On Saturday October 24, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts – three exemplary beings got together to spread a message of hope, love and guidance. The event that they got together for was called “Choice Point 2012“. The three beings are all world renowned authors, researchers and scientists in many respects. They are Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Alberto Villoldo.

Many people are still very much in the dark when it comes to the present day Earth changes and what this means for our human family. However, what we all must realize, is that today it is not about whether a change will happen, for it has been, and is already happening all around us.

The one day conference was so enlightening, so uplifting and so packed with information, that I wish I could share everything that was said with you in detail, but of course that would make almost a mini-book. Thus, I will try to summarize it as best as possible, but I also don’t want to cut out too much valuable information. Hence, I was left with a choice of giving you 1 really, really long article or three shorter articles. I decided to therefore break this summary up into three parts, for each of the three speakers. Today will be Gregg Braden and over the next two days, I will cover the remaining two speakers.

I hope in the end, it will be very worthwhile for you to have read and shared in each of their theories, teachings and guidance that they pass on for this event, as to how we should prepare during this time.

Gregg Braden

The day began with a very warm and beautiful introduction given by Gregg Braden to the day’s events, as well as an introduction of the other two guests – Bruce Lipton and Alberto Villoldo.

All three gentleman are outstanding speakers and have amazing charisma. What I love most is the energy that flows forth from them is truly honest, beautiful and love oriented. There is no other motive, except to share their knowledge. Within the first 10 minutes I have to tell you, a feeling swept over me that told me that this day and this moment, there was no other place for me to be on the planet, but here – right where I was.

Gregg was the first speaker of the day and began by thanking everyone in the audience for all we have done up to this point in our own lives, which translates to global action. He acknowledged that there is a lot of pain and suffering on the planet today, as many people are going through their own choice points and stated that this time in history is nothing short of a pivotal moment – a landmark in the history of the planet.

He acknowledged that many of us are feeling turbulent times, whether financially, emotionally, physically or other – as the planet itself, which we are connected to, through our spirit and energy, is undergoing tremendous changes. It is thus also not a coincidence, that there is as much awakening happening as there is, on the planet today.

As I stated in the introduction, it is no myth, or hoax, Gregg explained that there is a change on the planet. It has now fully been scientifically proven that the change upon us happens once on a smaller scale every 5,125 years, and on a massive scale once every 26, 000 years. We are facing both those changes today. Thus, this is no ordinary moment in the history of the Earth and of humanity.

He reminded us that many of our ancestors lived through these great cycle changes in the past. However, many civilizations were also wiped out during these cataclysmic Earth changes. One thing is certain he stated, never in the history of time have we had the largest number of challenges on the planet, experienced by the largest number of people. Therefore, so much of how things go and unfold depends on us and how we prepare, act and react.

He explained that unfortunately many people today will be learning about 2012 for the first time through the media, especially with the release of the movie “2012″ on November 13, 2009. The images depicted in this movie are negative, drama filled and fear driven.

As the changes that will continue to be experienced on this Earth will be largely influenced by us, he stated many times, as did the other speakers, that what happens and how light or turbulent the changes will be, ultimately depends on us. Thus, everything counts in how we live our lives right now, including the images that we choose to surround ourselves with. If we build our expectations from negative images, then that is very much what we are creating for ourselves.

Gregg than focused on the idea of the actual changes, in terms of what we can expect and where we are going as humanity. There are three key facts that he shared with us that influence all the changes and which govern what we can expect:

Fact #1: There is a field of energy that encompasses the all (Fully explained in his book The Divine Matrix)

Fact #2: We can communicate with this field (Fully explained in his book The Spontaneous Healing of Belief)

Fact #3: Time occurs in certain cyclical patterns (Fully explained in his book Fractal Time)

The first important change is that any systems that were constructed during this past period of the 5,000 year cycle, which are no longer serving us today for the greater good, will buckle. Hence, what is happening with the economy over the past few years should come as no surprise. That entire system is mostly based on greed and does not benefit the greater good. Thus, something new needs to come and replace it. Every crisis Gregg explained, is an opportunity to do something.

Next Gregg went on to explain that the global extremes that we see today, are triggers for human extremes, which are leading to personal extremes. Some of these include:

  • climate crisis
  • over 30 new diseases discovered in the last few decades
  • food shortage
  • world conflicts (over ideas, not borders)
  • nuclear threats

To understand why all these things are happening right now, requires one to understand the cycles of time. Gregg then shared with us all, the two main discoveries that govern these changes:

Discovery #1: At the center of the Milky Way, there is a powerful source of energy that affects all life on Earth. This emits a very powerful magnetic field. (Discovery was fully explain in the Journal of Nature)

Discovery #2: Our location to this center determines the influence it has over the planet.

(*Quick science lesson: remember the Earth’s orbit is elliptical. Therefore sometimes we are further and sometimes closer to this core – check out the following picture of the Solar System’s orbit within the Milky Way Galaxy)


(image credit: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss)

This location affects all life on Earth differently, and of course this location changes on a regular basis, that covers vast cycles of time. Ancient civilizations knew this, we are just learning about it. Since they knew this, they left many clues in terms of preparation, as they knew these types of changes would come back – they always did.

