This is the third and final part of the 3 part series of highlights from the Choice Point 2012 Conference that took place in Boston, Massachusetts on October 24, 2009.

The three speakers at this event were Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Alberto Villoldo. Part 1 featured Gregg Braden’s presentation. Part 2 featured Bruce Lipton’s presentation.

In this part, I will share with you what the third speaker – Alberto Villoldo presented. Alberto is a medical anthropologist by training and his presentation brought in the Native perspective to the changes that are happening on the planet and how ancient cultures are preparing for 2012.

Alberto Villoldo

Alberto Villoldo was the third and last speaker of the day, and as he stepped onto the stage, the energy changed to one of a beautiful and serene calm. I don’t know about the rest of the crowd, but what I picked up from his energy was such a rare stillness, which one does not see in many people.

Alberto began by telling us a little about himself to help us understand his background where 2012 is concerned. He is originally from Cuba, and as he grew up and studied he ended up in the US. By his mid-twenties he was the youngest clinical professor at San Francisco State University. He knew that in our world we can create psychosomatic disease, so in his lab he wanted to see if they could also create psychosomatic health. He was thus directing his own laboratory, the Biological Self-Regulation Lab. He realized however, that this was not serving him, he needed to be in the “field” so he gave up the lab and went into the jungles. There he spent over 25 years with various shamans.

In this way Alberto has studied the healing practice of many indigenous people. For the shaman Alberto stated, the changes on the Earth are not about focusing on the prophecy, but on the process-y. In other words it is about the processes we as humans will undertake during the times of change. They believe that opportunity is always accompanied by crisis. Their science is of participation, not observation. Hence, their traditions are based on animism – the idea that everything is alive. For greater explanation of this, see Bruce Lipton’s talk.

Alberto then went on to explain that we have 4 brains that we are born with – well 4 sub-brains that is.

1. Reptilian Brain
The purpose of this is to mate, reproduce and eat. This brain controls all autonomic functions, such as our breathing and is geared for self-preservation.

2. Mammalian Brain
The purpose of this is feelings, emotions and to take care of young. There is also the element of fear, feeding, fighting and fornication. Harnessing the power of this brain allows us to transcend from fear to intimacy, from violence to peace and from scarcity to abundance.

3. Neo Cortex Brain
This envelops the previous two brains. This allows us to step beyond mind into spirit and beyond morals into ethics. Here comes alive an appreciation for things like the arts and music, etc. The Natives predict that the neo cortex will awaken now en masse.

4. Pre-frontal Lobe Brain
This is referred to as the “God brain” that allows us to step out of ordinary reality, to communicate with spirit and to influence the past. This is the brain of who we are becoming – Homo luminous – the new human. (More on this later.)

Alberto than shared with the audience several prophecies from various indigenous cultures. One prophecy is known as the “13 Heavens of increased choice and 7 Hells of increased gloom.” This is based on the prophecy of the “Returning of the Lord of the Dawn”, which signals a period of great change and then a golden millennium for humanity. Ultimately these prophecies foretell that changes on the Earth are happening and happening so fast, that unless we have a major increase of consciousness or awakening, it will be very difficult to deal with them.

Alberto here also mentioned our obsession with time and how as a society we are addicted to time. We only know linear time that is based on cause and effect. We see the future always ahead and think we are the result of our past.

There is however another time – cyclical time. This is what many indigenous people follow in that there is no more waiting. They step outside of time and in this sense achieve a certain mastery of time. It also allows them to understand, that without linear time, everything is going on simultaneously.

Another prophecy Alberto talked about was the idea of Creation and Space. Our general story of creation is based on space - i.e. land ownership. The Native creation story is based on time. Their belief is that we don’t own the land, it owns us – but they are free of time. We in the West world believe that we own the land, and yet we are at the mercy of time. Likewise, in the western cultures, the calendars are largely “religious-based” while the calendars of indigenous people are “astronomically-based”. Thus, for the Native people 2012 means the freedom from the oppression of time for humanity.

Secondly, in our story of creation we have completely eliminated the feminine. We were taught that the Earth is cursed because of a woman. This made us develop a hostile relationship with the Earth, and how we depicted women. Here Alberto also noted that even at the famous Council of Trent in the 16th century, religious leaders debated whether women, Natives and animals actually had souls. Luckily for women, it was decided that they do. So as far as the indigenous people see it, this time of the changes of 2012 is when we are returning to the “Mother” again. We need to bring back the divine feminine to balance the masculine and feminine.

Alberto than went on to describe the luminous energy field (LEF). This is an information field all around us. It directs how you will live, heal, age, die, etc. The way we can see it is that the LEF is the software, and the DNA is the hardware.

