This is part 2 of the 3 part series of highlights from the Choice Point 2012 conference that took place in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday, October 24, 2009. In part 1, I shared with you about Gregg Braden’s Presentation.

The three speakers at this event were Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Alberto Villoldo. In this part, I will share with you what the second speaker – Bruce Lipton presented. Bruce is a biologist by training, and his talk focused more on the changes in our thinking over the years and what those have lead to, whether within our bodies or on this Earth, that are relevant to the changes that surround 2012.

Bruce Lipton

As mentioned, the second speaker of the day was Bruce Lipton, and as soon as he started talking, boy did the audience awake to a new energized feeling. All three of the speakers are amazing, but what is awesome is that they of course each, have their own unique character with which they bring their messages. While Gregg is super eloquent, captivating and at times funny, Bruce is like this amazing ball of vitality and energy that is just spilling over with information. His sense of humor is outstanding too and what a treat it was to see him live.

Bruce began by showing the audience some patterns to see if we could identify them. This lead into his initial discussion about how things exist, repeat and change in the world at all levels. He stated that today humanity is facing a tremendous evolution – however it is not a passive one that takes thousands of years. Today, we are evolving actively and creating our own new future.

This lead into the idea that all civilizations have a life cycle. There is: developmentstabilitydecline.

Usually stability is synonymous with rigidity here. When we reach rigidity, such as it happens for most of us in adult hood, life becomes difficult and full of challenges. This of course stems from the idea of “my way or no way” and things like my religion, my political party, my ethnic background and so on and so forth start to serve as the “right” and only one.

However, as we know, according to the laws of nature – nothing stays the same. Change is part of life, and thus those civilizations who cannot cope with or accept change, decline.

To illustrate what Bruce was talking about next, check out the following diagram that I made, based on what he showed:

Changing Civilization Graph

As one civilization enters the phase of stable rigidity, there is a birth of creative minorities who see things differently. For example, currently we live in a civilization of scientific materialism, Bruce pointed out. However, this is not a sustainable civilization for many reasons – some of which all of us know. Hence the blue line indicates the scientific materialism, and the red line indicates the birth of a new civilization. So many of us right now are part of that red line. We have stepped away from a life that is based on materialism and all things physical and have realized that we are spiritual beings.

Over the years, it has thus been a balance of whether we as a civilization believe more in the spiritual world or more in the physical world.

Bruce stated that there are 3 perennial questions that humanity has asked since the beginning of time:

  1. How did we get here?
  2. Why are we here?
  3. How do we make the best of it?

Over the years, it has been that whoever provides the answers to these questions, provides the belief system that people buy into. Naturally this is why over the years as the answers have changed, civilizations have changed.

Bruce than explained something so phenomenal that I am super excited to share with you, as I know I grew up most of my life not knowing any of this, and he shed a lot of light on this topic. To help you see and understand this better, I made another diagram. In this diagram, we see that life can be all about the spiritual, or all about the physical - and since “recorded” history it has fluctuated back and forth between these two extremes.

However, where we want to be is in balance – as we are that – spiritual beings, having a physical experience. Thus, both sides must be respected. Using the diagram, I will now summarize what Bruce said about how our beliefs have changed over the years and why, by showing you also how each of these traditions answered the 3 perennial questions. This will also help you see, where you are in terms of where your core beliefs fall into at this time.

Civilization Change of Belief Patterns Graph

1. ANIMISM (light blue dot on graph)

This was a state of perfect balance between matter and spirit, where it was believed that all objects had a “life” energy to them.

Answer #1 = Mother Earth and Father Sky

Answer #2 = To tend the garden

Answer #3 = Live in balance with nature

2. POLYTHEISM (dark green dot)

A belief in many Gods, that took the SPIRIT out of matter. Spirit was now outside of the “all”. Belief was now to worship Gods to make life better.

Answer #1 = Big Bang – chaos

Answer #2 = To please the Gods

Answer #3 = Don’t anger the Gods – thus honor everything as if it is a God

3. MONOTHEISM (yellow dot)

A belief in one God, putting humans on Earth to “practice” here for the “perfect” place. We are not perfect and neither is Earth, but have to be here, before we have a chance to get admitted to “heaven”. Church recognized that knowledge is power, therefore they established “absolute knowledge” – which was not to be questioned because it was from “God”. Anyone who challenged this was a heretic. (Brought in absolute knowledge = absolute power, which lead to absolute corruption)

Answer #1 = Divine Intervention (Male God figure – gave us life)

Answer #2 = To see if we are worthy

Answer #3 = By following the bible


This came out of the movement of those who questioned the church and from the boom in new scientific discoveries, like from Isaac Newton. To not fall completely out of favor with the church, science decided to focus only on the physical and let religion focus only on the spiritual, promising not to interfere, but at the same time completely dismissing it as anything real.

Answer #1 = No God, answer is irrelevant

Answer #2 = Universe is a machine

Answer #3 = Body is a machine – “Obtain knowledge that can dominate and control nature.” (This statement is to this day the mission of modern science.)

5. DEISM (purple dot)

This took place during the era of enlightenment (1776) where things fell back into balance. There was a focus on the study of Native traditions. At this point Bruce pointed out that US did not start off as a Christian nation as it has come to be believed.

Answer #1 = Mother Earth and Father Sky

Answer #2 = To tend the garden – God and Nature are one

Answer #3 = “You” are in control and make the best of your life


Civilization went deeper and deeper into a physically centered world view, from #4 above. Many scientists contributed to this, especially the work of Darwin. Whole concept of spirit was driven out.

