6. How the wound of injustice is connected to cancer, and expressed as rigid, controlling and perfectionist tendencies. (19:14)

    • the series of “why’s” that a cancer diagnosis initiates (why me / why now / why this body part) via feelings of injustice
  7. How to know when wounds that are risk factors for cancer are healed. (22:36)

    • the importance of personal forgiveness
    • the importance of personal acceptance
  8. The role of beliefs in cancer healing and prevention. (29:02)

    • what the Ego is
  9. The importance of intuition and living from the heart. (32:00)

    • the importance of connecting with our feelings
  10. Words of inspiration and advice for anyone who receives a cancer diagnosis. (35:13)

    “The physical body is merely a reflection of what happens on the psychological level.” ~ Lise Bourbeau

  11. Closing words for empowerment about cancer. (41:15)

    • it all comes down to lack of self-love and acceptance
  12. About Lise’s book: Your Body’s Telling You: Love Yourself! (43:29)

  13. Lise’s websites and contact info. (44:21)

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