We know today, even as Bruce Lipton mentioned that 95% of our DNA is considered “junk” and only 5% codes for proteins. Of course this is only according to science, as they cannot figure out what the role of the other 95% is. However, nothing in nature is junk. The 95% is a pool of genetic possibilities.

This is where Alberto began a fascinating discussion on the new human that is being born on our planet right now. This is, Homo luminous. Now before I go any further, for any of you reading this, thinking this is too far out there, do not forget that there were other “human” species before the current Homo sapiens, like Homo erectus and many more. (Check out the history of human evolution) This is influenced by the process of conscious selection today – as opposed to past ideas of the Darwinian natural selection.

Here Alberto also threw in some really interesting data. He stated that, according to science humans first appeared on the Earth 1.5 million years ago. According to the bible, 6,000 years ago, and according to the Mayans in 2012. What, 2012?!?! Yes, and here is why.

The indigenous people believe that the humans that have lived on this Earth up to now have been only a prototype – that this new human that is about to come is the “real” human from the cosmic womb.

If you recall Gregg Braden’s presentation, he explained how at the center of the Universe there is a great source of energy. The Natives called this center of the Universe – Xibalba. There was some fear associated with this place, in that it threatened “to swallow the sun”. Again today, we know this scientifically as a black hole. They also believed that this is where new codes for new humans come from as this is the place from which divine, transformational knowledge is being transmitted. Specifically the codes come from the solar flares that are influenced by this energy. To them it is no coincidence that we are in the highest cycle of solar flare activity.

Another aspect of all the indigenous prophecies that Alberto learned about was The Feminine Return. He stated that the mythology of the feminine lasted 35,000 years, where as the masculine mythology which has replaced it, is only 6,000 years old. No surprise therefore that we live in a very masculine centered society. However, no surprise either that what we are seeing is the crumbling during this time of change, of a lot of the masculine energy – take the economy for example, which is greed driven.

We are thus returning to a balance where we are starting to realize that the Earth is not here for our pleasure to do with it what we please, but rather we are its caretakers. In this way, the return of the “goddess” signifies an intimate relationship with nature and a new way of being with each other.

Alberto than shared some ways that we can expect some of these changes to look like. The new economy for example will move from globalization to localization. You can imagine this will be difficult for corporate giants who cannot thrive at this new level. Another change is an expansion of the area of cybernetics, where we come to realize that WE guide our own destiny.

Finally and a biggie is the growth of the area of energy medicine. This lived out on all levels stems from the idea that we dream our world into being. If enough people on the planet do this, we influence this good energy for all others on the planet, who perhaps are unable to do so, due to lack of awareness to do this themselves. The foundations of energy medicine, which is what Alberto teaches are the following:

Level of BODY – is informed and enveloped by the MIND – then enveloped by the SOUL – which is all enveloped by the SPIRIT.


Thus, with this in mind:

The language of the SPIRIT = ENERGY

The language of the SOUL = ARTISTIC (music, poetry, etc.)

The language of the MIND = WORDS

The language of the BODY = CHEMICAL

With the changes upon us, we need to start processing things at the level of the soul and not bring the mind and body into it. To do this consider visualizations over affirmations – they are much more powerful. Visualizations are at the level of the soul, where as affirmations are at the level of the mind.

Dream your world into being.

Alberto Villoldo

Alberto’s closing words and advice for the coming changes were that the main idea for the prophecy of 2012 is to break free of all confinements and enter the world of creators. His talk was finished with a soul retrieval journey he invited the entire audience to do. It was a very neat experience.


So that is it – the three amazing speakers that made up one phenomenal event – Choice Point 2012.

After Alberto’s talk there was a “question & answer” panel with the three speakers. It was really entertaining more than anything else, as Gregg explained that they will act as if they are “casually talking together in one of their living rooms” to share how they really feel about the topic of 2012 and spark questions from the audience based on that.

The main and biggest question of course was “what should we do about all this on a practical level?” To this the three speakers exclaimed that it is not so much about “doing” anything in particular like preparing physically, but rather about preparing spiritually. Alberto for example explained that he intends to be right in the center of it all to help guide people through the changes, not running away anywhere to some remote location. Those of us who are aware, who are more conscious can help guide others, as there will be a lot of fear on the planet. Ultimately, we should again focus on ourselves and live from the heart if nothing else.

I hope the 3 presentations from each of the teachers helped you understand or get a better idea of the changes on the Earth today. 2012 may “feel” like like the end of the world for some people on a personal level, who have become greatly attached to the physical world. This is the start of a new era for humanity. And whatever changes may come, how we will respond as humans will dictate not the fate of the Earth, but the fate of our human civilization.

I invite you to follow up this essay with a detailed overview of what Gregg and Bruce shared at the Choice Point 2012 event, if you have not read about their presentations already.