The world is waking up; this is one of the tag lines used in the newly released documentary Thrive, which you can view in full for free below. Whether you see it as the ending of a cycle, a shift of the ages, or leap in evolution, something new and different is definitely taking place on the planet. Why? Because as we look around and as this documentary points out, the human race is far from thriving. In fact, for many people living in this Earth reality to this day, life is nothing more than a game of surviving.

With all of our advancements in thinking, science, and technology, it is hard to believe that we would be facing any one of the serious global problems we have today like poverty, or famine, or resource depletion. But we are not, we are facing something much bigger. As a planet, we are at a time of great crisis where we are facing it seems all the possible major problems that are putting the health and well-being, not to mention entire survival of this planet and the human race at risk.

So what on Earth will it take is being asked of us by Thrive the movie. What a powerful question to ask the human race today! What indeed will it take for us to wake up and change our ways to reflect a life that is more harmonious for this planet and all of her species. How much more pain, suffering, and destruction do we need to endure, to finally wake up and shift things into a new way of life and being? Well if you think, like the film’s creator Foster Gamble, the scales are tipped against us, and until we learn what is really going on, on Earth, we may not be in any position to create real change.

So far, this film has created quite the stir as it raises a lot of eyebrows and causes a lot of discomfort with the information it presents. It is not your everyday spirituality or quantum physics-based documentary about “waking up”. Thrive pushes the envelope and comfort level of everything many of us hold dear when it comes to why the state of our world is as it is today. It exposes information that most people would find impossible to imagine, let alone fathom to be real. In this review article, I will share with you more about this information, and some of my personal insights when it comes to this film.

Overview of the Thrive Documentary

Thrive – What On Earth Will It Take is a documentary that was released in November 2011. It was created and hosted by Foster Gamble; produced and directed by his wife Kimberly Carter Gamble, and made possible through the efforts of various other team members. See here to learn more about Foster, Kimberly, and their film production team.

As mentioned, the film is hosted by Foster himself and features him presenting various pieces of information based on his personal research as well as interviews with numerous guest experts. It also features Kimberly presenting some of her views and research with respect to some topics.

Some of the experts and teachers featured in the documentary include:

  • G. Edward Griffin
  • Nassim Haramein
  • Duane Elgin
  • David Icke
  • Elisabet Sahtouris
  • Paul Hawken
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Catherine Austin Fitts
  • Daniel Sheehan
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard

The movie also features various images and video clips that highlight and strengthen the topics discussed. It has an overall great cinematic quality and even some special effects to keep things interesting and exciting to watch.

The essence of Thrive is to present information about the problems and solutions for our modern-day world when it comes to the major challenges we face. It focuses on and dissects topics like the monetary system, the energy challenge, and world domination. Many may call it a type of conspiracy theory film, but it is so much more than that. Yes, it presents things that will be difficult to hear for many people who have not heard such facts and ideas previously, but this is no reason to dismiss it. The film can take you on an amazing journey of some out of this world concepts when it comes to quantum physics, sacred geometry, cutting edge technologies, hidden politics and empowering economics.

Thrive contains an introduction and the following four parts:

Part 1: Uncovering the Code

(Includes a thorough discussion on quantum physics, free energy, the significance of the Torus pattern, Vector Equilibrium, UFO and extraterrestrial phenomenon, crop circles, and the science to date that has produced clean alternate energy.)

Part 2: Following the Money

(Includes a thorough discussion of the corporations and key players that have the greatest stakes to suppress free, alternate energy, as well as modern toxic farming methods, GMOs, chemical farming methods, pollution of the Earth, current education system, current health system, the politics involved behind each of these topics and methods of control.)

Part 3: Uncovering the Global Domination Agenda

(Includes a thorough discussion about the New World Order, and the elements needed to make that happen, the main families who are ruling the global elite, and in turn the corporations. The problem-reaction-solution tactic to get certain outcomes and control the population is also explained.)

Part 4: Creating Solutions

(Includes a thorough overview and presentation of the possible solutions and strategies to make individual and collective change. Various practical everyday tips are given an empowering, positive, uplifting messages are shared.)

We can create a world where people can thrive. A world where communities are able to produce their own energy and food.

Foster Gamble, Thrive

Personal Thoughts about the Thrive Documentary

When I first learned about this film, I was very eager to see it, though it ended up being a few months before I actually did. Regardless of the “theories” these types of films present, I personally do like to give every documentary that promotes an awakening of the people today a fair chance. We don’t have to believe everything, but we can learn many things by simply opening our minds with a discerning lens. To date, I have now seen the film twice and generally speaking I did enjoy it.

Based on what I learned about it, I thought it would most likely cover everything I have learned thus far in one way or another, but I was in for a surprise. For starters, there were several new concepts to me that I was not previously aware of, like the concept of the Torus and its potential. Secondly, even though I knew the majority of what was presented, it still did not make it any easier to watch. I can only imagine the discomfort or resistance this film may cause in others who are completely new to the information it presents.

