Step into the mystical world of renowned Lew Smith – interior decorator, intuitive and healer, through the eyes and experience of his son Philip Smith in Walking Through Walls: A Memoir.

This book is a fascinating read that is filled with some of the most moving and miraculous events initiated by Lew Smith. It is written with so much love and humor, and exposes a whole new dimension of reality to the reader. In short, it is a book with a powerful dose of how the supernatural can be so natural, powerful and transformative.

How I came across this book is a story on its own. It would be easy to say that I just saw this book at a book store or that a friend recommended it to me, but it was nothing like that at all. Rather, through a set of amazing circumstances and synchronicity, this book came to me and I have no doubt in my mind that I was supposed to read this book for a bigger purpose.

The Book

Walking Through Walls: A Memoir was released in September 2008. It is a memoir about Lew Smith put together based on countless letters, tools and audio tapes left by Lew, and written by his son Philip.

The setting of the book takes place mostly during the 1960s and 70s in Miami, Florida where Philip grew up with his parents. The book begins with Philip’s first memories as a young boy of his life at a time where he thought things were still “normal”. However very quickly in Philip’s youth, everything is turned upside down almost over night and Philip realizes that his life is anything but “normal” as his father goes on an amazing spiritual journey. This journey takes Lew deep within his own inner being and to other realms – about which most of us can only vaguely fantasize. It is at this time that Philip’s life begins to take radical changes as his father introduces into their lives one by one, macrobiotic diets, talking spirits, seances, exorcisms, miraculous healing and much more.

The book takes the reader on an amazing journey that feels like one is living out each experience right next to Philip as he grows up. The reader gets to have a front row seat while “growing up” with Philip and take in with him, his father’s “odd” and out of this world actions and experiences.

You can be sure as you read this book to go through a rich and wide array of emotions, as almost with each turn of the page, there are new and exciting experiences to be met.

The book is arranged into 16 chapters with a prologue and an epilogue. As each chapter of the book unfolds, the reader is drawn further and further into Philip’s life and gets to know his extraordinary father Lew on a deeply personal and inspiring level.

The Son

Philip loved his life as a young boy and enjoyed the world that he was living in. He had a father who was a famous decorator, especially for the rich and famous and a loving mom who helped out in his father’s work. He lived in a nice house one could say, and took many fun vacations to accompany his parents as they met various impressive clients.

Then one day Philip is introduced to a new side of his father that he had never known before. What seems like one “bad” night turns into what seems like one long “bad” dream that Philip just keeps waiting to wake up from. Unfortunately, no such relief comes.

Instead Philip is forced to live a “double life” – one for society as being a “normal” boy growing up in Florida and the other his home life, where talking spirits, unexplainable events, miraculous healings and excorcims are just part of the average day.

Philip rebels from his “all knowing” father in any way he can and wants nothing to do with the spirit world. Instead of accepting his father’s amazing gifts and abilities, he refuses to have any part in it and often is deeply troubled by the events in his life, to the point that he even seeks out primitively tortorous mental therapy.

This was not exactly what I wanted to hear. It was one thing to struggle with learning to live with a supernatural father; it was quite another to know that I had inherited his psychic DNA. I knew that no matter how hard I tried, I would never become a normal guy, at least not in this lifetime.

Philip Smith

Philip tries to be independent and tries various new experiences that his parent’s are usually less than fond of, to try to isolate himself as much as possible from the extreme and out-of-this-world events of his life.

Philip’s father however wants to include Philip as much as he can in his work and takes him along to various healings, lectures and exorcisms.

Philip eventually has a sharp awakening one day, as he learns of his father’s death and all of a sudden sees his “out of this world” life and his father in a whole new way.

At that moment, I realized that he was still with me, guiding and protecting me as he always had and always will. Even though I couldn’t see him, he was still watching my every move. But unlike before, I was delighted to have him spying on me.

Philip Smith

The Father

Lew was a decorator and not only did he love his job, but he was also fantastic at it and sought out by famous clients from all over the world.

One day Lew begins to be more conscious of his and his family’s diet and health status. Quickly this is followed by an inner awakening to healing and psychic abilities that change the life of Lew, his family and the world forever.

As Lew perfects his healing abilities thanks in part to the guidance of many of his spirit friends, strangers are constantly calling him and/or showing up at his house to recieve mental, emotional or physical healing. Lew provides extraordinary healing that is nothing short of a miracle time and time again.

What starts off as a simple laying of the hands, quickly turns into Lew dissolving blood clots, tumours, curing cancers, infections and much more. His methods are not as one may think some “woo woo” magic, on the contrary they are rooted in the universal truths and laws that we are all energy and everything in this world vibrates with a certain frequency. Everything that Lew did was based on detailed and empirical methods that were done with precise skills and accuracy.

