EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with returning guest Lise Bourbeau in a dialogue about the metaphysical causes of cancer, based on Lise’s new book Cancer: A Book of Hope.

Lise is a mind-body teacher and the author of 24 books, as well as the founder of the Listen to Your Body school.

Previous video episode with Lise: The Metaphysical Nature of Disease

Outline of topics covered in the video:

  1. How to lessen the energy of fear surrounding cancer. (2:01)

    • why Lise wrote the book
    • the role of the wound of rejection in cancer
  2. How the wound of rejection is initiated within us. (5:57)

    • the connection to the parent of the same sex
  3. The role of fear with regards to cancer and the wound of rejection. (10:10)

    • addressing the right to exist
  4. How the wound of rejection causes us to wear the withdrawer mask. (13:00)

    • how to recognize the withdrawer archetype
    • how this is played out by denial and running away physically or through various substances
  5. How personally-viewed rejection is simply an expression of someone else’s limits. (16:18)

    • how the wound of rejection makes us feel invisible
  6. How the wound of injustice is connected to cancer, and expressed as rigid, controlling and perfectionist tendencies. (19:14)

    • the series of “why’s” that a cancer diagnosis initiates (why me / why now / why this body part) via feelings of injustice
  7. How to know when wounds that are risk factors for cancer are healed. (22:36)

    • the importance of personal forgiveness
    • the importance of personal acceptance
  8. The role of beliefs in cancer healing and prevention. (29:02)

    • what the Ego is
  9. The importance of intuition and living from the heart. (32:00)

    • the importance of connecting with our feelings
  10. Words of inspiration and advice for anyone who receives a cancer diagnosis. (35:13)

    “The physical body is merely a reflection of what happens on the psychological level.” ~ Lise Bourbeau

  11. Closing words for empowerment about cancer. (41:15)

    • it all comes down to lack of self-love and acceptance
  12. About Lise’s book: Your Body’s Telling You: Love Yourself! (43:29)

  13. Lise’s websites and contact info. (44:21)

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