EBTV with host Evita Ochel and returning guest Dimitri Halley in a dialogue about waking up and out of the status quo.

Topics covered in the video and summary of points:

  1. Exploring the Shadow and symbolism of the US elections. (1:22)

    • understanding that the Shadow is not a “bad” but necessary part of us
    • the emerging polarities of life on Earth
  2. Exploring the Shadow and symbolism of the Dakota Pipeline. (6:04)

    • pipeline as the “Rust - Inc / rusting” pipe
    • oil as the blood of the Earth; drying out the heart of the Earth
    • False Earth model and the “Pixel Galaxy”
    • the energetic nature of reality

    “If we don’t get the right model of the Earth, everything that follows from that is wrong.”

    Dimitri Halley

  3. How to strike an equanimous balance between attachment and aversion (resistance), as related to the events in our world. (10:53)

    • the yin-yang “razor’s edge”
    • flipping from a reactive state of being, rooted in resisting and attaching, into a creative and proactive state of being
  4. How to break out of the status quo in a peaceful way. (15:20)

    • being too strongly for something or against something produces the same result
    • need to trade current physical world view for an energetic world view
    • containing our own Shadow
    • cannot fix something by fighting it
    • the inward, nonviolent approach
    • the Mandela Effect and splitting timelines (20:05)
  5. Breaking out and seeing beyond the false science. (21:33)

    • the true science of energy / quanta; creating reality as we go
    • the false science of causality / physicality; reality is pre-determined
    • the lockdown of physicality and mind-body separation on consciousness
    • the most important thing is what happens in the mind / consciousness
    • the biggest deception: keeping people in an external, reactive state
  6. How the heliocentric model keeps consciousness in lockdown. (28:36)

    • the center of the atom is the center of the Universe; at the center of the atom we find ourselves
    • how the heliocentric model (false Earth model) supports an alien agenda
    • reference to “Arrival” film and alien agenda
    • false observation: outside as a cause of the inside
    • the importance of taking care of what is here and now
  7. Outer space as an out-of-body experience. (35:00)

    • moving into another plane (dimension) of consciousness
    • Fibonacci and the layers of different frequencies
    • aliens as entities from darker dimensions
  8. The changing attitudes about aliens/UFOs. (37:00)

    • the prevalence of alien in mainstream media
  9. How to apply “becoming the center” and “going within” in our everyday life. (38:55)

    • how Eastern spirituality has been hijacked from its truth
    • Europe as the center of awakening, and loss of its original function
    • reference to Jungian experts: James Hillman and Edward Edinger
    • go inward via the true Shadow work (inward Esoteric process)
    • biggest error: Shadow as evil
    • move to the deeper layers of the Self to access alternate timeline
    • going inward does not mean forsaking external world
    • establish a communion with the world; direction connection of inner being to inner being of Earth
    • real Shadow work: establish communion with Earth
    • being versus doing; not worshipping or new age approach of Earth worship
  10. The true return to communion with the Earth. (46:24)

    • Indigenous approach to Earth
    • oneness versus ownership
    • difference between “one with all” and “all one”
    • real communion: synergy between two individuated entities
    • reawakening to herb medicines
  11. How to find balance between dissociation and engagement with everyday life. (49:54)

    • connecting with the noumenon, not phenomenon
    • shift in settings to great passion, compassion and lucidity
    • connecting with our True Purpose, which provides a trail for where we are supposed to be at any given time
    • avoiding the trap of the “escape” or “survivalist plan”
    • the power of real happiness and synchronicity
    • the importance of bringing back the true nature of God
  12. Concluding connections: pipeline - lockdown - heliocentric model - Shadow (53:54)

    • moving from external to internal justice system
    • Shadow compensation
    • living out a smooth transition into next timeline
  13. What the potential is for humans upon aligning with True Timeline. (59:55)

    • living out Heaven on Earth
    • timelines as channels that we tune into based on our frequency
    • change at the “being” level
    • what “passport” is needed to move into True Timeline
  14. Dimitri’s contact and resources. (1:03:53)

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