Our Universe, our Earth, nature and all its parts are always changing. Likewise, we are dynamic beings who are always changing. But how many of us actually allow ourselves to flow with change freely? How many of us allow ourselves to grow and evolve beyond past limits, beliefs or ideas?

Even though the personal development movement has taken off during the past decade inspiring many of us to change, too many of us are still resistant to any kind of change. Too many of us prefer to stick to a certain way of being or doing, even when it does not serves us, than move into a new way of life. Too many of us find our comfort zone and try to stick with it at all costs. And while there is no point in changing just for the sake of change, what we are talking about here is allowing ourselves to change for the purpose of expanding ourselves and our personal evolution.

The theme of change is a big one, especially now, as we are moving through major planetary changes. It is no longer about the 2012 fad or any Mayan calendar craze, but about respecting that our planet is going through a transformational shift. As our planet Earth, solar system and galaxy are undergoing various changes, it would be rather naive of us to think that somehow we won’t be affected. We are part of this planet and just like all other things on it—whether living or non-living—are being affected.

For the past few decades, with increasing frequency, people’s personal lives and worlds have been turning inside out. So many of us are going through so much right now, whether these be marital changes, health changes, job changes, or changes due to political, weather or economic reasons. Some of us are allowing ourselves to move with these changes, while others are getting stuck, holding on for dear life and resisting any kind of change that comes. This is why in this article, I wish to bring some awareness to these changes and help more of us release the old ways that no longer serve us, to allow for the energies of the New Earth to enter.

As Above, So Below

When I look back at just the last year and a half of my life, I am in awe of all that has taken place. So much releasing of the old, and so much receiving of the new. The first half of 2010 was full of fun, new and exciting energies. This was a time to create a new path by releasing all things that no longer served me physically and begin a new journey. The second half of 2010 hit me rather by surprise as it was full of another kind of releasing—emotional releasing—which I thought I was done with for the most part. But deep, suppressed emotions were finally ready to come to the surface, offering a deep cleansing and further sense of peace.

This new year 2011, started off on a completely different note. After a climax of release the previous December, it felt like the pieces that needed to be in place for the next step were set. The energies I felt in my life returned to a place of deep calm and being. All the while giving me opportunities to continue releasing, suppressing nothing, and expressing everything that needed to be expressed. I feel very much that these changes are all taking place to continue preparing me for what is to come—a world based on truth, freedom, transparency and authenticity. The new consciousness coming in knows what it is doing. Whether we are ready or not, humanity is moving into a completely new way of living. Those who choose to continue on will find this an exciting time, amidst any challenges that present themselves. Those who resist, are not ready or open to the new energies will find this a time of great turmoil and suffering.

This is why I feel called to reach out and share more about this topic with as many people as possible, in hopes that any of you who may be reading and resisting something in your life are inspired to look at it brand new. Look at your life and see what needs to go, see what is trying to go and be released. I know there is great pain from trying to hold on, make things as they “always were” or go against the flow. There is lots of fear involved in stepping into the new, even if the new promises to be better than the old. But ultimately there is no other way. We can move through changes gracefully or we can go kicking and screaming, the choice is always ours. The point is that life is change, nothing stays the same. Just look at nature, she is always the greatest teacher and clearly shows us how things work in this physical realm.

Change allows us to grow and evolve. This is after all why we are here—to express and experience ourselves, and continue evolving to get to know the highest sense of who we are. We are divine beings. We are light. We are love. We do not have to suffer. However it is only when we flow with the divine order of things, that life progresses smoothly, otherwise we get ourselves caught in turbulent rapids. I know some of you who are reading this are tired, very tired of the suffering, the trying, the challenges. But it truly does not have to be this way. Allow yourself to release the oars and stop going against the current. The river of life will always take you were you need to go, but we have to have the faith and trust to allow it to do so first.


In the end, no matter how smooth and easy, or challenging and hard our lives are, we can all pick on something to resist. In the average day, most of us get numerous opportunities to either flow with graceful acceptance or resist. Become conscious and ask yourself – what are you choosing? The choice you are making each day is defining the quality of your life.

And it is never about tolerating that which does not serve or represent you, but about becoming aware of what is and responding with your highest consciousness, while being led by your heart. The energies of struggle are falling away, they are leaving with the old world. However to experience the new energies of flow, you have to allow yourself the chance. For only then will you begin to see how sweet life really is and was meant to be.

The smaller your reality, the smaller your decision space. The more you grow, the greater your decision space.

Thomas Campbell