EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with special guest Vironika Tugaleva in a dialogue about awakening to the love mindset to transform our lives from the inside out.

Vironika is a spiritual teacher, modern day guide, speaker and author of the book The Love Mindset.

Specific topics covered in the video include:

  1. A look at Vironika’s life before her awakening. (1:16)

    • addressing traumas, addictions and judgements
  2. Vironika shares about her moment of awakening. (5:36)

    • overcoming pain and challenges to find healing and liberation
  3. A look at Vironika’s life after her awakening. (9:06)

    • the benefits and potential of deep inner healing
  4. How to understand our inner source of love. (13:26)

    • what is real love, and how to move beyond seeking love triggers
    • the limitations of being love disabled
  5. Practical tools and tips for tapping into the source of inner love. (18:05)

    • how to heal past emotional triggers
    • braking the pattern of running away from challenges/problems
  6. How to understand the villain and victim within. (23:00)

    • understanding the hunger and health states of our inner being
    • the compassion needed for states of love deprivation
  7. What are the benefits of applying the love mindset. (28:18)

    • the importance of paying attention to our emotions
    • the importance of questioning our thoughts
  8. How Vironika explains healing and the healing process. (34:17)

    • the suffering we inflict on ourselves by holding on to past habits/beliefs
    • allowing healing to happen versus making healing happen
  9. How to connect with trusting our inner knowing. (36:48)

    • the importance of paying attention to the small choices in everyday life
    • deciphering between the Ego mind and the higher Self
  10. Vironika’s wisdom and guidance for the young generation of today. (42:30)

    • the difference between self-discovery and self-creation
    • the importance of being role models for each other
  11. Vironika’s closing message for awakening to the love mindset. (47:00)