EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Gene Baur in a dialogue about aligning with our values in eating and living, that includes compassion and respect for all species.

Gene Baur is an activist, cofounder and president of Farm Sanctuary — the leading farm animal protection organization in the United States.

An overview of topics covered in the video:

  1. Gene shares about his journey of aligning with his values on compassion and respect for all species. (1:30)

  2. How to expand consciousness and connect the dots about the animals we call “pets” and take care of and the farm animals we consider as commodities.(5:25)

    • an exploration of humane farming and how this fits in with the values of respect and compassion
  3. How to approach a shift in perspective on how we view farm animals. (9:30)

    • how habitual action or convenience can block an alignment of values with actions
    • the wide selection of vegan/plant-based foods available today
    • an increased awareness about the horrors and abuse of animals within conventional and organic farming
    • the rise of vegan culinary arts
    • veganism in the mainstream
  4. How to address the belief that “animals are here to serve as our food.” (15:45)

  5. How raising animals for food affects the workers in slaughterhouses and factory farms. (18:00)

    • utilizing our choice today to have our actions be in alignment with our values
    • considering plant and animal impacts on diet, health and Earth
  6. How the modern development of the unnaturally high animal-centric diet affects us. (22:35)

    • health considerations of plant-based eating
    • steps to take to transition from animal to plant-based diets
    • the importance of challenging assumptions
    • Resource: Protein in plant foods
  7. The problems of staying vegetarian and consuming eggs and dairy. (27:45)

    • understanding dairy farming
    • understanding egg farming
  8. How the Farm Sanctuary operates in terms of its vision, mission and values. (35:12)

    • the modeling of a new relationship with animals
    • the benefits of compassionate relationships with animals
  9. Gene shares about the control we have over what we eat (38:27)

    • the positive news of reduction in animal agriculture
    • understanding how to break negative “rut” patterns
  10. How to approach the industry and economic changes that will result as a result of animal agriculture reduction and elimination. (40:55)

    • positive shifts and evolution that is taking place as we expand our consciousness
    • new opportunities for people
    • the importance of social connections, community and support
  11. Guidance and advice for males to open their heart to a compassionate way of life without animal foods, like meat. (45:47)

    • the potential physical strength derived from plant-based
  12. Given Gene’s work of seeing the best and worst of humanity, he shares how he keeps his personal hope and compassion alive. (48:00)

  13. Information on how to visit Farm Sanctuary. (49:22)

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