Either way, I do feel that no matter what one’s personal biases or background may be, it is a valuable film for all to see. From there, each person can make their own choices as to how they wish to proceed. Some may dismiss the information as utter nonsense, while others will be inspired to embark on their own journey of research and investigation as to the information it presents. Ultimately, Thrive is not the first, and I am sure not the last, film to share the information that it did. Whether we like it or not, similar information is coming out from numerous sources and at a greater frequency as more and more continue to wake up on our planet and see what is “really” going on as to why things are as they are.

The film begins with Foster’s message of how every living system on this planet is able to come into its own balance and then Thrive, which is a natural part of life, nothing short of our birthright. Foster then explains that unfortunately when it comes to the human species, most of us are far from thriving, and are barely surviving. The viewer is then prepared to learn about the astonishing things that Foster has discovered himself upon years of research, like the potential of free energy, how the economic system is rigged, how we can claim our power to shift the current state of things and how unaware we are of our true power and magnificence.

In part 1, which is the most scientific section, Foster explains a particular field in and around the Earth that has a key pattern known as the Torus. This Foster explains is part of the secrets of self-organizing patterns and forms found in nature. Various quantum physics and other science topics are then presented, as Foster shares how his research has led him to believe that the Torus and the Vector Equilibrium hold key answers for free energy production. The point of all this is that energy, after all, is the main limiting factor for many around the world that is preventing them from thriving. Just looking at our own lives we know how much everything around us indeed depends on the production of energy, and how many wars and struggles revolve around it.

Although it may come as a big shock to some, this science-based section also brings in the topics of extraterrestrial life, pointing to the numerous cases and amount of evidence when it comes to having contact and experience with such beings. But what do UFOs have to do with our energy problems? Well, according to Foster, they may be trying to give us the solution of free, clean energy. From crop circles to physics, as we connect the dots the big picture shows that when it comes to contact with extraterrestrial life, the Vector Equilibrium, Torus, the production of free energy, the suppression of one depends on the suppression of the others. This can begin to make sense to many when we consider the constant cover-up of any and all UFO and alien life contact.

In the end, the data presented will sound very out there, and no doubt hard to believe for many of us. Yet, the more we look into the topics that Foster presents, the more we find how ironically well the pieces fit in together. For example, Nikola Tesla’s research and inventions that appear to have come close to producing unlimited energy for everyone were suppressed themselves and Foster explains the rationale behind this. And so the key question as Foster shares, is that if all this potential is available for us to thrive on Earth, who wouldn’t want this information to be known, and why? Those answers, as many can imagine open up a whole Pandora’s Box of information as Foster goes on a hunt for answers by “following the money”.

If enough of us withdraw our support, their plan can’t work. We have the power of non-violent, non-participation.

Foster Gamble, Thrive

To balance out the at times disconnected approaches when it comes to practical everyday life, Foster’s wife Kimberly brings the human side to the film’s topics. She points out how having the solution of free, clean energy available to all would solve so many of the problems on the planet today that cause people to suffer so much, such as poverty, famine, self-sustainability and so many more!

To make sense of the topics that Foster, Kimberly and the interviewed experts address, as well as the implementation of solutions to provide a new way of life that would allow all to thrive, we need a paradigm shift on this planet in how we think. The majority of people live from paradigms based on fear, and scarcity, completely limiting the potential of our planet and its inhabitants. To end off the film, solutions are presented which are based on non-violation—a universal and fundamental law that Foster shares everyone can agree on. As Foster states, “In a thriving society, no one is allowed to violate anyone else except in self-defense.” The solutions presented may not be ideal, but they do give us lots of hope, empowerment and a positively happy ending. To help people follow through with all of the topics and solutions mentioned, Kimberley and Foster produced the Thrive Movement website, which provides numerous resources for people to peacefully and productively affect real change.

All in all, it appears that Foster did his research well, both in presenting the problems and the solutions. Do I believe everything that was shared in the film? I think that there is a good chance most of it is quite true. However, as I have learned well by now, what you see is not always what you get. This goes for all directions. What I liked the most about the film is that it was clearly well thought out, and organized to present as much of the picture and in as clear of a way for people to quickly understand. I also resonated with the path of non-aggression in all that we do to cause change, which Foster strongly encourages.

Ultimately, I personally don’t like getting stuck on details and debating them out, while we lose sight of the bigger picture and stall putting real solutions into effect. I think the most important part about watching this film is to not allow it to divide us any further but to again keep in mind the big picture we are all working towards, regardless of how different people get to it. We all want a more fair, just and balanced world system when it comes to resources. We all want peace, health, and happiness. May we keep that in mind and unite to work towards it, regardless of how different people choose to make it happen. We are each free after all to express ourselves in the ways that feel most right to us at any given point. The key is just not to lose focus on the common goal.

We have what it takes to thrive. Let’s make it happen.

Foster Gamble, Thrive

Thrive is available for purchase on DVD from or from here: THRIVE DVD (NTSC)

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