Yndico Is by Sandra Olajide is a book for children and tweens that encourages self-confidence and independence. It is based on topics dealing with spirituality, self-growth, and development, with a twist of fantasy to provide a valuable and enjoyable reading experience for kids. Yndico Is is the first book in a series, that author and internationally celebrated singer/songwriter Sandra Olajide intends to write.

We know there are abundant resources for adults in the area of personal development and spirituality from books, to films and even music. But what about when it comes to children? Do they have to wait until they become adults to start seeing the broader aspects of life and themselves? Or is it possible that they can start sooner to not only hold on to their exemplary innocence and inquisitiveness for life but also to truly awaken to their highest potential? I think the answer is obvious. If the children have parents who are open to exploring the deeper side of life and its purpose, then naturally it would be wonderful if there was also material to stimulate their being, growth, and discovery of the self and life.

The Book: Format and Content

Yndico Is is a small book and very well suited to those smaller beings amongst us. It is 95 pages and divided into 12 captivating and very easy to handle for kids chapters. For an adult, it can be read in about an hour or two.

In this series, Sandra hopes to encourage independence and self-confidence in children and tweens, while opening them up to a whole new world of possibilities. Her inspiration was drawn from her own childhood experiences, as well as watching her own children grow and learn from life’s many challenges on their search for what it means to “be yourself!”

This book is very well suited for children I would say from about the age of 8 to perhaps 13. It is definitely going to appeal more to girls, as the main character is a girl, however, I don’t want to rule out that many young boys would enjoy this book as well.

The front cover is beautiful and dazzling with the same magic that Sandra infused throughout her book. Each chapter in fact is preceded by some simple, yet very artistic sketch illustrations.

In terms of genre, one can classify this book as magical science fiction.

In the book, the main character Yndico, a young girl is living with her Dad and faces many of the life challenges that kids today have. Due to some unfortunate circumstances she runs away from home and discovers a whole new world of fantasy. She steps into this world from accidentally causing a rip in the fabric of time, where past, present, and future merge simultaneously. This new world and the characters she meets there, help Yndico understand the circumstances of her life.

Amongst this, lessons for children in this book include self-confidence, self-awareness, empathy, independence, courage, love, and forgiveness. The book also touches upon ideas about the moment of now, the power of intention, deliberate creation, and the power of our thoughts.

The book comes in both hard or softcover, and is accompanied by music from Sandra. The music, just as the book has fantastic and very empowering messages in it, and as well it is wonderfully composed and upbeat.

Personal Commentary

First off, I was delighted to be introduced to this book, as I know we have many children out there today who could really benefit from and enjoy its empowering content. I would almost have to say that this book will be especially valuable for any child who has lost a parent or even parents, due to death, divorce or some other circumstance.

As more and more adults open themselves up to new growth, awareness and a deeper understanding of life, they have a huge influence on the children around them. It is therefore wonderful that material like this exists to support such learning and development in young children.

Some of you may also be aware of the idea of the “Indigo” children. These are children who seem to be more and more frequent today, and who, from an early age are more sensitive and aware of the ideas about life and themselves. I would imagine the title “Yndico Is” may be inspired by the presence of such children.

The book starts off with a chapter that for us as adults may seem a bit “confusing” as it dives right into an intriguing world of fantasy. In chapter 2 however, the reader is brought right back into the common world, where they are introduced to Yndico’s life circumstances.

The chapters then unfold the story of what Yndico will do and how she handles her situation. Once she steps into the fantasy world, many wonderful possibilities and learning opportunities began to unfold.

The book really got my attention when Yndico begins to learn many valuable lessons from her magical friend “Issy”. The entire book is wonderful but in my opinion chapter 6 is the goldmine of the book. The following is an example from this chapter, of the lessons Issy offers Yndico.

Ideas are smaller than any particle we can measure. We can’t see them. They arise and make themselves known as invisible weightless energy, waiting to be transformed into whatever we want. When they are combined with the force of intention, we can turn them into anything we desire. It’s nothing more than a kind of fusion.

Yndico Is

As you can hopefully see from that quote, the book is infused with very profound ideas that most of us as adults can even greatly benefit from. That is also why I would greatly recommend that for younger children than perhaps 10, this book be read with the parent or by the parent with the child and discussed together. There is a lot of opportunity for further growth and discussion that the book inspires.

When I got to the end, I have to tell you I wanted to read more. This is where I was really glad that this is only the first of the books in the series, as the author did a great job drawing us into Yndico’s character and making us want to know more about how her life will unfold.

It was a very pleasurable read, and one that I have to say gave me some great food for thought about how I create my own reality. It is amazing how sometimes the materials for children, have a way of speaking to us as adults. Hence, I am sure that the following books in the series will be just as valuable and entertaining as this first one was.

In conclusion, I offer a big thank you to Sandra for creating such beautiful and valuable material, which I have no doubt will help many children out there awaken to and understand their highest potential, as they live in this current reality.

You have to keep your mind fluid so that you can adapt to whatever happens.

Yndico Is

Yndico Is is available from Amazon.com (below) in Kindle and paperback format.