We are living in exciting times of change. These times are often challenging and confusing as lots of different information circulates around about what is taking place on our planet, and what may take place. This is where I value sharing quality resources that combine the efforts of many teachers to offer a rich variety of perspectives for us to form our own truth. A great set of film resources come from Sacred Mysteries productions who put out *2012 the Odyssey’ and ‘Timewave 2013’.

There just seems to be such an amazing collection of these thought-provoking and enlightening films that have either just come out in the past few years or are coming out as we speak. Mind you do not look to your nearest movie theatre for details. As most of us know that these types of movies are not what sells. There is no violence, drama or heartache in these films – only wisdom, love and pure empowerment. Unfortunately, this is not yet what the majority of us seem to want to attract.

I am just astonished at the amount and quality of movies that are especially dedicated to the current awakening that is taking place on our planet. Thus, in today’s topic I bring up the year 2012, which is what most of us know is in various ways behind the current awakening and changes on our planet.

In this essay I will share with you my review and thoughts on the film 2012 The Odyssey and introduce its sequel Timewave 2013.

2012 The Odyssey

2012 The Odyssey is a documentary that was released back in 2006.

The movie features well-respected scientists, philosophers and writers like: Gregg Braden, Jay Weidner, Jose Arguelles and Geoff Stray just to name a few. For a full list of speakers presented in the movie click here.

It is produced, written by and features Sharron Rose, who went on a quest to understand and discover what this “2012” and all of its prophesies were really all about.

She thus decided to take a road trip through the United States to various significant sites and meet with a variety of scholars and elders to help her understand and unravel the mysteries of 2012.

The format of the movie reminded me somewhat of The Secret. Now if you liked The Secret that is great, if you didn’t do not let that scare you off. The plot revolves around a woman taking a journey and during various points the scholars explain and express some of the viewpoints, theories and prophecies that surround 2012. Unlike The Secret however, the movie is not filled with as much special effects in terms of visuals and will not leave you in an over-the-top excited state. Instead it will leave you in a peaceful and euphoric state of wisdom.

The movie is a fountain of knowledge! I think its best feature is that it provides so much information and synchronistic proof for what is and will be happening.

I would highly recommend this movie for anyone who has vaguely heard the theories behind 2012 and wants to have a better understanding and a more realistic view of the events associated with 2012 – not a Hollywood or Armageddon type of version.

I would also highly recommend this movie to anyone who is already familiar with the prophecies of 2012, as it elegantly puts all the information into an extremely well described and informative packet.

So although these movies do not make it to most movie theaters, I would imagine that some of the bigger video rental stores would have this DVD for rent. If you prefer, you can also purchase a personal copy, from Amazon (link given at the bottom of this post).

Watch the trailer below

So What is 2012 in a Nutshell?

Well as the movie will tell you it is not some “end of the world” cataclysmic event. Although it can be if that is what you want it to be. Instead it is a time of universal change, both physical and spiritual that is not reserved for simply one day, but is taking place as we speak.

Naturally there are some interesting stories floating around the Internet surrounding this topic based on fear, UFOs, judgment day and who knows what else.

If you are in tune with your inner being and some basic world events, you know that there are massive changes taking place on the Earth as we speak, from Global Warming, weather disasters, food and water shortages to sustainability views, drastic political changes and a massive information and population explosion. But what is perhaps the most important change is the awakening of the human mind and the increased personal and collective human consciousness.

According to the Mayans who were astounding mathematicians and astrologers a great change will take place on the Earth as of December 21, 2012. How great? Well so great in fact that all of their hundreds of years old calendars stop on that day.

You can thus imagine how many people may view this as the end of the world. It is perhaps shaping to be the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it. That is why many who are scholars on this topic do not view this as an end, but rather a beginning – a beginning that will lead to a new Earth, a new and more evolved consciousness and a new world order.

From a scientific perspective, the Earth experiences a magnetic pole shift every 26,000 years. Guess when the next one is set to occur…December 21, 2012. So what are the ramifications of that? The truth is I do not think anyone knows for sure. We only know that there are changes, they are accelerating and there will be more changes and that it will have a profound effect on us, like no other.

So whether you want to approach this subject from a spiritual perspective or a scientific perspective, for once it appears both arenas of knowledge are on the same page and whatever avenue you take the conclusion appears to be the same.

My advice, especially if you are new to all of this, is first and foremost do not panic. Instead get excited that you are going to be a witness to what is probably the most dramatic event in human history. Next, do some research. Perhaps start by watching this movie and exploring more of the speakers who are featured in it and their books. Basically get inquisitive and proactive not paralyzed out of fear and despair.

Personally, no matter what happens, I am and will continue using this period as a time of learning, growth and preparation. What kind of preparation? Basically, living and being the world that I want to see.

Timewave 2013

So what happens on the morning of December 22, 2012? How will we celebrate the new year 2013? Will there be a 2013 and beyond?

Well personally I like to think so. Not because I am some hopeless optimist or because I speak out of fear, but simply because I know the power of our thoughts. You truly get what you create, which of course stems from your thoughts.

Hence, the discussion of 2012 did not end in the movie 2012 The Odyssey, instead it continues on, in its sequel Timewave 2013. This film came out in the fall of 2008.

In this sequel Sharron Rose continues her journey and continues to speak with many of the world’s experts of this topic. There are some new speakers in this film as well as some of the original speakers from the first film.

They discuss topics such as the shift of the ages, the galactic alignment, global warming, the pervasive role of the media in our lives, the secret place of refuge, the mystic work of Benjamin Franklin, renewal of the American spirit and the transformation of humanity.

I am sure that this movie will be just as informative and reflective as the first one, and here is the trailer for Timewave 2013 for a sneak peak.

You can purchase the films from Sacred Mysteries directly, or from Amazon.com below: