Amidst the many outstanding resources out there today to help us expand our minds is the documentary Frequency of Genius. This documentary features numerous highly acclaimed experts to speak about some of the most vital topics in our life. It inspires us to live from a higher state of being and with more awareness when it comes to our everyday lifestyle choices. It exposes many facts that are still not commonly known to most people in the mainstream and empowers us to make new choices for our highest good, and that of our planet.

The film Frequency of Genius is based on the fact that everything in the Universe functions on a frequency. Becoming aware of those frequencies, as well as our own, is one of the most important aspects of having a deeper understanding of the bigger picture of it all. It can help awaken us, it can bring us deep peace and happiness.

The film begins with the following line:

Like the air we breathe, and the water we drink, frequencies are all around us, resonating through all life forms and the entire Universe.

The easiest way to describe what this film is like or all about, is to compare it to the renowned “What the Bleep do We Know?” or “Zeitgeist” movies. It is in no way a copy of them, nor does it necessarily address the same topics, or is it done on the same visual effect level. Where the similarities lie, is that both movies probe our minds and invite an awakening, a shift in perception and an expansion of our consciousness.

If you enjoy or are called to what I mention in the last statement above, then you will most likely really enjoy this movie and get a lot out of it. In this review, I will share with you more of my thoughts on this film, and leave you with a little more of what to expect.

Overview of Frequency of Genius

Frequency of Genius is a documentary that was released in 2010. It was produced and directed by Richard Sachs and Gia Preeti Sachs. It features the interviews of 7 exemplary men, who are discussing various parts of their own life, work, and teachings, which can help elevate our vibrations and expand our own consciousness. Through these intellectually engaging interviews, Frequency of Genius explores the unique solutions and extraordinary visions for present-day humanity and future generations yet to come. There is some narration by Dagmar Midcap. This film can take you on an amazing journey in physics, sacred geometry, optimum food, and health, cutting edge technologies, and empowering economics.

Content of Frequency of Genius

Frequency of Genius is a 2 disc set of material, made up of the following 4 parts:

  • Part 1: The Awakening — It includes a thorough discussion on sacred geometry, consciousness expansion and various aspects of quantum physics.
  • Part 2: Water — It includes a thorough discussion on the properties of water, the processing of water, and why living, conscious water is so critical to our life, spiritual expansion, and health.
  • Part 3: Mind, Body, & Spirit — It includes a thorough discussion on food and nutrition, as well as all the different aspects like technology that influence our mental/emotional/physical health.
  • Part 4: Economics & Social Structure — It includes a thorough discussion of the current monetary system, a resource-based economy and cultural norms for a better world.

Each of the 4 parts is then broken up into various chapters, making for a total of over four hours of amazing and valuable material, in this 2-disc set. There is also bonus material that features the following 3 topics: BioArchitecture, Monolithic Architecture and Sacred Geometry.

The 7 teachers featured in the documentary are:

G. Edward Griffin, is a writer, author of the book “World Without Cancer” and specializes in the following topics: archaeology and ancient Earth history, the Federal Reserve System, terrorism, internal subversion, the history of taxation, U.S. foreign policy, the science and politics of cancer therapy, the Supreme Court, and the United Nations. I have not heard of or was familiar with Edward’s work before, and it was a pleasure to hear him speak and get to know about his ideas.

David Wolfe, is an author of numerous books and an internationally renowned raw food and nutrition expert. I have been a huge fan of David’s and have been greatly inspired by him in my own work. It was actually at a live event featuring him, that I learned about this film. He is an expert also in topics like water, herbalism, medicinal mushrooms, natural beauty, solar gazing, grounding, consciousness expansion, societal illusions and more.

What I am about to say, to somebody who has never heard this before, is so profound that if you actually take it on, you realize where you can go.