I believe that all illness begins in the mind. We don’t get a headache or a stomachache or cancer simply by accident. We make a decision to become sick for any number of reasons. Maybe we feel guilty, or we want someone to take care of us. We can also correct our thinking and make a decision to get well and heal ourselves.

Lew Smith

Although some of Lew’s methods may be considered by traditional thinkers in our society to be some kind of “hoax”, “joke” or quite frankly “impossible” – nothing Lew does is outside of the scope of quantum physics and as a matter of fact is being more and more accepted by many in society today. Healers of Reiki and intuitive mediums will completely agree and understand, however Lew’s methods go way past Reiki, as not only is he able to heal anything and everything, he is also able to diagnose faster and more accurately than a doctor, x-ray machine or blood test and even in some cases bring people back from the dead.

Lew finds that he loves what he does, but not out of the mere sake of loving one’s job, but as a blessing from God to be able to heal people. Lew never denies healing and never charges his patients. As far as he is concerned, he possesses an amazing gift and it is his “duty” to freely share it with whomever he can.

The only way for me to see God is to see Him in action through a person who does things through love. This is how God takes form.

Lew Smith

Lew is not a fan of conventional medicine and sees constantly how medicine and surgeries more often than not, destroy people’s bodies and actually worsen their conditions in the long run. Lew comes to know that we are all energy beings, spiritual beings – having a physical experience. Therefore any dis-ease that presents itself always has a deeper spiritual origin and indicates an out of balance mind, body and spirit.

One of the main problems with Western medicine is that doctors only look at a symptom and then treat that specific symptom. A person will never get better this way. They may temporarily experience a relief of symptoms, but the underlying problem is still there and will eventually manifest itself in another way in another part of the body at another time.

Lew Smith

Although Lew comes into many unpleasant and even dangerous situations from the police, FDA and some people he knows or ties to treat, Lew is never hurt or has any negative ramifications from these occurrences. He is always protected in ways that most of us cannot imagine.

Personal Reflection

This book had an amazing energy to it before I even opened it up to read it. As I did, I found myself entering the world of Philip and Lew Smith on a more personal level than I could have ever imagined.

I have no doubt that this book can stir within each and every reader an array of rich and even at times unexpected emotions as it did within me. Lew’s story is miraculous, inspiring and empowering to say the least. Philip’s telling of the story is brilliant and real.

It is an irresistible read and I read each page with a growing excitement and anticipation. I felt humbled many times in fact to be let into both Philip’s and Lew’s lives on such a personal level. I was with Philip at each and every moment taking in his experiences of his father through his voice.

One cannot help but pour their heart out to Lew as one shares in his stories of healing. The stories are heart-warming, captivating, shocking and even appalling at times to see how society responds to the love and care of another human being, when it doesn’t come wrapped in a package they are familiar with.

Being familiar with energy healing and the intuitive and spiritual realms myself, I was so excited to read each chapter to get to learn more about Lew and from Lew on how to harness and improve one’s intuitive and healing mechanism within. I find his work nothing short of a miracle and yet something so real and normal that is part of the true nature of each and every one of our beings.

The book was fantastic and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is at least a little open and interested in matters of the metaphysical nature. If you are completely close minded to such matters, then this book is probably not for you, as you will not be able to appreciate the magnificence of what this one person was able to achieve in only a small part of this one lifetime, and the enormous impact he left and continues to leave on the lives of so many.

Finally as much as I enjoyed the entire book nothing could have prepared me for the climatic ending. Even though I started to read this book knowing full well that Lew is no longer alive today, Philip’s recount of the last moments of his father’s physical existence here were emotionally gripping.

It felt like it took me longer to read chapter 16 (the last chapter) than it did the entire book. Tears streamed down my face every second line and it took me what seemed like forever to compose myself enough to continue reading. To put this in perspective, one must understand that I am not overly emotional and yet for that entire chapter I felt, what seemed like every little bit of what Philip felt as he recounts his last story. It was an honor to get to know Lew even on this, what one may call small level and it was heart-wrenching in the most intimate and touching way to experience his passing. Even though I knew Lew was gone, having what felt like just meeting him, I did not want to lose him – again.

In conclusion, I have no doubt that this book will find a special place in many people’s hearts. I am in debt to Philip for putting out such a beautiful recount of his father and his amazing life and I know his father is very proud about how he told his story. It was after all a story that will live forever and inspire many people around the world to believe not only in themselves and their own magnificence, but to also follow in Lew’s noble footsteps of love to heal the world in any way they can.

I don’t know why people can’t see that by opening their minds they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Lew Smith

Learn more about Lew Smith and his work, visit the official site: Walking Through Walls – The Book

The following video shares Philip talking about his father, Lew and his book.

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