Our planet is in the midst of various shifts and changes. This is bringing about turmoil in many areas. Some of the changes are geological, some political, some climate related, and others yet brought about by the numerous systems on our planet that are collapsing as we speak. Regardless of how they are generated, as with all sources of stress, it is never about what happens, but how we handle it that matters most.

Some of the most glorified events in the news have been related to the Earth’s climate and geological changes. It appears we feel most victimized when transformative events are nature generated. In our age and era of trying to control everything and everyone, nature is one aspect that we just cannot seem to be able to control (and for good reasons). And so we continue to see numerous events on our planet bring about powerful changes, that are often labelled as “destructive” or “catastrophic”. For example, on January 12, 2010 a very powerful earthquake struck in the Port-Au-Prince area in Haiti, followed by numerous strong aftershocks. On March 11, 2011 a powerful earthquake, along with a Tsunami struck the Tohoku coast of Japan. These are just two of the most powerful examples from the second decade of the 21st century, and both resulted in numerous deaths, injuries and left millions of people homeless.

While such situations are far from desirable, the one thing that we can always notice happen amidst them is the amount of generated drama and negativity on top of them. Aside from the graphic images being played over and over on popular media, words such as disaster and catastrophe keep being drilled into all of our minds. Many people accept that this is the “normal” way to act under circumstances like this. They consider it normal to gather around the office coffee machine and dwell over the poor people of the affected regions, not realizing that on a Global scale of consciousness, they are doing more harm than good.

Many people in our society consider it normal not only to negatively label such events, but fuel them with negative emotions and thoughts in as many ways as they can (unconsciously of course). This is what many of us consider normal care and compassion.

However, the time has come when many of us are ready and able to see things in a new way. Many of us are stopping vicious cycles and old patterns of habit to adopt new, conscious ways of being. To inspire you further into conscious action, below are 4 ways to really help when difficult situations arise. No matter how big or small the situation is, there is a new consciousness shining through today in how we see and respond to so called difficult situations.

1. Avoid Labeling the Situation

Whether it is an extreme weather event or a relationship break-up, avoid labeling the situation period, but especially with negative words. Using words like crisis, tragedy, catastrophe or disaster isn’t helping anyone.

Words like these carry ample amounts of negatively charged energy, and they do not help you or anyone else for that matter effectively deal with or rise above the situation.

So what should you do? Part of being human is feeling emotion, and in no way would I want to disregard that very precious aspect of ourselves. However, what I have learned based on the many masters that have walked the Earth is that any and every situation just “is”. Just as we can label it as bad for reason a, b and c, someone else can label it as good for reasons x, y and z. It all depends on the viewpoint or perspective through which we choose to see it.

Hence labeling something, especially with negatively charged emotion, delays all parties involved from moving through a situation, especially in any kind of empowering way. I know as a society it is all too easy to get caught up in what the masses are doing and saying, but drilling into a person that their situation is bad or lamenting with them about just how bad it is, is actually not a way to effectively help at all. If you truly feel for the person or parties involved, this is a time to show unconditional compassion and help them feel empowered in as many ways as you can.

2. See and Trust In the Perfection That Is

It is suggested that over 90% of people in the world believe in a “God”. Out of that number, on a daily basis a large proportion of these people, especially if they are religious preach about being thankful for the wonderful things that God has given us. However, when some sort of a so called negative situation arises, many of these same people are very quick to judge and equally blame that same God.

For those of you who have attained a level of understanding of the deep connection and oneness between you and God – Source – Origin – Creator or however you identify this entity, you most likely understand the profound ways that each and every single one of us is tied to all of the things that manifest in our lives. We are one with the creator, we are one with each other, we are one with all that is.

I think it is safe to say that most people who believe in “God” would agree that God is perfect. Hence if God is perfect, everything that is created by God can be seen as perfect. As human beings currently here in physical form it is all too easy for us to get caught up in judging things as “bad” or “good” – however in reality all things are perfect.

It is easy to see the perfection of all that is in easy moments, but it is exactly in those not so easy moments that we are called to rise up to our highest version of who we are and see the perfection of all that is.

Not a leaf falls to the ground, not a bone is broken, not a child is born, not a storm strikes that was not perfectly accounted for through the power of creation.

Therefore trust and have faith – that even though you may not be able to see it at this time, there is a perfect reason for every single event that occurs whether in the physical or spiritual realm. Every event, every person, every creation is part of a perfectly orchestrated divine plan that has nothing but our best interest at its core.

And know and trust this too – that if you are touched by whatever “ difficult” situation, whether directly or indirectly, it is because on a deeper level, for a bigger purpose you knew this was in your best interest and you willingly chose to be a part of it for your soul’s evolution.

3. Set Positive Intentions

With regards to setting positive intentions, I am not talking here about some wishful thinking. In the last decade especially, we have discovered that the power of our thoughts is immense. Our minds are capable of great things, and with them come our thoughts – energy patterns that today we know are capable of creating our realities.

Therefore no matter what the situation may be, if you do nothing else, set aside some time to really focus on and send whoever may need it some positive, loving, and empowering intentions. You can even offer healing, whether it be physical, spiritual, or emotional through your thoughts to a person or group who you feel can use it. I would call it prayer, but all too often in the past, prayer has been a hopeless plea to God, the Saints or angels, etc.

Today, each and every moment, more and more of us recognize that we are co-creators in this world. Many of us have already come to acknowledge our gifts of healing – whether it be remote healing or in person. Many of us realize that through our thoughts, we can change the outcomes – we can change the world.

Therefore, if there is someone, or some group that you know can use your help, give them just a few minutes of your day. Focus in your love, compassion and strength on them. Shower them with the gifts of healing energy. And don’t doubt yourself in whether your intentions are having an impact or making any difference. You don’t have to be a labeled healer or religious figure to help. All of us are equally special and able to help, you just have to believe in yourself and know that not one thought of love goes unnoticed in the Universe.

4. Get Active

No matter what the situation, whether you are ready to look more in depth at this world, our lives, our existence and all of the events in them, you can do one thing that is always of great help in any difficult situation – get active.

Instead of sitting by dwelling on things, re-hashing things, lamenting over what was, go out there and offer your help in some way. Perhaps you can help financially if the situation warrants it, perhaps you can’t. But the one thing that most of us can do if we really want to help, is offer our time, talents, services or efforts.

If an extreme weather event hits or a war breaks out, perhaps you cannot or choose not to go to the actual site, this however does not prevent you from helping out locally. There are numerous agencies that need help organizing aid. There are numerous tasks to be carried out remotely to help someone, somewhere else in the world.

Whether you volunteer to take calls, organize a fundraiser, take care of your friend’s kids during a difficult time, or write a letter to the editor. There are so many ways to help – all of us can do it, if we of course choose to, that is. Instead of sitting back and feeling dis-empowered yourself. Instead of sitting back and sending out negative energy through worry, fear and blame, go out there and do something positive.

Be a proactive helper, instead of helpless bystander. No act is too small. No act is too insignificant. Even if you cannot help directly, helping indirectly another cause or situation still adds to raising the collective global consciousness. And most importantly remember, you don’t have to wait for any major difficult situation to strike in order to act. There are people in your community who can benefit from your help today. Some of them may be your family, friends and neighbors.

Through your awareness of your expanding consciousness, allow yourself to see and feel deeper, and truly extend your support consciously where help is needed.