Answer #1 = Random Mutations

Answer #2 = Accident – there is no real reason

Answer #3 = Based on the laws of the jungle – survival of the fittest. Doesn’t matter how you do it (loss of morality), as long as you win – each one for himself.

*This is remember where most of the world is today. At this point Bruce brought up an interesting point. He says he gets people who say that they are not part of this movement, that they are in fact very “religious” – and so he asks the question that each of us can ask ourselves to help us understand which movement we have “really” fallen into – “when you get cancer, who do you go see first – your doctor or your priest?”

7. DNA ERA – 1953 (light green dot)

The central dogma now relied solely on the discovery of DNA. This is your blue print. This is what you are born with and there is no way to change it, thus genes control your life. Belief followed that DNA (based on its code) makes RNA, which makes the proteins for our bodies. Information flow was now only believed to be one way. Hence, you are a victim of your genetics.

Since your fate was pre-arranged at conception, there is no way to change it, unless “BIG PHARMA” gets involved. This lead to an outbreak of new pills, medicines and today the start of gene therapy. At the root, it is based on disease mongering and fear.

8. GENOME ERA – 2001 (red dot)

The function of the genome project was to find 150,000 genes that we supposedly had, and hence to find 150,000 new medications to work on “fixing” those genes. However, scientists found we only have 23,000 genes and they had no answers for all the “extra” DNA that seemed to code for nothing.

People started getting fed up with decreasing health and increasing medicines, and started changing their life patterns and looking into alternative therapies and healing. We started to realize we are more than our genes.

At this point, Bruce got into a long discussion of his work on proving that genes do not control biology. All of this work is fully outlined in his book The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles.

Bottom line, Bruce has proved that the brain of the cell is not the nucleus, or the DNA within it, but the cell membrane, which constantly interacts with the environment. Based on the environment the cell(s) are in, they send different signals to the nucleus to express different genes. Thus, information does not flow one way through our body, as our environment controls the fate of the cell or gene. This of course includes our food, water, products, chemicals, thoughts, relationships, etc. Ultimately, our traits, characteristics and health come forth most strongly from our belief systems, which then influence our cells.

ENVIRONMENT – sends signal to MIND (which interprets signal) – sends it to the CELLS which follow through in the expression of the appropriate GENE

For example:

  • An environment of LOVE brings out chemical signals like serotonin, oxytocin and growth hormone.
  • An environment of FEAR brings out chemicals signals like cortisol, norepinephrine and histamine.

Our mind controls our body. This is why if you believe you have an incurable disease, then you are right. If you believe that you have a curable disease, then you are also right.

Given this it would be wonderful to just change our conscious thoughts and live happy and healthy. However, we use as Bruce pointed out, at most 5% of our conscious brains. We use on the other hand 95% of our subconscious brains. And it is here in the subconscious that our “true thoughts” reside.

This is one of the main reasons that people who have always say, felt poor and all of a sudden start doing affirmations on wealth, may not necessarily see any results. To get real results in our lives, we have to override the programs in our subconscious that are not serving us. Most of these were programmed in before we were 6 years old! In one way or another, we have all been programmed to be disempowered and the time has come to take back control of your own belief systems.

At this point Bruce busted the 4 main myths that most people still live with today:

MYTH #1: Biological processes use Newtonian physics

Quantum physics shows otherwise – we are all connected. Our thoughts are part of the field of reality.

MYTH #2: Genes control our biology

Our thoughts control our genes.

MYTH #3: Survival is based on the fittest

Nature cares about ALL and nurtures community centered living. Thus, survival of the “fittingest”.

MYTH #4: Evolution is a random process

Nature brings in new organisms to restore balance = Adaptive Evolution

We are here to tend the garden, yet we are destroying the garden.

Bruce Lipton

9. HOLISM – 2012 (orange dot)

A coming back into balance of the physical with the spiritual. We are all cells in the body of humanity. We are all one.

When we live with the ideas of wanting to kill each other – we exhibit the symptoms of auto-immune diseases (when the body attacks itself). When we live with ideas of that we want to take over each other – we exhibit the symptoms of cancer. Every physical ailment is a signal of some imbalance between the physical and spiritual.

Answer #1 = Mother Earth and Father Sky + adaptive mutations

Answer #2 = To tend the garden + acquire awareness

Answer #3 = Live in balance with nature + evolve technology

Bruce concluded this outstanding presentation with the following closing words and advice when it comes to the changes on this Earth: all the answers lie within us. We have to take back our minds though, from being slaves to the thoughts and paradigms of others that are not serving us as humanity, and reprogram our minds, by putting the “right” programs into our subconscious.

If there is a Heaven, it is here and now. But we cannot build a great Heaven, with the beliefs of the past.

Bruce Lipton

I have to tell you, Bruce’s presentation blew me away! It was so spectacular, so enlightening and so full of this vibrant, amazing energy! I was familiar with a lot of both Gregg and Bruce’s work up to this point, but what and how Bruce presented this information, literally “knocked my socks off”. It is amazing what ideas we live with and fight over in this world, that are not even ours to begin with.

I want to say, I wish I knew all this sooner – but I know I may not have become the person I am today. What I do know is that this is going to make me one super conscious parent one day, to make sure my kids don’t have to undo so many disempowering programs from their mind, as we have to do today ourselves. There is so much more to life, and I truly believe that this beautiful change that is upon us, will open our eyes, minds and hearts in ways we never could have imagined!

I invite you to follow up this essay with Gregg’s and Alberto’s presentations from the Choice Point 2012 event. You can find my outline of each talk and the information presented here: