EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with special guest Tobias Lars. The interview dialogue focuses on the present changes, and what they mean for us as human beings on planet Earth as we continue through the transitions of 2012 and beyond.

Tobias Lars has over 25 years of experience in spiritual study that includes Shamanism and metaphysics. He is the author of several books, including  (we’re not) Listening to The Sun. He provides soul counselling sessions as well as adventurous spiritual journeys to various parts of the world.

Topics discussed include:

  • what is happening in general at this time of changes on planet Earth and within us

  • how the emotion-feeling human condition needs to be fully embraced

  • the importance of becoming aware of your inner world

  • the importance of healing ourselves and facing our shadow self

  • the choosing of different timelines on planet Earth

  • how different people are living and preparing

  • moving into a heart-based, rather than survival based preparation

  • how to decipher true masters during these times, from unreliable/unhelpful information

  • how to approach the topic of Ascension from a practical aspect

  • the idea of descending before ascending

  • what an avatar means

  • the unrest and imbalance impacts of the masculine and feminine energies

  • how to deal with tense or difficult relationships, especially with life partners

  • what we can each do to embrace more fully our role during the shift within relationships

  • tips for more conscious interactions with partners

  • how to embrace being a more holistic human

  • the importance of listening to our soul calling as to our life steps

  • info about Tobias’ upcoming project “The Full Spectrum Human”

  • general tips and guidelines to proceed on through the changes from a heart space