Ultimately, and here is the good news – there is no scientific evidence that the changes to come will be as catastrophic as depicted in the 2012 movie about to come out. The catastrophes will be how we respond to the various changes on the Earth. Just think about it, it doesn’t have to take much for people to go out of control and loot in the streets. Due to these types of reactions, many ancient civilizations went extinct at such times, as they let fear take over and they did not know how to react – they did not understand the cycles. Most of it thus, was fighting one another for resources. Today we can make new choices and not follow their mistakes. This is in no way the end of the world, but a change upon the Earth from one age into another.

Gregg then went on to explain what causes these cycles, in terms of the Earth’s wobble and position. As he gave a more detailed explanation of this at the I CAN DO IT! conference in Toronto 2009, which I already summarized, please see there for those details.

Bottom line, every 26,000 years our Earth aligns with the galactic equator. This change takes place over time naturally, as we are dealing with huge celestial bodies. Thus, the zone of alignment is taking place from 1980 – 2016. Hence it is no surprise that there have been so many changes on the Earth in the past 3 decades. Like wise, the date December 21, 2012 is not a magical day in itself – at least not the way some expect it. That only marks the start of a new era of the Earth, but it will still take some time for the dust to settle from these changes.

Gregg then went on to share some of the amazing photos and stories from the ancient civilizations he has visited on this planet and what he has learned from all of them. No matter where he went, the great secret of the past seems to be this:

An inner experience to prepare us for outer changes.

This means, that it is all about a “way of being“. It is thus not so much, as people ask – “ what should we then do?” – but it is more about “what should we now be?

This is where Gregg spent a lot of time explaining the idea of coherence. He spent only a little bit of time on this at the Toronto 2009 I CAN DO IT!

Coherence is a frequency that we can each vibrate at. It is the language between the heart and the brain. Scientists have actually measured that a positive coherence – one that is rooted in gratitude, appreciation and care is 0.10 Hz.

Thus, this brings up the point that while positive thoughts are nice, ultimately it is not about thoughts, but about feelings. The new age is moving to a less mind centered and more heart centered way of living, where cooperation, healing and peace are the norms.

Spirituality is the science being played out.

Gregg Braden

Thus to know what to expect, Gregg kept referring to going back into the past and learning from the past cycles of time – fractal time. Cycles repeat over and over, but there is a way to break them – and this is called the CHOICE POINT.

As one cycle ends and just before another one begins, there is a time called the choice point. This is where we can review old patterns, thoughts, ways and paradigms and change them. This ultimately changes the cycles and starts a new set of cycles. If we don’t like the way things went in the past, this is the best time to change them.

Gregg then went on to explain the Time Code Calculator that has been put together based on mathematical, energy and time patterns. You can find it on Gregg Braden’s site. The whole point of this, is that we can go back to a past event and calculate when the conditions will be “ripe” again for similar events to take place. (You can even do this for your own personal life events.)

Gregg gave us 3 examples. Needless to say we were all stunned:

Great Depression of 1929 – next such event = 2010

First Surprise Attack on US in 1941 – next such event = 2010

Start of World War of 1914 – next such event = 2011

Now before you panic in any way, Gregg explained that this does not mean that these events WILL happen, all it means is that the conditions for such events to occur again are ripe (i.e. of the same frequency) around this time. These are all choice points for us, and how we react over the next few years will have huge outcome on what state our lives and this planet will be in.

Will we choose cooperation or competition?

Gregg Braden

For example, take the economy. We are at a choice point right now of whether we are going to continue to defend and patch up a failing system or invest and create a new one. The same goes for your health, how and what you eat, the relationships you choose to have, the causes and beliefs you uphold, etc.

Gregg then also touched upon the Global Coherence Initiative – a project that was started to raise the coherence, and thus the good energy on the planet. In coherence we have a better immune system, more peace, anti-aging properties and are better beings in general. For those of you who read my previous articles, this can be compared to Tom Campbell’s idea of entropy.

The closing words, advice and guidance that Gregg left us with was to practice coherence at all levels in your life. Don’t just go to these seminars, walk out and get frustrated that you can’t find a taxi. Don’t just read books, sites and listen to self-help gurus, only to turn around and continue with destructive thoughts or habits. Practice coherence at all levels of your life – every moment brings you many opportunities. 2012 can bring us together as the family we are.

We Are Now learning the language that “speaks” to our bodies and the Earth – the heart based language, known as coherence.

Gregg Braden

I invite you to follow up this essay with Bruce’s and Alberto’s presentations from the Choice Point 2012 event. You can find my outline of each talk and the information presented here:

If you would like to learn more about Gregg and his work, you can check out GreggBraden.com – as well – here are the links to his 3 best selling books, which explain his work fully.

Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age (Hardcover) by Gregg Braden

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits (Paperback) by Gregg Braden

The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief (Paperback) by Gregg Braden