If we look consciously at how we spend our time and money, most of us always seem to be claiming that there is not enough of either. However, assuming that time and money are limited, this would hopefully inspire you, even more, to use both wisely. Instead of supporting the latest Hollywood horror for example, which usually has a direct negative impact on your energy levels and vibrational frequency, not to mention our society, why not watch something that adds to your growth and well-being instead?

These days I am not one for television or Hollywood movies for that matter unless they involve love and laughter. My personal media preferences shifted in the past few years towards documentaries—and not just any documentaries, but enlightening or educational documentaries. I have always been fascinated to learn about the many aspects of life, including our physical and spiritual world, but never as much as in the past few years when I began my spiritual awakening. My top two ways of doing this currently are through reading books and watching movies. Books that are non-fiction and movies that are documentaries.

Thanks to our age of digital information and technology, we have an abundance of resources to help us examine our beliefs, ones that motivate us to release what no longer serves us, and utilize new paradigms for our highest good. One of these resources is a documentary film called The Wheel of Life. This film helps us question and examine our beliefs, and bring core areas of our life into balance on our journey of personal growth.

The Wheel of Life begins with the simple question which asks:

“What if everything you believe about life is wrong?”

And it is with this depth and curiosity that it takes the viewer on an amazing journey of self-discovery, made up of 8 critical areas which make up each of our lives that I will explain below.

In this essay I share with you my impression of this film, and how it can be a good resource on your journey of personal growth. If you are interested in pursuing self growth on any level and are not afraid to ask the deeper questions in life, then you will be delighted to experience a great documentary.

Overview of the Wheel of Life Movie

The movie “Wheel of Life” was produced by Robert Anthony and is another amazing production from Australia. The reason I stress that is because for the past 2 years or so, the most inspirational and ground breaking material has been coming out of Australia, including “A Delicate Balance” and “The Secret.”

The movie features 18 fascinating teachers, all who have a wealth of knowledge to contribute to each of the areas addressed. Some of the featured teachers are: Rik Schnabel, Rob Gell, Sandra and Daniel Biskind, Louise Langley and many more. Here is a complete list of teachers featured.

The movie is based on the idea of the 8 sections of the “wheel of life” and consequently the material it presents is organized based on this.

The 8 sections of the “wheel of life” are:

  1. Health and Well-being
  2. Wealth and Finances
  3. Relationships
  4. Life Style
  5. Personal Growth
  6. Careers
  7. Environment
  8. Spirituality

The core idea that is stressed in this highly motivational and educational film, is that the “wheel of life” needs to be balanced for one to live their happiest, most fulfilled life. The wheel is either balanced or it isn’t and I don’t think one needs to look far today to see that most of us are living our lives based on greatly unbalanced wheels.

Thus this is where the movie Wheel of Life comes in – “it is a tool for your spirit and to make your dreams, your reality.

All of us can live a peaceful, joyful, fulfilled life that is no different than our dreams, but we first need to bring to the surface all of the areas in our life and what beliefs limit them from being lived out to the fullest.

The goal of the film Wheel of Life is to wake up people out of the illusion that so many live in, and which holds them back from realizing the magnificent potential of the human being.

What is really important and what is really “the” truth – are just 2 of the many questions that the “Wheel of Life” invites us to contemplate on.

Here are a few more things you can expect from each of the areas the movie addresses:

1. Health & Well-Being

Consider the following: today we have more information than ever, and yet we are sicker than ever. The movie cleverly addresses what really is behind this and much more.

Wheel of Life reminds us and shows us how to come back to living with nature.

It presents some of the most astonishing and yet such logical information, that most of us are not consciously incorporating or realizing in our daily lives.

2. Wealth & Finance

We have a generation that thinks it is okay to live in debt and the majority of people living in the obsession of “more”.

The movie addresses this and gives tools to show how we are all innately “wealth creators”.

3. Relationships

We came here to connect with other beings, not things and yet so many of us live so oppositely to our true nature.

The movie shows us and teaches us that unless we “transcend our beliefs” we will likely be stuck in many limiting behaviors that limit our relationships greatly.

4. Life Style

The movie asks us to consider one important question in this area and that is “do you live your values?”

This question gives us lots to contemplate on, when it comes to why we partake in the lifestyles we do and how those ultimately affect our quality of life.

5. Personal Growth

In today’s society this may be one of the greatest areas that suffer, as too many go around with the famous line “I have no time.”

But to get what we want in any area of our lives, we first need to get in touch with ourselves, our emotions. Thus the movie examines and gives practical ideas of how we can balance out this area in our lives better.

6. Careers

Too often we do things that bring nothing to our spiritual table. We are so obsessed with making a living, we forgot how to make a life.

Here again “Wheel of Life” offers us some serious questions and practical ways to get back in touch with what we spend most of our time doing and why. It also teaches how we can tone down this area, that all too often is way too overemphasized in our world today.

7. Environment

Over the past 100 years we have lost our connection to our “home” – the Earth.

This movie teaches us how to reconnect and bring back to balance our harmony with nature.

8. Spirituality

What beliefs are you limited by? How do you set yourself free?

Today many of us chase rules of institutions, rather than looking at the wisdom of the spirit within. Various tools are addressed to bring us to a higher level of awareness in balancing this area of our lives.

Personal Review of Wheel of Life

I enjoyed watching this film and it left me with a very positive and empowered feeling. It was most enjoyable to hear from the various teachers and at various times have those “aha” moments which when reflected upon, are really so logical and yet too often forgotten due to the extreme pace of most of our lives.

So what does it mean to live life based on a balanced “wheel of life”?

Some people may not see a problem with putting all their focus and attention in some areas but not others. However, some areas of their life will thus be greatly ‘over’ or ‘under’ emphasized, and that is no better than trying to ride on a wheel that has jagged or lopsided edges. As you can imagine, it will make for a bumpy and not very efficient ride.

The same can be said about our life. The happiest people are those who seek and live based on balance in all areas of their life. That is why I really loved this movie, as it makes us confront our own “wheel of life” and evaluate its balance.

The movie is full of wisdom, humor, reflection, awareness, contemplation and most importantly practicality. It is a movie that gives one, quick, concrete and practical tools to know where to start, what to focus on and how to address the areas that may be lacking in order to bring full balance into their life today.

It is not a movie for those who are looking for deep and lengthy explanation of a certain topic, as each of the 8 areas of the wheel of life can have a whole movie dedicated just to it. Instead it is a perfect movie for the average person out there, who is open to recognizing that their life balance is not where it should be for the fullest, most joy-filled life possible.

This is a good film to make us go deeper within ourselves to ask fundamental questions that can have a profound effect on the quality and path of each of our lives.

Watch the Wheel of Life

Here is the extended trailer of the Wheel of Life:

Visit the official website to learn more or purchase your copy of the film: Wheel of Life.