Edgar Cayce believed that the Akashic Records contained a history of every soul since the dawn of creation. Today, numerous scientists and visionaries talk about the “Akasha” as the universal field that connects everything, and is a record of all things. Akashic record readings have therefore gained popularity as many attempt to gain insights into their past, present and future soul journeys.

If you are not familiar with Akashic Records, in short they are the records of our souls. The past and present records of anything our souls have been through, are going through, life lessons, paths, purpose, etc. Although I was not eagerly searching for some specific answers, after learning more about them and being presented with the opportunity, I decided to get a personal reading done.

What is an Akashic Record Reading

Many of us are still unsure of what exactly an Akashic Record Reading is. To dispel some myths and false expectations, let me begin by saying that such a reading has really nothing to do with what some of us are familiar with like an “intuitive” or “psychic” reading.

This is a reading that looks at the deeper aspects of you, not the surface aspects. It is not about what job should you take, or will you meet the right partner, etc. It is about getting in tune with you. On a soul level, who are you? What is the purpose of this lifetime, or a particular life lesson you are wanting or needing to learn now? What past influences are standing in your way today? These and many other concepts are explored.

Your Akashic Record is just that—yours. Therefore the foundation of it should be consistent no matter which Akashic Record Reader you go to. However, because the reader is interpreting the information they “see” or “receive” slight to major differences can be experienced. Equally, different readers may focus on different aspects of your soul, rendering what will turn out to be completely different readings. The readers expertise, and personal spiritual evolution will also play a role in how precise or accurate the information is.

From a present perspective, you may also view the Akashic Record Reading like a spiritual check-up. We take care of our physical bodies, and go for physical check-ups, but how about the spiritual aspect of ourselves? Well that is where such a reading can play a role.

Now may of us may think: “why do I need someone else to tell me about me?” And that is a very valid question. The more we become in tune with ourselves, the more we can find our own answers about anything and everything, for truly all that we seek is always within. However most of us live life detached from our higher selves. We may know what our favorite food or color may be, but most of us are not aware of who we really are or the purpose of this lifetime for us. So just like we may need a doctor to clue us into what is happening within us physically, an Akashic Record Reader can point us to the answers of what is happening within us spiritually.

Also, we cannot misunderstand something very important here. It is not that the Akashic Record reader is telling you exactly who you are, and what you are meant to do. They are simply opening up the channels and allowing you to get in touch with your higher self, and letting the information come through them. In reality all of us can connect to our higher selves and even read or access our own Akashic Records. But also by the same token, most of us cannot even sit still and mediate for 5 minutes, never mind still our minds enough to connect to our higher selves. That is why it can be helpful to have a facilitator, or as I like to say a channel who can help us out with this.

The Akashic Record Reading Format

The reading with an Akashic Record Reader will typically last about 1 hour. The reading is normally prepared ahead of time, based on the information you share with your facilitator. What they do before they speak with you may take several hours. Some however do live readings right on the spot, so again this can vary.

The reading may cover the history of your soul, as well as the destination of your soul. This doesn’t mean exactly where it is going, but more so where it originated from. Now again here we have to understand that we all originated from the one Source, or God, but this is referring to the origin of our soul family so to speak.

The reading normally will also cover a deeper understanding of your personal life. Mainly why are things where they are, what are our soul gifts, what areas would suit us best to focus on, etc. This may be followed also by information about our soul specialization. You will also normally get an understanding into what life lessons you have come into this lifetime for. This is an area that allows us to understand what life lessons we have worked on and accomplished, are working on or should work on.

Some readers will also include information about the guidance that is with us, such as our spirit guides, and who they may be. The readings also normally cover information about our past lives, addressing any issues lingering on in this lifetime that may be preventing our further evolution and/or any clearing that may be required from these past lives.

Now having given you the above format, please note that this is a general outline of what to expect. As each of us are highly unique, readings will vary from person to person, as will the styles of the readers. In the end, we may be sent off with some “homework” to do, if there is a need for a clearing of some kind, or there may be nothing more needed to be done. Some readers will also offer written or digital copies of your reading for you.

An Experience with the Akashic Record Reading

From a personal point of view, I have to tell you it was really fun to get such a reading done, as it can heighten the process of self-discovery. I found the reading to be fascinating and something I enjoyed reflecting on during times of contemplation that followed. It can be quite overwhelming at first to have so much different information shared with us, so I recommend a written record if you can get one.

During the reading, there is so much information to process, and one may be quick to jump to conclusions out of sheer reaction. Some things will surprise you, even shock you and some you will find completely expected, as you already tapped into that area of yourself. The biggest recommendation I have, is that during the reading do not dismiss anything. Walk in open-minded and stay open-minded. Even if there is something that may not resonate with you initially or seem really “out there”, just stay open minded. This is important for two reasons.

First, when someone tells us something we are not expecting, especially about ourselves, our initial reaction is to dismiss it or disbelieve it. This usually has something to do with our Egos, or it may be that the person is just totally off on the information they presented us with.

Secondly, you may hear something that you cannot possibly fathom at that moment in your life, but actually have to grow into, or evolve into at another point in your life. Hence, stay open-minded. Realize that you may not understand it today or it may not resonate with you today, but may very much in the future.

Having said this, we should always remember that the readings are from another person’s point of view and filter. So some information will feel right, and some just won’t. It is just important not to see your facilitator as the one who has the answers for you, or has your truth—or the Absolute Truth. Various reading errors are common, and so we should not glorify the information we get or feel like it is written in stone. Always consult your personal intuition, and if something does not feel right, don’t try to make it fit. If there is something that is just too off for you at the moment, leave it aside. It doesn’t mean it isn’t true, but there is also no point of trying to make it fit at the moment. One day it may make sense, or it may not.

The most meaningful information I received from my reading was being told that from here on, my purpose is simply to be me, the authentic me, and express my soul gifts, which are based on being of service to others. It was a positive validation for me, as I have felt that this lifetime for me is not about clearing anything from the past, or about generating new Karma or drama. If there is one thing I learned in some previous lifetime, is that life need not be about struggles and problems. Sure those help us learn life lessons, especially the really hard lessons, but there comes a point where we don’t need them to evolve anymore.

This is why I feel so at peace today, and feel that I can dedicate my efforts to helping others awaken, evolve or just understand this so called life and reality a little better. And it is not that I have nothing left to learn. We are always, ALWAYS learning and evolving, but it is about how we choose go about it. We can take the hard way, or we can get to a point where we take an easier path. Neither is better or worse, but one definitely appears more painful.

Bottom line, having the Akashic Record Reading was a valuable experience for my further personal growth. No matter how connected we may be with ourselves, it is still really fascinating to find out these things about ourselves, or simply get another person’s perspective of the energies prominent around us. It can be a great source of empowerment, enlightenment or used to close old doors and open up new ones in our lives.