While the majority of the population still thinks that life on Earth is business as usual, fortunately, or unfortunately, it isn’t. No matter what your background is from a spiritual, religious, scientific or philosophical point of view, it is hard to deny that there isn’t something “bigger” happening on our planet right now. Whether you understand the significance of the shift of Ages, or yourself as an energy being isn’t as relevant, as what you feel. For most people, the only truth is what is experienced personally.

So what is this truth that people are experiencing? Various degrees of change. Of course, things are always changing, but this isn’t a change of the usual type. The changes taking place right now are deep, inner transformational changes on a mass scale. What is my truth amidst this, is that there is a major consciousness awakening taking place on a large scale affecting all those who are willing and ready. This is taking place in all sorts of forms on our planet as we speak. Change, however, does not normally come easy to us.

As we speak, so many people are suffering on Earth. If you are not living or experiencing the relevance of these times, you may be thinking that just as there is always change, there has and always will be suffering. Well, I beg to differ for many reasons, but let’s get back to the point. Some people are suffering because major things are happening in their lives, outside of their control that they do not like and they do not understand the greater purpose for them or the gifts of healing and transformation that they bring. Some people are suffering due to self-created pain, mainly due to unconscious thought, word, and/or action. While others yet are suffering, but suffering humbly and silently for they know what this is all about, but it still does not make it easy or remove the physical human aspect from the situations.

Transcending Pain, Embracing the Power Within

Amidst personal energy shifts, that have been increasing in their changing frequencies and duration patterns, I have been aware of subtle changes in others as well. Interesting and abrupt changes in energies appear to be taking place on a regular basis. How this relates to us may be obvious, as it will be reflected in unstable shifts within our own lives. I felt it in mine and I am not surprised that many people are being caught off guard with major changes in their lives, especially in areas that they may have perceived to be calm and stable. It can happen within their career, family dynamics, health, political situations, etc.

Whether we know the bigger reasons for the personal, collective, planetary and galactic changes or not, it still fails to remove the pain that is commonly present with these changes. There is a saying in the Buddhist tradition that pain is inevitable, however suffering is a choice. I strongly resonate with this idea as truth, as our mind is not only capable, but powerful enough to give anything the meaning we choose and to transcend any external circumstance. Experientially however, this is not an easy idea for people to apply. All too often, we can get caught up in fear, whether it be internally or externally generated, and get stuck in the density of this physical world unable to connect to our eternal spiritual self. When we lose this connection we often see ourselves as victims, feel wronged, hurt, angry and journey into a negative spiral.

So what can we do? My number one advice to people right now is to do as much inner work as possible, whether that be through reading enlightening material, listening to enlightened teachers, meditating, reflecting, questioning, spending time in nature, going on retreats, etc. At the same time, spend as little time and give as little of your energy as possible to anything that takes away from your inner peace, feeling of joy or is negative in nature. This can include the people we surround ourselves with, the television programming we watch, the habits we engage in, etc.

We can also all help ourselves and each other on a bigger scale by coming together as one. Whether you believe it or not, know it experientially yet or not, the power of our mind is beyond most people’s greatest imagination. You can literally move mountains, you just have to train the mind to do so. Now is not the time to limit ourselves by what we can or cannot do. Now is the time to start to own the unlimited potential within us. Secondly, balancing positive, co-creative thoughts with a heart-centered approach unifies the wholeness of your being. There lay our solutions. Using our minds we can direct intentions and healing energies to help ourselves and people worldwide. Using our hearts we can increase the coherence between ourselves and our planet, aligning with the energy of love that we are. When we use these two parts of ourselves to the highest of our abilities we begin to transform ourselves and thereby the world.

A Call To Action

And so today I ask you for something a little different. As much as I am grateful for you taking the time out to read this, I wish to invite you to not end this flow of energy here. When you finish reading this (or perhaps at some point today, if now is inconvenient) take 5 minutes to close your eyes and direct your attention to your heart. In these 5 consciously present minutes may you focus your heart-centered thoughts on being love, joy and peace.

Do not think of what is wrong with the world, yourself or someone you know right now—it is not our job to be the judge or jury for we often do not understand the bigger reasons for all that needs to happen. Also, do not give your creative power away by directing your attention to thoughts of external people or deities that you feel may be the only ones able to solve anything you see as a problem. Instead bring the creative force to yourself, radiating this energy, and hold the person, people, animal(s), parts of nature, geographical location, or other in your thoughts in the midst of loving and healing energies. Be sure to focus on sending nothing but love, peace, and healing.

This act alone can help our planet right now so much. In return, I guarantee you will feel great within upon doing it, as in and of itself it has healing potential. If you should feel so called to do, may you incorporate this as a daily or regular practice from now on, doing it perhaps several times a day or even for slightly longer periods of time than just 5 minutes? Many people often ask, how do I meditate, what should I do? This is one of the most valuable things you can do both for yourself and others at this time as a form of meditation.

Ultimately know that everything is impermanent and as cliché, as it may sound, this too shall pass. Whatever you may be experiencing in your own life, know also that you are never alone. Whether physically or in spirit there is always someone who you can turn to for guidance or support. Simply open your heart and let your soul lead the way. Do not at this time get stuck in Egoic stories, false identities, expectations, or obligations of how things or people should be. Take steps each day to release your fears and open your heart to allow the healing energies of love and peace sent forth from others to reach you at this time as well.