Our Earth is currently undergoing a unique transformation intended to raise the vibration of this reality. Individually and collectively, we are being given an opportunity for extensive personal and spiritual growth. More and more people each day are awakening to new ways of thinking, being, and interacting with themselves, each other and the Earth.

To help us understand the changes taking place, internally and externally, we have many resources that we can benefit from today. One of these is the recently released film 2012 — We’re Already In It. Films like these are so timely, as they educate and empower us to know about the changes taking place and how to navigate through them in the most effective ways. So in this film review, I will share about this new documentary and my takeaways from watching it.

What I think is important to add here too, is just the fact that movies like this exist today and are being produced at a greater pace, alone speaks loudly for the changes that are in place. Material like this is becoming more common, whether in movies, books, or various other forms on the world wide web. People from all over the world are connecting like never before. It is a great time to be alive, and I truly believe the best is yet to come. This is where 2012 – We’re Already In It is a perfect addition to this special time.

Background of 2012 – We’re Already In It

2012 – We’re Already In It is a documentary that was released in 2009, and produced and directed by award-winning American filmmaker Patty Greer. Patty began making full feature documentaries about extraterrestrials and crop circles with no previous training, desire, or experience whatsoever, after having an incredible out-of-body experience. Within 18 months, she had created three documentaries (seemingly) on her own. Today, Patty specializes in topics like crop circles, ETs, UFOs, and 2012. She is dedicated to helping humanity see the beauty of what is within our reach while facing the challenging aspects of our current world with a positive attitude and potential solutions.

2012 – We’re Already In It won the 2009 EBE Award for Best Feature Film-UFO Or Related at the International UFO Congress Convention.

Overview and Content of 2012 – We’re Already In It

2012 – We’re Already In It is a documentary that explores the Mayan prophecies surrounding 2012 from a very original perspective. It ties in the famous phenomenon of crop circles and extraterrestrial life forms with regard to how they might be linked to the changes we are experiencing. The film has some great imagery, messages and features interviews and excerpts from various known teachers. Some of these include:

Together, these individuals share personal expertise and experience about the research they have conducted, whether physically or spiritually surrounding the 2012 time change on Earth, as well as the amazing phenomenon of crop circles and their possible meanings for us.

Personal Commentary of 2012 – We’re Already In It

It is no secret that films like this reach far out to the edges and depths of our mind and they are not pleasing or accepted by everyone. The more closed-minded we are, the less we are likely to enjoy such resources. For me, these types of films are some of the most exciting and enjoyable to watch, and I have two words to summarize this film: fascinating and captivating.

This is a truly fascinating film, as it deals with the ideas of the Earth changes and the much heard about time of 2012. However, it also dives into other topics about the Universe as well. I watched this film three times within a month, and each time I enjoyed it even more! Most of the speakers are very inspirational, grounded, and peace-filled, which makes them a pleasure to listen to and watch. There is wisdom, science, theory, philosophy, and spirituality shared in this film, which makes it for one very exciting resource.

However, as already mentioned, I understand that this is not a film for most people in the mainstream audience. For those of us who are curious, really open-minded, and like to delve deeper into some of the mysteries out there, this will be both an entertaining and educational film. For others, however, it may be too much out there to be considered or taken seriously. It is all okay either way, as we all are brought to the right material at just the right time for us.

For me, the changes on the Earth are a fascinating topic on their own, and I have no doubt that a change is upon the Earth that is not just driving climate change, but so many societal changes as well. I am sure of this because I feel it personally as well as globally. Now throw into this mix the mysterious phenomenon of crop circles, and you have some really interesting possibilities.

I have heard of crop circles before seeing this film, but I did not give them much attention. I knew that some were human-made, while others were too magnificent to be described by any rational means. However, I just let it be. I guess living also in an area where crop circles are not a normal occurrence adds to it as well. I am sure the people of the United Kingdom especially, feel differently.

Something else of interest that I want to add here, is that it is no secret that many people in our society still feel very uncomfortable with the idea of extraterrestrial life forms. Some think we are the only ones out there and cannot bring themselves to consider other life forms. Who knows, perhaps too many images of green aliens in the movies ruined it for us. I personally have no doubt that other beings are out there. To me, it does not make sense that in a Universe so big and diverse, there wouldn’t be. However, I don’t think that life forms from other worlds are anything like the movies project, but simply other beings similar to us in many ways. Likewise, I don’t agree with Stephen Hawking’s theory about aliens, when he claims that aliens are out there, but they are too dangerous to interact with. I think most other life forms outside of our Earth are much more evolved than us humans and do not conduct themselves in primitive ways like us that include destroying others and their own environment. Of course, there can be all kinds of life forms, and who knows, maybe some are like us or worse. Either way, I loved how this film brought out the idea that there are beings out there trying to help us, especially at this time period on our planet, not harm us. We have done enough harm to each other and this planet on our own.

What else I loved about this film is that it features very respected teachers, and looks at the horizons of our solar system with scientific and philosophical eyes. It is not trying to convince us of anything or make us buy into this or that theory. The ideas presented are done so using great tact and care to come across as just one of the many options out there. But boy, do they drive the excitement meter within one’s mind, as I think many of us like a good mystery to decipher some of the possibilities out there.

My mind, heart, and soul were truly touched by so many of what the various teachers had to say, but no one’s message was more meaningful to me than that of Patricia Cori. If you are not familiar with her work, I really recommend her. Her energy is just so incredible. There is such a peace, love and wisdom flowing through her.

What my reservations are about this film, is that it can be quickly discounted by a viewer who may not be ready yet for what the material presents. It takes a bit into the movie to really understand how the idea of the 2012 Mayan Prophecy ties into Crop Circles and Extraterrestrial life forms. This is why I say that this is a leading-edge film and not one that I would recommend to just anyone to watch.


If you are open to checking out a film that thrills the mind and opens us up to a whole new world of possibilities, then 2012 – We’re Already In It will definitely do that. Even if you have no interest whatsoever in crop circles, the messages around 2012 and the beautiful change that we are in on this Earth are reasons enough to check out this film.

Many people with an interest in 2012 are waiting for some “big” event on the day of December 21, 2012, but as the film shares 2012 is all about what is happening right now before our very eyes.

To learn more about this film, visit the 2012 - We’re Already In It film website.