Every so often the production of modern day cinema bring us a film that moves us on a heart and soul level. One such film is Peaceful Warrior, which examines the purpose and meaning of life, as well as who we are at the core of our being instead of the story we tell ourselves. It is a film that inspires, as much as it empowers us to go beyond the physical illusions and get to the depth of life which can offer us one of the richest and most rewarding experiences.

Is it not amazing how some things in our life fit in so perfectly together? Do you ever think about how many “coincidences” you encounter in a typical week or month? Is there really such a thing as coincidence or is it all just a matter of being in harmony with life – your own life?

The above used to perplex me until I realized that there is much more to this life than “a coincidence” or this thing called “luck”. When you align yourself with your spirit, when you start living life more and more out of the multidimensional being that we all are, life miraculously starts to fit together so perfectly that it will make your head spin—in a good way of course. It never ceases to put a smile on my face and be in awe of the perfection with which life unfolds when we are in the current of flow, as opposed to resistance. This goes way beyond the Law of Attraction and is simply about the fact that when you align yourself to your true and deeper calling in life, life aligns itself to you.

Such an example came one night when my husband and I were looking for something to watch on television. Over time we have become very selective in what we watch and give our attention to, hence we have excluded wasting our time on things like the news, or anything violent, negative, fear or drama promoting. So we don’t ever watch things like horror movies as there is just no need to be put in a state of fear, disgust or unease. Plus, it really takes away from the beauty of life. Now given the state of our programming today, this is a hard one as there seem to be some level of violence in almost everything that comes out, but as always where there is a will, there is a way.

Okay so to get to my point it was one of those evenings when we were looking at what is on and there really wasn’t anything in terms of quality programming, or so I thought. All of a sudden amidst some channel surfing I stumbled upon a movie that was just starting, entitled Peaceful Warrior. We had not heard of this film thus far, and as I stopped to read the description, I thought it was going to be a quick pass since programming based on athlete’s or accidents don’t really appeal to us. However, I hesitated as something within said watch this and that moment turned into something spectacular. We only had to hear the first few lines being spoken by one of the actors and we were speechless. They were beautiful words, full of wisdom spoken by Socrates—one of the main actors, played by Nick Nolte. So one line after another we listened and were taken aback by this movie that turned out to be extremely well worth seeing!

A Peaceful Warrior Emerges

Peaceful Warrior is about a successful college gymnast who meets an unusual character who works as a service person at a gas station, and who begins to transform his life. The young man is quite typical in that he possesses characteristics of being impulsive, getting easily offended, having rage, shallowness, competitiveness and living like most of us, in the future, as opposed to the present moment.

As the young man continues to train for his events, he visits his new-found mentor regularly, more out of curiosity at first and as time goes on begins to start waking up to a whole new life and side of himself that at times is very difficult to face. And then comes the braking moment when the young man has an accident and is told he will barely walk again, never mind train gymnastically.

Naturally he is devastated and believes he has lost everything including himself. After all, if he is not a successful gymnast, then who is he and what is the purpose of his life? It is at this point that he starts to take his mentor in a more serious way and begins to experience living life from a higher and more meaningful state. Without giving away the whole storyline, you will have to watch the film yourself to experience the richly inspiring and heartwarming feeling that this movie will leave you with.

Life Connects Life

I do not believe we found this movie. Instead I believe it found us. We were deeply moved and inspired by it, and its wisdom reflected our thinking and current way of life. Yet this film’s timing was perfect to not only support our present journey, but to offer the next piece—the next step so to speak for it. Many people may be skeptical of course and dismiss it as just a coincidence in finding some nice film. However I know that its timing was too perfect and matched exactly what we needed to hear. Just like there are no ordinary moments, there are no coincidences in my world. Life gives us what we look for, what we thirst for, what the deepest desires are of our body, mind and spirit.

You only have to know what it is that you want on the higher level of your being and be assured life will provide the rest. That is as long as we are in the flow with life, not in resistance to life, and to what is. This is not about lavish desires and manipulating the Universe, rather it is about addressing the needs of who you truly are as a spiritual being, having a physical experience. You will know when something talks to your soul, just like this movie talked to us - perhaps it will to you too.

To learn more, visit Peaceful Warrior — the official website of Dan Millman. This movie is based on his book, which is based on his life story. Dan is a highly inspirational being and has written a number of books all which nurture the awakening of living a deeper and more purpose-filled life in the moment of now. If you are seeking to gain new resources on your path of growth and evolution, I definitely recommend seeing this film, and exploring Dan’s other work as well.

Here is the trailer for Peaceful Warrior:

Peaceful Warrior Film & Book