EBTV presents host Evita Ochel and returning guest Jenny Mannion in a dialogue about positive and effective life change and personal transformation to stop sabotaging our health, happiness, and wellbeing. Learn about Jenny’s New Book: A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life

Video chapters of topics covered in the video:

  1. Jenny shares about her personal journey of healing several debilitating illnesses and helping other people heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. (1:51)

  2. Jenny explains the consequences of buried emotions. (13:30)

    “If we have buried emotions or events that we have not dealt with or if we have fallen into patterns of behaviors that do not suit us, our emotional and physical health will suffer.” ~ Jenny Mannion

  3. How to understand and apply forgiveness, what she considers the number one reason people cannot move on with the positive change. (16:50)

  4. How to overcome the victim-mindset. (20:00)

  5. Jenny explains the consequences of the quality of all that we have or invite into our lives. (21:52)

    “We are energetic beings and what we choose to surround ourselves with affects us tremendously.”

  6. Modes of self-sabotage. (25:53)

  7. How our roles or the labels we define ourselves by in this lifetime sabotage our health and happiness. (29:40)

  8. Why is positive thinking alone is not enough to bring about effective change. (33:35)

  9. The role of the Chakras in personal healing and life transformation. (36:25)

  10. Jenny explains how the more we align with love, the more we can create and experience life here as Heaven on Earth. (41:50)

  11. How to work with or overcome setbacks on our journey. (45:45)

  12. Jenny explains how we get what we put out. (48:52)

    “The Universe has no choice but to respond with the kindness you show yourself.”

  13. Closing about Jenny’s book and contact info. (50:52)

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