David Wolfe, Frequency of Genius

Jacque Fresco is a GENIUS! Seriously if you have never heard of this man or his work, you have to check him out. He is a designer, inventor and visionary, and I have no doubt he comes from a way more technologically advanced society than our own. This man is so ahead of his time but has all the right ideas to provide solutions for sustainable life on this Earth for everyone. He is 94 years old and is sharper and more youthful-looking than most 60-year-olds today!

It isn’t communism or socialism or free enterprise that we need. What we need, is the intelligent management of the Earth’s resources.

Jacque Fresco, Frequency of Genius

Jonathan Quintin, is an artist and cosmologist. I have never heard of him before this film and enjoyed his ideas about sacred geometry and his own personal awakening. Jonathan demonstrates how sacred geometry is a bridge between the seen and unseen, the quantitative and qualitative, the finite and infinite.

Joe Marshalla had a near-death experience and from there on, embarked on a deep spiritual quest and awakening. He has a doctorate of philosophy and is considered to be an expert in the biochemistry of psychology and perception, the neurology of spirituality, the biochemistry of nutrition and the synthesis of quantum physics and astrophysics into spirituality. I have vaguely heard of his name before this film, but really got to know him in this film and definitely have to say, part of why this movie is so amazing, is thanks to him. His views, wisdom, and applications are phenomenal!

Gabriel Cousens, is another one of my all-time favorite teachers. This man is so spiritually connected, and yet so wise and eloquent on all topics that involve the health of the mind, body, and spirit. He is a visionary, mystic, physician of the soul, and founder and director of The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, where he reverses disease, specifically diabetes in people through living nutrition. He has certificates and training in almost every area, and is so thoroughly knowledgeable on every subject, which made him another excellent choice for this film!

The mind is a multi-dimensional part of our being. When we have a properly functioning bio-computer (mind), then we can transcend to higher levels.

Gabriel Cousens, Ph.D., Frequency of Genius

Nassim Haramein is known for being an expert in the fields of theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, anthropology, and ancient civilizations. He put together the Unified Field Theory and has founded the Resonance Project Foundation. He was a new teacher for me, to get to know through this film.

Personal Commentary

Imagine a frequency that would create a world free from disease, hunger, and war – where humankind collectively resonates at what we call the Frequency of Genius.

Can you imagine that? I know this is possible. It is neither unrealistic nor impossible. It just depends on our choices, each and every moment and on the capacity of our mind. The more we expand our mind and our consciousness, the more we “wake up” to a new way of living and being.

This is why I love this film series, and in general resources like it. There is no violence, there are no derogatory images that pollute our mind or any meaningless drama. What there is, are profound thoughts, ideas and visions, that allow one to explore life on a deeper level. There are love and wisdom based solutions for a better world. There is a theme of unity, awakening, and evolution on the level of the mind, body, and soul. It does not provide visual entertainment, but intellectual entertainment.

I found the film really enjoyable and enlightening. I had to watch the first part a few times to really get into and better grasp what the teachers were presenting as they do go more in-depth with quantum physics ideas than I have been used to up to this time.

Part 2 on water and part 4 on the economic/social structure were great, but my favorite part was part 3 on the discussions of the body, mind, and spirit. This is what a lot of other documentaries like this one leave out – the importance of our physical health on our spiritual evolution and expansion. Living foods feed and fuel a living mind. We need to understand for example the chemicals in our water, to understand how they can prevent us from attaining a deeper clarity, evolution or understanding of life, regardless of the amount of meditation we do.

In conclusion, the film is really well-rounded and well done. Do not expect any extra fancy graphics or special effects. It is put together in a nice, professional and simple way. Thanks to such content, I have come to attain a deeper understanding of life and our role in it. I know we are so much greater than we think we are. Our potential is limitless. We have all the answers we need. We have all the solutions to live in a wise way for the Earth’s sake and each of our sakes. We are the solution, we just have to embrace it and live it, through an expansion of our state of being – our consciousness.

To learn more, visit the film website Frequency of Genius.